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Hold your heart into this darkness.

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Hey people c: i'm so sorry this story is getting beyond crap, i just got a bit of writers block, that's all :c But i would LOVE it if people R&R with some dramatic suggestions? c: love you guys! Georgia xxx

Franks POV

We made out for a solid five minutes before Gerard got up and went to go play with Bandit. He agreed! Maybe that hinted he actually liked me more then I thought? So, technically we are dating or something behind LynZ's back. The guilt slowly started to sink in. LynZ was so lovely. She let me stay here when I had no where to go to get rid of Sam. And now I'm doing this? I'm a horrible horrible person.

Gerards POV

Bandit watched me with her brown eyes. It was weird. It was like she was monitoring me because she knew what was going on. It was really starting to freak me out.
She finally spoke, her eyes dropping to her picture. I relaxed slightly.
"What about Frank, darling?"
Bandit looked up from her picture.
"You wuv eachother?"
She was smarter then I thought. I got up abruptly, making her jump.
"Time to go see uncle Mikey.. He is looking after you for the day."
I put on a fake smile and scooped her up, taking her upstairs and getting her dressed. Bandit clapped her hands.
"Yay! Unicorn!"
She squealed excitedly. It took her to Mikey's and returned to a silent house. I grew anxious at the deathly silence. Where was Frank and what was he doing? I looked around the house for him, checking the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom. He was no where to be seen. My next instinct was to check the bathroom in case he was cutting or making himself sick. I slowly opened the bathroom door to see a naked sleeping Frank in the bath. He'd fallen asleep whilst having a bath. How adorable! I gently shook his shoulder.
I cooed. Frank yawned and stretched, opening his eyes.
"I'm hungry."
He grumbled sleepily. I felt joy overwhelm me. Yes! He was going to eat! I passed him a towel and went to get him some food. I made him a couple of sandwiches and passed them to him.
"And some crisps and chocolate would be nice."
He said, starting on a sandwich. With a roll of my eyes, I got him the junk he asked for and left him to eat.

Four hours later- Franks POV

Gerard was out getting Bandit. I was hunched over the toilet making myself throw my guts up. With a groan, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I shouldn’t have been such a fat pig earlier. I cleaned the toilet and had a mint, sorting myself out.
I couldn’t get my mind off of LynZ. I was fucking up her life and Gerard’s with my petty little crush! I was ruining Bandit’s life also, just to make mine better?
“You’re selfish!”
I whispered to myself angrily. I am. I am nothing but a fat, good for nothing, ugly, selfish snob who doesn’t deserve Gerard.
Bandit’s squeal snapped me from my thoughts. I plastered on the same fake smile and hugged the young girl, playing the ‘happy Frankie’ role all over again.
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