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so wrong it's right

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Chapter 3 is upppppp!

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OMG! So so so so so so so sorry for the LONG wait, if you read my authors note you would know why ._. I completely fucked the storyline up in my head. But I've thought about it and I've come up with this..

Gerard's POV

He was lying there, motionless, not saying anything, eyes closed. But he was breathing at least that was one thing. He told me about those guys, he told me but I never thought it was as serious as this. He was lying there unconcious on his sofa in his house; his mother standing over him with a cold cloth pressed to his forehead and his so called best friend sitting next to him worrying his ass off.

I put Frank's hand into mine and entwined our fingers, my thumb stroking the side of his hand, hoping he'd wake up soon. I brought our hands up to my mouth and planted soft kisses on his hand, leaning my forehead on our fists and sighing. Me and Frank's mother sat there in silence, glancing at the clock every now and then.

"Gerard?" I lifted my head up and looked at the fragile woman before me on the arm of the chair, my hair covering my face like a curtain.


She took a deep breath before speaking, "What happened? And don't give me any bullcrap because I just want the full story, please, Gerard."

"'re right, you're his mother you should know. You see, Frank know what? It's better if I show you."

"Gerard, what are yo - oh my god!" I lifted Frank's hoodie to reveal all of the bruises that he had shown me that day. There were more than I had first seen, maybe it was from..James. I hated his name, his face, everything about him, how could he do that?!

"Where did he get those, Gerard?" I took a deep breath in, I knew it was wrong to tell her but it would be the best thing for Frankie.

"Two guys at school. We were walking home and they shouted something and Frank looked worried, so I turned around and went to face them to see what they said, and it turns out they had insulted Frank, so I wasn't having that, he's my best friend I have to protect him! I was going to punch him, I know I shouldn't have...but one of the guys friends pinned me against the wall.. an..and" Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I relived every moment.

Linda's arms wrapped around my neck in a hug that I craved so badly, I rested my head on her neck and tried to bring myself to stop crying.

"I - IcouldntdoanythingLindaImsosorry!" I blurted out so quickly it came out as one word.

"G..Gerard? Why're you cryin'?" That familiar voice rang in my ears, the voice was soft but husky, oh I loved that voice.

I lifted my head up to find Frankie's russet eyes staring at me in a drunken state. Linda's head shot round to look at him and sighed in relief. I unhooked myself from Linda's grasp and flung my arms around Frank's neck. I pecked his lips and lingered for a second or two, just so happy not caring, Frank was okay and that's all that mattered. Wait..did I just..I just kissed Frank.

Frank's POV

My head was spinning, it felt like I had been drinking all day and then I had just been hit around the head with a sledge hammer. Gerard grabbed me and hugged me so tight my eyes nearly popped out my sockets. His eyes were filled with warmth and affection, he'd obviously been worried about me, since I...did Gerard just kiss me?

"Frankie are you okay? Need anything, water, food?" It was my mum, my loving, generous mum, I love her so much.

" thanks, mum. I'm okay."

"Okay, if you're sure, honey. I'm just going to make a sandwich since I know you're okay now, sweety. I haven't eaten today. If you need anything give me a shout? You too, Gerard. You can stay tonight too, I'll call your mother, explain what's happened." I gave her a look that could speak a thousand thank yous and so did Gerard. And with that she left the room to go into the kitchen.

"Gerard," I push myself up on the sofa so I am leaning upright.


"Wh..Help me upstairs?"

"Sure, come on Frankenstein." The look on his face was so cute, he looked adorable wearing that grin of his.

Okay, guys. I'm sorry it's so short. It's like nearly 3am here so I have to get off the computer, but I hope you liked it, even though it's tiny XD Care to R&R? Pretty pretty pleassssssssssse? Or as my nephew says "P P P PEASSSSS" :3 Thank you :D

-Jess XO
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