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Help mee

by JessIsAngry 0 reviews

I need your help :)

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Hi, guys. Thank youuuuuuu soooooo much for the reviews I'll answer them as soon as I have computer time again :D
The whole reason why I did this note is because I'm stuck. I have completely forgot the story line that I had, due to how much stress I'm under, my grandma died a couple of months ago, so I'm still incredibly down and missing her alot, my sister is in hopsital right now hooked up to life support, my dad has broke his knee, my mum is acting weird worrying and I've just been diognosed with major depression, bipolar disorder and insomnia. So everything that has been happening has caused me to forget. I know right? -Facepalm- So, if you guys have any story line you want? Just tell me and I'll try my best :D
Thanks again for the reviews they are so nice to read after the year I've had. Blahhh, this year has been horrible, I'm so glad it's nearly over and hopefully it'll get better next year.
So yeah, if you have ideas where you want this story to go then tell me :D :D

Love you guys,

-Jess XO
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