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Chapter 6

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He’s a human! And a weak one at that! No, it was only a physical attraction, I lied to myself.

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So, I've put up auditions to be in this story if anyone's interested, the parts I need are mainly 'bad guys' so please audition? anyways, hope you like this chapter.

Gerard’s POV

With the note and the rose set in place where he was sure to find them, I slipped out of his window and into the back-alley, running down through the dirty, dark, gloomy place towards my Brothers house. Large metal beasts on wheels honked at me as I crossed a hard, flat black surface with white stripes along the middle.

“Get off the fuckin’ road ya freak!” yelled a man from inside one of these metal beasts. I glared at him.
“Ya gotta problem freak? Come here and tell me! I’ll knock ya fuckin’ head off!” yelled the man. I walked towards him with a smirk.
“Yes I have a problem. My problem is that I am hungry, I have not fed in two days, but I seem to have found a solution to that problem seeing as you are here in front of me, and unknown to you, you are about to become my next meal,” I said in an overly pleasant voice as I grabbed him by the shirt.
“What the fuck man!?” he screeched.
“Open the door,” I said in a low, dangerous voice.
“No! Get away from me you freak!” he yelled.
“Open the door or I will kill you,” I hissed. I was going to kill him anyway, but telling him that wouldn’t be all that good to help with my attempts to get him to open the door.
Slowly and hesitantly, he opened the door. I quickly jumped in and put my hands around his neck, squeezing the bones until the snapped.
“The human body, so pathetically weak,” I sighed as I brought my lips to his broken neck and drank deeply from his blood. I didn’t need to kill when I drank, but this guy was an obnoxious asshole. The world would be better off without him.

Once I had drained the man of his deliciously filling blood, I left him in his car. With his neck snapped, the amount of blood I had spilled around him and all of the empty alcohol cans around him, the police would just suspect that this was the work of some human murderer, humans don’t know that there are far worse thing lurking in the shadows of this world.

“Okay Mikey, here I come little brother,” I said quietly, still wondering if it was the right thing to do.


Rapid footsteps sounded down the pathway to my brother’s house, I watched from up in my tree as Frank ran, well, more like hobbled to my brother’s house, a grimace on his beautiful tear stained face like he was in pain. He knocked on the door rapidly, casting worried glances behind him as if he were expecting to be attacked at any moment.

“Frank! What happened?!” asked Mikey frantically once he saw the battered, bloody, crying boy on his door step.
“H-he d-did it again, buh-but th-this t-time he…” he stuttered before he broke down in tears.
“Come here Frankie, everything will be okay, you’re safe now,” cooed Mikey as he wrapped his arms around the small, distressed boy.

Mikey led him inside and sat him down on a large sofa, which was quite conveniently (at least for me) next to the window. The boy let out a yelp of pain as he hit the sofa and shot back up onto his feet, fresh tears welling in his eyes once more.

My eye’s widened as I realized what had happened to him. Something that was considered by some people as worse than death, the most vile, disgusting and just plain wrong thing someone could do to another. He had been raped.

Anger built up inside me. How could anyone do such a thing to such an innocent, beautiful creature? Wait, was I beginning to develop feelings for the human boy? But that’s impossible! He’s a human! And a weak one at that! No, it was only a physical attraction, I lied to myself, he is beautiful, I want him, but as a possession, not as a partner. He will be mine. I will own him.

I chuckled darkly as I thought of what I must do next to bring myself one step closer to having him.

With a dark grin, I slipped off, unseen by any human, into the night.

so, what did you think? hopefully I'll have the next chapter up soon, but I've got a whole heap of artwork I've gotta finish within the next week... so anyways, please R&R, tell me what you thought.
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