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Chapter 2: Opportunity

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A million thoughts flashed through my head all at once and I felt my cheeks fill with heat.

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Chapter 2: Opportunity

I sat quietly at the back of my fifth-period art class and watched him. He worked with slow precision, making tiny, careful brush strokes on his canvas. I admired his skill. He’s created so many beautiful things in this class while all I’d managed to do is draw stick-men making funny faces.

But, the truth is, he is the main reason that I joined the art program in the first place. I spend about thirty percent of my time making kindergarten level doodles, but the rest I waste watching him.

He was lost in concentration, now. With his eyes squinted and bottom lip captured between his teeth, he gently applied red paint to his work.

It’s been a week since he cornered me at the back of the school. I’ve replayed the moment in my head 100 times over. That was closest I’d ever been to him. Just thinking about it sent an army of butterflies rampaging in my tummy.

“Okay guys… class is almost over so you should start putting all you’re materials away,” our teacher, Mrs. Purvis said. She was a young, English woman who had only started working at the school about 2 years ago.

I liked her because she always found a way to compliment my artwork even when it completely sucked. Her wavy blonde hair was in a tight bun and she wore a dark, plum-colored lipstick.

“And I want to remind you all that I will be starting after school art-sessions on Wednesdays. Amy Hunter and Gerard Way have volunteered to be my assistants, so if you want to try it out, the sign up sheet is on the bulletin board outside.”

I felt my heart beat faster at the mention of his name. A million thoughts flashed through my head all at once and I felt my cheeks fill with heat.

Art lessons with Gerard…

My eyes flicked over to him. A tiny smile was placed on his lips as he collected the materials from his desk. His soft, dark hair fell over his face as he bent down to pick up a fallen pencil. I couldn’t help but admire the strip of bare, pale skin that exposed itself as his shirt rode up. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip to suppress the whimper that was climbing up my throat.

I had to join that class.


The afternoon sun painted the sky a hazy orange. Thin clouds hovered above, mimicking the wisps of lazy smoke that Caleb blew into the cool, Jersey air. I watched as he passed the joint to the black-haired girl beside him. She gave him a small smile before taking a long drag from the joint and blowing rings of smoke up to the sky. Both teenagers giggled as they lounged on the grass beneath them.

The black-haired girl slithered over to me, “Want some? It’s good,” she said, her icy blue eyes shining.

“No thanks,” I replied. I never smoke, in fact I’m quite disgusted by it. Caleb never used to do it either… until her met her.

“Fine…” she sighs before slumping back onto the grass and burying her face in the crook of Caleb’s neck.

Caleb has been my best (and only) friend since I was eleven years old. I never thought it would be this hard to share him with someone else. He and Haylie have been dating for almost three months now. And I must say, Caleb has never seemed happier.

As I watched the couple share a chaste kiss, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Will I ever have that?

Images of Gerard soon flooded my mind. I thought of the first time I saw him…

“Here you go,” said Mr. Turner as he handed me the hall-pass. I thanked him and walked out into the corridor. My footsteps echoed through the silent, empty hallways. I was about to walk into the bathroom when I saw him slinking down the corridor. I knew he couldn’t see me from where I stood.

He wore paint-splattered black jeans and converse. An over-sized, navy blue hoodie adorned his torso. Dark hair hid his stunning hazel eyes. His dusty-cherry lips frowning as he slowly made his way through the hall.

My heart boomed hard and fast, stomach twisting with desire. I watched him until he disappeared.

He was one of the most beautiful boys I’d ever seen.

Gerard Way has invaded my mind ever since. He's the only boy that makes my heart feel like it's going to break through my ribcage. The only boy that plagues my dreams. The one that can make me feel that sinful, burning need. What can I say... I want him. I want him bad.


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