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Part 1 - Train Rides

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Guess who or what happens on a train ride for last commute to work. Will she enjoy the abuse of Gerard?

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Amelie and Gerard

Amelie waited impatiently for the train to arrive. She was feeling cold, the coat was not doing justice on keeping her warm. She muttered impatiently, why did she have to pick a short black dress for her last day at work.

Truth be told, she picked it because she wanted to look good for once. At 27, she never fully appreciated her figure, nor did work. Always kept hidden behind her boring long skirts or professional blouses. For once, on the day she resigned, she wanted to look like a goddess. She forgot it needed more confidence than it did clothing.

One shoulder jerked forward suddenly as she was pushed by a man in a crisp black business suit. He looked back and began to apologize. His smooth luscious lips and bright hazel eyes began their explanation, abruptly cut off my Amelie.

“I don’t care if you were in a hurry, you could’ve at least had some manners” Amelie said sharply. The man immediately taken aback. “Look, I was just about to apologize. Let me make it up to you, I have my own compartment in the train, you could ride with me and I’ll throw in lunch” the man said softly. Amelie nearly melted, his voice soothing the slight irritation out of her. She imagined what it must be like for him to talk in bed.

Snapping herself back to focus, she replied “Fine”. Amelie knew more than to say things, trusting her mouth might lead her to awkwardness as she realized how well built the man was. He took her hand firmly as she boarded the train, barely leaning forward to his chest yet she felt his muscular body as he extended his other hand to hold her close. “Wouldn’t want to cause you more trouble” he said, smiling, as Amelie was about to ask tell him she could alight the train herself.

Last day of my job with a handsome stranger to take me there, things couldn’t be so bad, Amelie thought.

He led her forward until they reached his compartment. She sat down abruptly, shyness taking over her. “You weren’t so shy telling me off earlier” he humored her. “I’m sorry, it’s just my nerves. I’m not that extroverted” she mumbled. The man offered a handshake. “Hey, it’s ok, I should’ve watched where I was going. I’m Gerard”. She took his hand and let out a small gasp as his strong hand delicately gripped hers. He bent forward and she felt those lips brush against her, sending shivers up her legs. “I’m Amelie” she said softly.

Gerard stared at the woman in a long brown overcoat. He couldn’t tell much, but she seemed petite yet sexy. Her irritable demeanor had shifted to a softer one that matched her eyes. She had soft big brown eyes and small full lips, all crowned by long black hair. He was immediately taken, feeling his cock twitch in unison. “Let me take your coat” Gerard offered, longing to see the rest of her body.

Amelie apprehensively took off her coat, sitting down immediately. Aware that her black dress rode up her olive thighs yet eagerly cupped her ample 32b breasts to which she imagined having Gerard’s mouth on. Gerard took a full stare at her while placing her coat on the side. He was right about her being petite, but got harder at the sight of her in a little black dress. “Going on a date” he said, assuming. Lucky bastard, whoever he was.

Amelie looked up, shocked and flustered. “, I mean, I might have but I don’t, not that no one wants to, it’s just, I’m resigning today and I thought I might as well look good doing it” she mumbled, her hands fidgeting as she explained. Gerard took a moment to notice her small delicate hands, and reached out to calm her down. He felt tingled as he took her warm hands, imagining what they could do to his growing cock. “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to keep harassing you” Gerard chuckled as he tried to soothe her.

“It’s ok, I guess this is just a weird day” she laughed as well. Gerard sat down as the train began to move forward. He opened his briefcase and began reading through files, seeming aloof. Out of the corner of his eye, he observed her. She tucked her hair back to her ear, small strands still falling to her face, while she stared out the window. She crossed her arms, seeming cold. Gerard felt his cock twitch even more as she bit her lip.

“Uhm, it’s pretty cold in here...” Amelie said. She mentally slapped herself for stating the obvious. “Okay that sounded dumb, I just don’t like awkward silences” she said. Gerard put down his papers and smiled. “Well, tell me, what do you do and why are you quitting?” He asked.

“I’m an executive secretary for a law firm. I’m an assistant to one of the main partners. I’ve been there for 5 years, I never really wanted to stay because I was doing my law degree on the side. Things got rough, I stopped my degree and worked full time. Now that things are over, I decided it might be time to start studying again” she explained carefully, keeping her brown eyes on him. He looked down shortly, knowing he had a buldge on his crotch. His cock hurt as in strained against the fabric. “That’s great to hear, good for you.” He beamed, trying to keep still.

Amelie stared downwards quickly as Gerard looked down earlier and gasped at the hard on. She felt a trickle down her pussy as she imagined briefly what his cock might taste like. She looked away, embarrassed. “Sorry again I suppose” Gerard muttered, mortified that a woman looked away after seeing his cock. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate you, I mean you must be huge, I mean, uhm, I..” she babbled, stopping as Gerard leaned forward to kiss her.

His soft lips pressed against hers with such passion, she felt herself getting wetter as his hands gripped her long black hair, puller her closer. He kissed her, again and again, as she kissed him back. First shyly, then gaining confidence as Gerard pulled her to her feet, then lying her down on the train booth. Her breathing was heavy as she felt his erection against her thighs. He stopped, opened his mouth to explain and was about to get off her, when she pulled him closer and kissed him again.

Amelie was in a frenzy, she had never kissed a man on the first few hours of knowing him, much less on a train. Her last relationship was a mess and the man walked out on her, not even fulfilling her sexually.

Gerard, on the other hand, took this as a cue. He ran his hands across her smooth olive legs and stopped on her inner thighs. He heard Amelie moan under the kiss, and gently brushed against her panties. Fuck,he got harder as he felt how wet she was. He stopped kissing her and spoke “look at me” demandingly, as he pulled her panties to the side. It was heaven as he dipped his middle finger into her soft and warm pussy. She gasped, that sexy gasp that sent him off the edge, as he pushed another finger into her tight pussy. Slowly, he began to fuck Amelie with his fingers, while she gasped and moaned. “Moan my name” Gerard demanded more, as he saw Amelie in ecstasy. ‘Gerard…” she said faintly.

Everything about Amelie seemed to drive Gerard insane. He fucked her wet pussy with his fingers, aware that the musky scent was filling the room, and his fingers were coated with her juices. She was so wet as she started to shake. Gerard knew her orgasm was building. She gripped his arm and writhed and moaned louder. Gerard closed her mouth with his other hand as she screamed his name, muffled. She rode the orgasm right through, feeling every inch of Gerard’s fingers fucking her wet cunt. She was being finger fucked in a train by a man she didn’t know, and Amelie loved it.

Gerard pulled out his fingers and pushed it against Amelie’s lips. Amelie stared at him as she licked her cum on his fingers. He noticed she blushed slightly, leading him to believe she’s never tasted her own cum before. “You like that, don’t you?” he asked her aggressively, as she kept on liking. “Yes” she said softly. Gerard felt his immense cock twitch once more, as she stared at him, almost innocently. Her stare sent him into a lustful urge, a stare that looked like she wanted to be fucked hard. He loved how innocent she seemed, yet so sensual as she lapped off his fingers. “That’s enough, I want your mouth on something longer” he said, as he pulled his zipper down.

Amelie sat forward and knew. She immediately look his cock out. She stopped for a moment, staring at 9 inches of throbbing cock. Gerard moaned a bit as she took it to her hands. The head was glistening with pre-cum, and she felt veins along the side of his powerful cock. She brought her mouth to his cock, sucking the head. She tasted his pre-cum, wanting more, sucking harder as Gerard gripped her hair. She began to suck the shaft, slowly. He knew she didn’t seem like she could take his massive cock, but pushed into her further. She gagged a bit but kept sucking. She stared up at him, her brown eyes with lust, as Gerard fucked her mouth.

“You’re a little slut aren’t you” he moaned as she sucked harder. He cupped her face and fucked her mouth harder as she moaned. “You’re going to swallow every drop of my cum, then I’m going to fuck that tight pussy, understand?” he said strictly. She looked up, eyes wide at him, shocked yet in lust. He knew she was horny as she nodded quickly, never losing pace of sucking his cock. He felt his orgasm begin to build up. He moaned and grunted as he fucked her mouth. “I’m about to cum, Amelie oh god, yes suck me harder, that’s it bitch, take my cum, swallow it, oh fuck you little slut” he moaned as his cum shot out of his big cock, seeing Amelie try to swallow it down. Cum was slipping past her delicate lips as it was too much for her to take. The head of his cocked twitched against her lips as his cum dripped out. Amelie cleaned every drop but still had some down her lips. Gerard sat down beside her and wiped it off her lips. “Let’s get my little slut cleaned up before I fuck you hard” he said, grabbing the bottle of water from a small fridge by the door and handing it to her. Amelie swallowed down the water eagerly while Gerard felt her pussy, wet and warm. Knowing he was going to have this beautiful woman’s pussy sent his cock stirring. After she drank, he kissed her deeply and felt her gasp. “You’re beautiful, and that gasp drives me crazy, I can’t wait to hear you gasp when I fuck that tight little wet pussy of yours with my big cock” he said harshly.

Gerard somehow immediately regretted it. She seemed fragile and delicate, she might think he was a wild rapist and scream for help, now that she could run out. She stared at him as he waited anxiously. Was she going to scream or report him. He knew he had abused her, yet he could tell she also wanted it. She opened her mouth, and what she said drove Gerard crazy over her.

Amelie stared at Gerard before begging “Oh please, punish me with that big hard cock”.

Gerard smiled, this was the best train ride so far in his short Europe trip. Amelie smiled lustfully and thought, it’s good timing I finally wore that little black dress to work.
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