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The next morning Caroline awoke to the sound of running water. She could feel the wetness moving against her skin in a slow stream. There was water coming out of the wall and its warmth overwhelmed her. She began to bathe in the steady stream without even caring if he was watching because she knew of course he would be watching every single move she made. He would be watching the way her body tingled when the water hit her and the curve of her body. He would be watching the color of her pink lips turn to a bright crimson red and her cheeks blushed as she thought about it. How could she not know this man but in some way she felt like she had known him her whole life? He stared at her from across the room and she did not know why but she felt pleasure in teasing him this way because she knew he would never let her out until he fully trusted her. This was her plan to gain his trust somehow and in some way and pretend she really was Caroline so he would at least let her out. Maybe she really was Caroline and she was just going crazy or couldn’t remember. That couldn’t be right, she knew in her heart her name was not Caroline and this man did not know her in the ways that she thought he did. After she showered she put on some clean clothes he had left in the corner of her prison and went and sat in that corner. There was nothing to do; it was pure boredom to just sit there all day. “We should play a game or something because honestly I could not be more bored right now, she suggested.” “Well considering I do not know when I will let you out, I do not know when I could actually play a real game with you. So Caroline are any of your memories coming back at all about that night?” Do you remember anything?” “I just remember you standing over me and someone hitting me on the head and then waking up here. I also remember my name and I know now my name is Caroline not Sherice, so you were right.”
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