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Love is inevitable

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FRERARD. Frank has feelings for Gerard, but does he feel the same even though he has a girlfriend?..

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A/N: Hai, guys! This is my first eveeeeer fanfic on MCR. So be nice :3 I hope you enjoy it! XO
Frank's POV

I was woken up by the familiar burning sensation on my eyelids as my bedroom light had been turned on. I took a deep sigh and reluctanly peeled back my eyelids. The light from my ceiling almost blinding me. A sensitive and caring hand wrapped their fingers around my cheek and stroked my skin. Mum.

"Frankie, baby, it's time to get up now. Remember, you have school."

A warming smile enchanted her lips. She walked out of my room leaving the door open and the light on so I wouldn't fall back to sleep. That is all I wanted to do; sleep. I wanted to go to sleep and wake up on Friday afteroon. School is hell, for me anyway. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who gets bullied and ignored. I don't see anyone else get shoved into lockers and rugby tackled to the ground because they're wearing eyeliner. The teachers didn't do anything, they stood there watching like visitors at a zoo. All in all, school sucked.

I managed to eventually roll myself over onto my right side and sling my feet over the edge of my bed, my feet didn't touch the floor, I really had hoped to grow at least an inch over the last 6 months because it's embarrassing being this height, lots of people make comments but it happens so often that I hardly notice it anymore. Walking over to the mirror mounted on the wall opposite my bed I stared at the pale boy looking back. Black bags forming under his eyes due to lack of sleep, lips thin but still plump, a metal lip ring on his left side of his lips; big brown eyes, well, they look brown, you could hardly see with the sweeping fringe covering his eye. The left side of his head was dyed red, whereas his fringe and the rest of his hair was black.

I lifted up my shirt just above my belly button, purple and yellow patches lay there, mocking me, telling me that there were more awaiting me today. I pulled my shirt off and it fell to the floor as I walked to the wardrobe, containing mostly black clothes. I stuck my hand in there excited as to what I was destined to wear to prison- I mean school today. It turned out I had picked out a Black Flag hoodie, black skinnies and a sleeveless Smashing Pumpkins shirt. Good thing I pulled the hoddie out too, other wise everyone at school would have seen my bruises, not that they would have cared it would have given them a better reason to bully me.

I got changed and walked up to the mirror again. "Vampire." I heard the boy in the mirror say. I ran the black eyeliner, off my desk, along my waterline, smudging it a bit to give it a more smokey look. Finally slightly happy with my apperance I walked into the bathroom and I faced yet, another mirror. Ugh, I hate mirrors, they show you things you don't want to see, but at least they don't lie to you. My toothbrush went along my teeth, after I was satisfied I plonked it back in the holder and I ran downstairs to my mum.

"Mum! I'm going, school and everything."

"Okay, honey," she said peeking her head around the door as I slipped my feet into my converse and put on my school bag, black and red-funky. "Take this," She handed me a piece of buttered toast, "Please? It will make you ready for the day." Rolling my eyes I took the toast and put th slice inbetween my teeth and leting it hang like a dog's chew toy.

"Fanks, muhm." I mumble with the toast between my teeth. Thankfully she laughed at this.

"You're welcome, Frankie. Be safe." She said concerned as I walked down the driveway toward the road.

We only lived 2 minutes away from the school gates so it was almost impossible that I was going to be late. I plugged in my earphones and turned the volumne up and drowned myself in Black Flag, savouring every second before I enter hell. I reached the gates and the toast had been devoured by my hungry stomach, mmmm, I love mum's toast, she puts just the right amount of butter on and it melts into it, mmmmmm!

Three steps into the grounds of the school and I had already heard my name..

"Iero! HEY! IERO!" A threaterning voice sounded from behind me. I could hear them through my music they were shouting that loud.

I turned around slowly afraid incase I meet an untimely end by a fatal punch to the gut. Nope, I was afraid for no reason. I quickly stuffed my earphones and iPod into my hoodie jacket and I stood on my tip toes to reach up and hug my best friend of 7 years, Gerard Way.

"Gerard, you fucking scared me you twat!" I said playfully as I hit him on the shoulder.

"N'awww was little Frankie scared?," He slung his arm around me and we started to walk toward the school. No matter how hard school was, I'm so happy I had Gerard, I loved him so much, and it was developing into something a little more than a brotherly love if you get how I mean? Everytime he touched me I got butterflies, my knees turned to jelly and my brain cells turned to mush. "So, how is my Frankie doin'?" He jammed his fingers into my ribs right by one of my bruises.

"Ouch!" I jumped back slightly at the pain, he had jabbed right into the centre of the bruise, unaware by him of course. Gerard knew I got bullied now and then but he never knew about the whole physicality of it. Gerard looked at me confused and worried, his eyes wide with shock.

"Frankie? What's the matter?"

"Come to the bathroom with me." I grabbed his hand and pulled him through the now crowds of people, a few inconsiderate boobs shouted out "fag" "emo" "gay" but we didn't notice. I was holding Gerard's hand, even if it were for a bad reason, and that's all that mattered. The bathroom came too quick, I wanted to continue to hold his hand until we were forced apart. He was te first to detatch his hand from mine, I held my side gently and he held the door open for me.

Inside I sat on the gap between the sinks. Gerard stood expectantly infront of me, his hands either side of my legs tapping his foot.

"Frank, tell me why you winced." He didn't call me Frankie, whenever he called me Frank he really meant it.

I lifted up my shirt slowly revealing a maze of purple, blue and yellow splodges around my body. Some new, some just about noticable. A single tear rolled down my cheek and I dropped my shirt, brought my knees to my chest and put my head in the gap, it seemed to fit perfectly.

We were sitting and standing there for at least 2 minutes when Gerard finally spoke:

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't."

"Frankie, you're my best friend, does those words not mean anything to you? We're supost to tell eachother everything, you're meant to be able to come to me with your problems. I hate seeing you like this Frankie!" Gerard walked away from me and put his head against one of the cubicle doors.

Looking up at my best friend standing there, punching a bathroom door isn't the best thing to see so I said:



"You're my best friend, I love you, I REALY do. I mean it. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. Will you forgive me?"

"Yeah, of course I can, Frankie. Jut promise me to NEVER keep anything like this from me again." I nodded with agreement. Gerard walked up to me and gave me a hug, it was an awkward hug, like when Voldemort hugged Draco in Harry Potter. I jumped off the side and I walked out the bathroom with Gerard at my side. With him there, nothing could hurt me now. Until, SHE arrived.

"Gerard, sweety!"

I'll try and update soon for you guys :D Thanks for reading, it will get better I promise, this was just introducing everyone and stuff so, :D XO
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