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A girl meets a stranger who helps her find herself.

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She felt hopeless, broken, and outspoken; maybe this was a figment of her imagination. Her mind kept floating around all over the place going to different bending places. Voices kept growing louder and louder until they began screaming in her head. Fate had decided that she should die and she could do nothing about it, she couldn’t even begin to feel pain or feel anything for that matter. The voices took her to places she couldn’t even fathom. They made her feel things she couldn’t even begin to imagine. Her eyes opened wide and she saw a face standing above her. The face was distorted and beginning to blurr with all the lights around in the bright city night. Something began pulling her from somewhere she couldn’t see, she started screaming and crying out will you please just let me be. Let me lay here and be still for a while. Let the bright city lights wash over my body and let me feel free for a while. I want to be free, that’s all I want is someone to just let me be in peace. The pulling stopped and she lay there free until someone threw a punch and everything went dark. The blackness overwhelmed her head for what seemed like an eternity but what woke her up was the stench of blood and the feeling of it dripping all the way down her face. She rolled over slowly feeling her way out of the dark haze she was in. Wiping the blood off her head with the palm of her hand, when she removed her hand she noticed a man. At first he looked at her with hateful eyes but then his eyes softened and he began to get a smile across his hateful face. Nothing had ever looked so disturbing to her in all her life. He looked familiar to her, she knew she had seen him somewhere before. Her head was throbbing as she was trying to eagerly place this man. The man said nothing just looked at her with those beautiful gray blue eyes, and then it clicked. Something snapped inside her as she realized who this man was and what he meant to her personally. Why would someone with so much love in their heart do something so terrible? Why would someone she trusted be the one to make her fall so hard? Nothing seemed to make sense, and then she remembered. The fight, there had been a fight somewhere with two people she could not remember. How hard had he hit her? How long had she been out for hours, days, weeks, a month she did not know. She started screaming but no real words seemed to come out of her mouth only a profuse amount of obscenities. They floated through the air for a few minutes never seeming to hit the man in front of her. He seemed to be invincible either that or he was made out of glass. She could see right through him and knew exactly what she wanted, and it was something she could never give to him. This object she wanted, she did not even herself possess. It was a sense of happiness, a sense of being fully loved by someone, and pure love which she knew she did not have for him. The love she had for him was long since gone since he had been the one to hit her in the head or so she thought. Well nothing could break her free spirit not even if she was caged up for the rest of her life with a love addict. His lust could not break her soul or her spirit no matter how much he wanted her to be with him always. She could feel nothing for him and she promised herself that she would never fall for this man. Even when she turned her back against him she could still feel the warmth of his smile against her back. No one could deny the inevitable for long not even her. She had spent most her life running from men and now she was stuck with one forever. This was the worst feeling she had ever felt. The hopelessness was creeping into her bones as she accepted her fate. No more thoughts ran through her head but one main one. There would be a battle and either she would win or she would lose, but she must prepare herself to totally let go. If she lived of died she did not care as long as she could take him down. Death was a curious thing to her and she had never feared it more than she did in this moment now. It was calling her name to give in, to just give in for once in her life. She wanted nothing more than to give into the peace death brings most but she knew she must survive and live.
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