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So hold tight and don't look back..

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Gerard and Frank get a little frisky.

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New chapter! :D Would have been up earlier but my internet went down :c hope you guys like it! R&R for more chapters! xxx

Gerards POV

We drove home in utter silence. He just wouldn’t talk to me. I was only trying to help. Anyone with a heart would do the same, right? He just seemed so upset with me for trying to help him. What else was I supposed to do? I wasn’t going to watch him practically kill himself, it was wrong. The car ride seemed to drag on forever. I was so relieved when we got home. I parked the car and Frank got out straight away and went inside. I soon followed, watching him sit on the sofa and switch the TV on. I moved to sit beside him and he didn’t look from the screen. I then pulled him into my lap and pressed light little kisses to his neck. He wasn’t very willing at first but I kissed over the soft skin of his neck just below his jaw and he relaxed into me, tilting his head to the side to give me better access to his neck. I started to nip the warm flesh between my teeth causing a moan to lip the small guitarist’s lips.
“Are you going to tell me what I have done wrong?”
I asked into his neck. He sighed and turned around so he was facing me.
“I don’t know. I just… I didn’t want to go to the doctors.”
He admitted, shrugging his shoulders. I knew that. Nor would I to be honest but he needs help. I nodded.
“I know that. But you need help, and now you have it, right? Please go to the counselling. I can’t bear to watch you hurt yourself like this.”
I pleaded. He looked at me then at his hands. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to meet mine. I kissed him slowly, pushing my tongue into his mouth which he allowed, making his tongue meet mine as we kissed. I pulled away.
“Frankie please?”
I begged, giving him my cutest puppy dog eyes. He groaned in annoyance.
He huffed. I beamed in delight.
“I’ll go book an appointment.”
I scooted him off my lap and went to the phone, calling this counselling place and booking an appointment. Frank hopped up and went outside for a cigarette. After booking a place, I went into my room and laid back on the bed. I was soon greeted by the younger raven-haired male who crawled beside me, smelling of coconuts and tobacco. He kissed my cheek.
“You are amazing.”
He beamed. I felt my cheeks get hot.
“I’m not.
” I told him. He crawled on top of me and straddled my waist, kissing down my neck. A warm tingling rushed from my neck straight down to my crotch, making me groan. He giggled a little, repeating his actions and palming my crotch until I was hard. He smirked and unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them off desperately. He felt me through my boxers, making me whimper with need. I wanted him. I wanted to feel his warm mouth around me. Just the thought made me groan. He hooked his fingers in my boxers, making my hips rise slightly. He started to pull them down but was interrupted by the ringing of my mobile on the bedside cabinet. He stopped and looked at me as if he wanted to know if I was going to answer it. I picked it up, looking at the caller ID.
’LynZ x’
I had to answer; she was my wife for fucks sake. I sat up and answered.
“Hello beautiful.”
I cooed down the receiver. Frank soon figured who it was and rolled his eyes, rolling off of me and putting his back to me. I pulled my legs up to my chest, ignoring the throbbing of need from my groin.
“Baby! I miss you so much! How are you and Bandit?”
Squealed LynZ from the other end, her excitement making me smile. God I love her. She was just adorable.
“We are both fine love. How are you? Did you get there okay?”
I asked, growing slightly worried for her. I knew she hated being with me and Bandit, to be honest, I hated being away from her and Bandit too. Her laughed echoed into my ear.
“No Gerard, the plane crashed and we are all dead. Yes, we got there okay!”
She teased me.
“Good. You know I worry! I can’t help it.”
I huffed. I knew, even if I couldn’t see her, she would have that beautiful red lipsticked smile on her face. She giggled.
“I know you do. So how is Frank? Is he still… Unwell?”
She asked, sounding worried. I sighed and glanced over at the guitarist next to me.
“I don’t know… He went to the doctors today, I have got him counselling and stuff. You can talk to him if you like?”
I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down but I knew LynZ loved Frank; she thought he was amazing and kind. I knew he thought the opposite of her.
She said. I shook Frank’s shoulder.
“Frankie, LynZ wants to talk to you.”
I smiled. He turned his head and glared at me.
“Tell her to fuck off.”
He snapped. I sighed and put the phone to my ear.
“He isn’t in the mood babe. You can talk to Bandit later; I will call you when she is back from Mikey’s.”
I said. She sighed.
“Oh. Sure! I ought to go now and get ready alright babe? I love you.”
“I love you too, bye.”
I hung up and sighed. I looked at Frank, who had his back to me again. I shook my head in irritation, getting up and going to the bathroom to start up a cold shower to help with my issues in the downstairs department. I locked the door and hopped in, shivering at the temperature. After a few minutes I got out and put my clothes back on. I sat myself on the sofa, curling up. I loved LynZ, of course I did, she was my wife and mother of my beautiful baby girl. But then there was Frank; I had adored that short, raven haired, tattooed guitarist since I first laid eyes on him. His eyes, the beautiful golden green russet colour which had my knees melting and that smile, the way he smiled made my heart skip a beat. He was perfect. And I would kill to have him. What bugs me is that I can, but at the same time I can’t. LynZ, though we have our moments where we argue or she is being too needy for me, is almost the female Frank. She is all I could want but with one thing missing. She wasn’t Frank. Frank is also all I could want but with one thing missing. He wasn’t LynZ. There was no way I could have them both but I wasn’t going to solve this without hurting one of them. I was stumped. What was I supposed to do? Leave them both? Have an affair and get them both? Be with Frank? Or be with LynZ. I was stumped. Fuck fuck fuckery fuck fuck.
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