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Part 2 - Meeting again

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How does Gerard face his actions, after a train ride of passion with Amelie? He falls for her, but she's nowhere to be found. Is she even in the right state of mind?

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A train whistled through the mountainside on a cloudy day. The engine purring slightly was matched by the dance of the smoke as it rose up to meet the clouds. A conductor was moving through different compartments, checking tickets and inspecting passengers. He smiled at an old woman as he clipped her ticket, pocketed a black pen and moved on to the next.

The compartment had a private sign on the door before he could even attempt to open it. “What’s this about?” he muttered to the waiter. The waiter looked and saw the sign, winked, and chucked. “It’s one of those famous rock stars having their own; didn’t you get the memo today? No need to inspect, the chief cleared it before we headed out” the waiter replied. The conductor shrugged and sighed, but jumped suddenly. A slight thud was heard, followed by a moan. The waiter and the conductor stifled their laughter, nodding to their secret thoughts, and headed out to continue their day on board.

Passing through the compartment, Amelie’s back was on the door as Gerard slammed into her, kissing her as his hands rose up her legs. “Oh god” she muttered, feeling each kiss and the trace of his hand on her wet slit. He pushed a finger into her again and her knees buckled. Gerard laughed “oh no you don’t, get up, there’s more”. He held her up and stopped for a minute. He stared into her as she fluttered her soft brown eyes, from pleasure to alertness. Time froze as he stared into her. Amelia gasped, staring back, not daring to say a word as she might moan louder. Upon hearing her gasp, he dove his middle finger into her cunt, causing Amelie small shakes of pleasure. “Gerard…” she moaned. He kissed her neck and felt her hands on his pants, stroking his cock before pulling it free. Gerard turned around to get a condom from the inner pocket of his suit, which was now discarded on the floor. He could have sworn at the corner of his eye, Amelie seemed hurt. He paused slightly, but there was no objection. With one finger in her wet pussy, Amelie stared as Gerard slipped on the condom smoothly.

“Beg” he said harshly. “Oh god Gerard, please….” She whimpered. He nearly melted when he saw how his name slipped out of Amelie’s lips. Without hesitation, he held her up against the door and slide his long hard shaft into her pussy as he took his finger off. She nearly screamed, but he covered her mouth with his, sliding his tongue into her. With his tongue stroking her lips and mouth, he worked his way pumping into her tight pussy, drawing it out and plunging it in, leaving Amelie breathless and in tortured pleasure. She moaned as she kissed him back, her hands dragging through his hair and back. He pressed on, feeling every inch of her shiver yet the room was hot. She was so warm, Gerard thought. “Amelie…” he moaned, as her tight cunt took his hard cock, sending shocks of pleasure from his balls, his cock and all through his body. Fuck, this is the best I’ve had in such a long time, Gerard thought. His thoughts were stopped by Amelie shaking, her moans getting higher and higher. “ Oh oh oh Gerard yes please fuck me, fuck me harder, oh don’t stop please oh Gerard, Gerard, Gerard, fuck me Gerard!” she moaned. Hearing her talk like that, after seeming so delicate, drove Gerard over the edge. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” Amelie screamed, as Gerard felt his own cum building. “I’m cumming Amelie!” he grunted. Pleasure washed over both, without knowing when it started or ended, as they were intwined tightly. She shivered and wrapped her arms around his neck, as he kissed her passionately, feeling the last of his cum drip and fully aware that Amelie’s pussy had drops of cum sliding down her olive thighs. Gerard still held her tightly, sensing she was tired and about to faint. He carefully slid out his hard cock, smiling as Amelie protested slightly despite her eyes closed. Holding her up, he took off the condom and threw it, then taking her in his arms.

She lazily wrapped an arm around his neck. “Hmm…” she muttered. Gerard felt his stomach take a punch, the wind being knocked out of him. She seemed incredibly fragile yet beautiful. “Like a babydoll” he said out loud. “What? Amelie said faintly. “Shhh, nothing dear, just rest” he whispered. He rested her down the couch and took some tissue from her purse, cleaning her up and smoothening her dress. It seemed Amelie was asleep, as Gerard watched her carefully while he fixed himself up.

He sat opposite her, then stupidly realized he couldn’t see her face as she was laying down. Gerard wondered why it irritated him so, prompting him to sit next to her and pull her up. Amelie rested her head on his shoulder and slept on. He brushed her black her aside. As softly as he could, he kissed her forehead, hoping she could not feel it.

Gerard rested his head and thought on. What would his best friends say, Gerard the asshole in Europe, caring for a woman whose last name he didn’t even know (he made a mental note to ask her later). He had been an asshole since the divorce with Lindsay. They never had children, maybe that was fuel to the flame. He barely glanced at another woman, too distraught to try dating again. Yet here he was, fucking a woman he had just met for 5 minutes. Gerard winced at the word, “fuck”, realizing what an asshole he had been. When Amelie wakes up, he made another mental note to apologize and start all over. It might be his saving grace, as she seemed like such an angel to him.

Gerard blinked yet it was dark outside. He must have fallen asleep. He shifted slowly, suddenly realizing Amelie was gone. “Fuck!” he yelled. “Sir? I assumed your wife said you would meet later on as she seemed in a hurry” a conductor said, as he opened the door upon hearing Gerard yell. “She’s not my fucking wife! Do you know where she went?!” he yelled again, anger coursing through him. The conductor gave a fearful “no”. Gerard grabbed his briefcase and ran out. “See what caring for women leads you to, asshole” he talked to himself, as he headed to the taxi stand.

Amelie was in London, finally. She was shaking slightly as she recalled the past few hours. She awoke to Gerard holding her close, asleep. She left suddenly, a French exit. She laughed bitterly, realized her being part French made a French exit seem redundant. She blushed all the way to the law firm, remembering the events and hating herself for it. She was shaking due to anxiety and panic, from the events of the day to the important meeting she was to face. She hated being used, yet he had complete power over her. She had never had a one night stand in all her 27 years, yet there goes on to some rockstar. Yes, Amelie knew Gerard was the Gerard Way, a rockstar from an American band. She used to live in New Jersey, after all.

The board room opened as the litigation began. Amelie jotted down notes from the head partner, Mr. Joseph Rushmore Lee. “I can’t stress this enough, we cannot agree to these terms without more proof, I don’t want a probable cause as our only stand!” Mr. Lee bellowed , ending the meeting with a bang as he walked out. “Ms. Bouvier, follow me” he strictly said. Amelie followed, securing her notes and folder intact. She knew the important meeting was Mr. Lee asking to meet with her privately under the matters of her resignation. She had worked here for 5 years, first as an intern. Mr. Lee was always so strict with everyone, but fervently with her. The reason being her father was once a partner, before he had died. Mr. Lee knew Simon, Amelie’s father, quite well. He promised to look after Amelie ever since then. He was strict because he loved her like a daughter, knowing full well she was brilliant, but needed pushing.

“You may sit” he instructed, after she had closed the heavy cedar office door. Amelie sat, getting her notes and defense ready as he was going to grill her on the proceedings. Mr. Lee sighed as he sensed her apprehension and sat down. “Amelie, my dear, you need not hide it” he said softly. The tone shocking Amelie, as she said “sir?”. “I know of your condition” he said, arms crossed as he stared at the young woman. “I’m sorry” she said, staring down.

“It’s alright, you know how close I was with your father, he had a similar condition, albeit graver. I am sorry for being strict and rough with you all these years, I hope it was not a factor” Mr. Lee said.

“Sir, not at all, I’m thankful, you’ve taught me more than Harvard ever did. It’s just, It’s difficult, I can’t explain. That’s why I resigned. I need, I need to think, I need time, to think” she stammered, her hands shaking as the anxiety rose. Mr. Lee observed as she fidgeted her hands and her breathing got faster, turning into hyperventilation. “Amelie please, calm down” he said softly, watching the woman he treats as his doctor go into her shock. Tears began falling rapidly and she couldn’t breathe. She was dizzy and scared, panic rising above normal. She looked for her purse but left it at the board room. “Rivotril” she gasped, shaking and fanning herself, crying intensely.

Mr. Lee, famous for his poker face in court, stayed calm as ever. He pressed into the intercom and commanded his secretary to retrieve the bag with the medication from the board room. “But sir, your grands here” Amelie swore she heard the intercom. Her panic continued, she cried and shook, rocking herself back and forth against the chair. The door opened suddenly and a man rushed in. He held her bag and a hand had her medicine. Amelie snatched it suddenly, swallowing down the orange pill. Her salvation.

The man was accompanied by 3 more. Mr. Lee motioned for them to back off as he stared intently at Amelie. “Amelie…” he said slowly. Behind her, she could’ve sworn the man had stopped breathing. With her eyes closed, she held out a finger, 1 minute. She kept her eyes shut as her breathing calmed down slightly. She had stopped rocking back and forth, yet she was still shaking. She felt movement from behind her and jumped as Mr. Lee harshly said “back off first, she needs air”. The man behind her didn’t seem to listen, as she felt him come closer and rub her back. She stopped shaking and sat up straight. “I am alright, Rivotril is in effect” she said professionally, feeling nothing at all. The numbness was better than the chaotic.

Mr. Lee stared at Amelie, discerning to make sure that this woman who had just gone into an anxiety attack was fully okay. “Oh drugs” he muttered, as he motioned for the men behind her to take a seat each. Amelie did not turn her head or even respond to look at the man who had helped her. “Amelie, please, I know of your condition already, as you can see I just witnessed it, I don’t need you aloof right now. I am an old man, my dear, and I’ve bore enough of my share with that during the time your father was here. “ Mr. Lee said as he leaned forward, nodding his head to the men to acknowledge their presence.

“I know Mr. Lee, I just-“ Amelie was cut off. “Call me Joe” Joseph said. Amelie smiled slightly. “Joe, I know my father and you were close. But he’s stronger than I was. I’m alone in this now, Adam left, I can’t keep working under these conditions.” Amelie said slowly, feeling pain through every word yet the medication kept her from crying further.

“I have a solution, and he lies in my grandson. Ms. Bouvier, if you could so kindly turn your right to acknowledge this gentleman.” Joe stated as Amelie turned.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Gerard Way, grandson of Mr. Joseph Lee” Gerard stated, he extended his hand out. I found you, angel, Gerard thought.
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