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Frank sees the doctor.

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Franks POV

It was around nine in the morning when I felt a slight shaking on my shoulder.
A familiar voice cooed, it's warm breath hitting the back of my neck causing a tingling sensation and goosebumps to rise. My eyes fluttered open and I rolled onto my back to see the beautiful red-headed Gerard I adored. He smiled.
“Come on lazy bones. Up you get, you need to get ready.”
He said, hopping up off of the bed and leaving the room. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and frowned. Get ready? For what?
“Why are we getting ready?”
I asked. There was a small silence as I forced myself out of bed.
“To go out.”
Came Gerard’s reply.
“The doctors.”
I shook my head, getting back in bed. I was not going to the doctors. There was nothing wrong with me! Gerard walked in, a pack of Skittles in one hand and a Starbucks in the other.
“I will have these then.”
He shrugged, turning on his heels to leave. I sprung at him, desperate for my coffee and Skittles.
“No no no no!”

~time lapse~

I can’t believe he fucking bribed me with the coffee and skittles. What is wrong with me?! Gerard pulled up outside the doctors and parked up. He had left Bandit at his parents. He got out, followed by me and he tugged me inside. He spoke to the receptionist before he tugged me to the waiting room. He sat himself in a seat and sat in his lap. He frowned but didn't tell me to get off. He wrapped his arms soothingly around me and we waited at least for ten minutes till a old woman popped her head out of the door and looked about, a warm smile on her thin lips.
"Frank Iero?"
She asked. I whimpered and stood up, clutching Gerard's hand and pulling him up with me. We went inside the doctor's office and sat in the two seats set out.
"So, how can I help you?"
She asked. Gerard looked at me but I refused to talk.
"Well, Frank here has been um... Has been self-harming and making himself sick."
He said simply.
"Frankie, I'll leave you in here to talk to Dr Layton."
He said, kissing my temple and exiting. Dr Layton smile at me.
“So Frank, is that your partner? He seems to care for you.”
She asked. I shook my head.
“He is my best friend.”
“I see. Now, Frank why have you been self-harming?”
“Does it matter?”
“Yes, that is why you are here.”
I looked away and shrugged.
“I don’t know. Since my wife left me for some fucking cunt.”
“Please mind your language Frank. So your wife left you?”
I nod.
“Do you think that is what triggered you to want to hurt yourself?”
I shrug.
She sighed quietly before jotting a few things down.
"So, is that why you self harm? Because your wife left you?"
Why was I doing this? I didn't want to talk about it.
"I don't know."
I lied. She looked at me then smiled warmly.
"Frank, I understand how you feel. Many people self harm, you just need some help to get you through it."
She said. I nodded meekly.
"So, what about your problem with food? Do you purge like this often?"
We sat in silence for a few long seconds whilst i debated on my reply and if i was going to at all.
I finally whispered.
"Because it makes me better."
"It makes you feel better?"
I nod slowly, staring at my hands.
"About yourself?"
I nodded again.
"What about yourself does it make better?"
"My weight."
"What is wrong with it?"
"Everything. I'm fat."
"So you have low self-esteem?"
"If that's the posh way of saying I hate myself, yes."
There was a small silence as she jotted things down.
"Can I go now?"
I asked softly. She looked at me before nodding.
"Yes, I am going to suggest a counsellor Frank. Here."
She said, handing me a leaflet for a counselling center.
"They are amazing. Just call them up and book an appointment, alright?"
She smiled. I nodded and gave her a small wave as I left the room, looking at Gerard as I came out. He smiled.
"How'd it go?"
He asked. I simply shoved the leaflet in his hand and left the building.

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