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Chapter 2

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A/N: Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. My laptop is broken so I'm having to share my mum's laptop and she needs it for work and stuff. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon. Just bare with me :) Well here it is, enjoy. Again, it's Frank's point of view.

There she was. Weaving her way through the herds of people coming towards us. Waving now and then trying to grab our attention. Each one of her hairs looking perfectly placed on a specific place on her head. No wonder we have such a problem with Global Warming with the amount of hairspray she uses. Her lips, cracking and coated with red lipstick. Her petitie frame made its way through the crowd and she slung her hands around Gerard's neck, devouring his face in what she calls "a kiss". I stood next to Gerard the whole time. Carefully eyeing her up watching her as she ate him, God, she had no idea what she had. For those few seconds of their lips touching she was holding my entire world, and she didn't even know.

Their kissing was finally interupted by me coughing. Obviously I did it because I didn't like the way she was sucking my best friends face off. They both turned to face me with a look on their face that said "What the fuck?"

"We need to get to class.." I finally said.

"Oh shit, yeah. What do we have first?"

"Urm, Engl-"

"You have English, Darling." She butted in giving me a smirk.

"Oh, thanks. I'll see you later then, hun." Gerard pecked her on the cheek and we started walking toward our classroom. I had a face of someone who had been slapped by a wet fish.

I hated Gerard's new girlfriend, every chance she got she would kiss him and hug him and it was always infront of me, like they were taunting me. I wanted his lips on mine, I wanted him, but I couldn't have him could I? He was hers. She was replacing me with every chance she got, I felt like I was getting pushed away from him and soon I feared I would lose him completely and that would kill me.

I "accidentally" brushed my hand against Gerard's just before we got into the classroom, he put his arm around me for support, he knew I would need it in here after what I had shown him in the bathroom.

"Ahh, Mr Way, Mr Iero, you're 5 minutes late, so glad you could join us." Mr Henderson gestured us to our seats at the back of the room.

Gerard walked in first, walking down the aisle confidently; and there's me, trudging down slowly, trying to avoid feet that had purposly been placed there by the two guys who gave me the yellow and purple bashes on my sides. I sat down next to Gerard and slammed my head on the desk.

I felt a soft poke on my back.

"Frank, are you okay?" Gerard whispered into my ear when Sir wasn't looking.

I shook my head on the desk trying to signal a "no" to him.

"Why what's up?" He had obviously seen my sign.

I got a piece of crumpled up piece of paper out of my bag and started to write a sentence down:

They're here.
Who's here?
The guys who gave me the bruises.
Oh, where are they? Who did this to you, Frank?
Those two: James Howard and Vincent Atkins.
What :/
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
I didn't want you to get hurt. I love you Gee
I love you too, Frankie, now tonight when we leave school I'm staying with you.
Okay, are you sure? What about Sarah?
She'll be cool with it, she has somewhere to go tonight anyway, she won't tell me where, so
Oh, okay, cool, thanks Gerard.

With that Gerard put the paper in his bag, just in time to make it look like we're listening to the man at the front scribbling on the board. Something about a book? I don't know, and neither did the rest of the class.

Soon the end of school came, it had been relatively pain free, apart from lunch, Sarah didn't take her hands off of Gerard's leg making me jealous, again. Me and Gerard stepped out of the door linking arms which wasn't unusual for us, we had been friends for 7 years at least. We walked for about 5 minutes talking about how I was coming along with my guitar. I couldn't wait until I got home, until I could hold my Pansy and feel her strings brushing against my fingers as I played her. Yes, I call my guitar Pansy, yes I refer to her as a person, yes yes yes, okay? Good. Gerard and I were slowly walking down the chewing gum stained path when we heard heavy footsteps from behind us; not today, please.

"Look guys. Iero has a boyfriend! I always knew he was a fag." and echo of laughter came from behind us.

Then, I couldn't feel Gerard anymore.

"What the fuck did you say?" I turned around to see Gerard striding towards them with a finger pointed toward them, his right hand in a fist.

"You heard me: you, Iero, fags." James said with a slight chuckle. I ran toward Gerard, and just in time too, he had raised his fist. I stood infront of Gerard holding his shoulders.

"Gerard, stop, please, you're going to hurt yourself, please." I begged.

"Do as he says, Gerard," Mocking me." Oh, hey Iero, I almost forgot about you, we didn't finish off what we started, did we?" Vincent tapped me on the shoulder, and with a slight turn of my head I felt an agonising blow to my face. My hands cradled my face, it felt like it was going to fall off. Gerard pushed past me and went to punch James in the stomach, Vincent held Gerard back and restrained him against a wall a few metres away. I could hear Vincent tauning him.

"Fuck you!" I heard Gerard cry. I looked at Gerard and I went to take a step but I felt another blow but to my stomach. I fell to my knees and then to the floor, holding my stomach. Another blow; to the head.

James and Vincent both laughing, I could hear Gerard straining to get out of the hold Vincent had on him. Another kick in the head, and then the chest. I wanted this to stop, everthing, I didn't want Gerard to see me like this. I felt my eyes starting to shut and blackness fall all around me, I felt a soft hand beneath my head:

"Frankie, I'm here.."

And then it was all black.

Gerard's POV

What the hell was I meant to do, James and Vincent had run off laughing, they had no idea what they had done! They could have killed MY Frankie! When I pushed Vincent off me I ran to Frankie's aid, my hand holding his head off the cold floor. His face covered in blood from his lip but he was still beautiful.

"Frankie, I'm here. I'm going to take you home, you'll be okay, trust me."

I picked Frank up in my arms like a baby, he was my baby. I ran down the street as it started to rain slightly, Frank lived so close to the school I am so thankful for that. This was all my fault, if I didn't try to punch James then he wouldn't be here in my arms, I wouldn't be running for his mum, he'd be okay.

We reached Frank's house and I didn't bother knocking, I practically lived there anyway, I laid Frankie down on the sofa..

"Mrs Iero! Mrs Iero!" I repeated until she came downstairs.

"Gerard-what are you doing? Oh my god, Frank?!"

"I need a wash towel, Linda. I need to get the blood off so I can see his injuries."

She scurried out of the room as fast as she could and within 30 seconds she was back with a towel and a bowl filled with water. I took the towel, "Thank you," and dabbed Frankie's lip, his lip had inflated and become twice as big but thankfully it was only a little cut. I cleaned his lip up completely and then my attention turned to his head, blood was dripping down his perfect face. I hope it's only a little cut like his lip. Linda put her hand on Frank's waiting for a response off him.

"Thank fuck."

"What?" Linda looked at me worried.

"He only has a tiny cut on his head, he'll be okay. Shall we try and wake him up?"

"What do you think, Gerard. Your mother is a nurse. I'm just worried sick, what happened?"

"It was just some immature kids thinking they're better than everyone."


I put my hand on Frankie's face and looked at his face, so defined, so smooth, so soft, so perfect. He looked like an angel.

"Frank, I know you can hear me, your mum's here, we need you Frankie. Frank? Please, God, Frankie. We need you here. Come to us."

Ahhhhhhhh! So what did you think? I'm sorry again it was long awaited but jkifohruhrvnojfp I had fun writing it. I'll try and update soon as I'm allowed back on the laptop. Thanks :3 XO
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