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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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Authors Note:
So, um hi guys. How long has it been now? What, like 3 days or something? Sorry for not updating and leaving you guys hanging for quite some time. I woke up this morning feeling like a bad person so I made myself write a chapter and God, it was hELL. So um, read on if you want to pour acid into your brain afterwards. Lol

Frank's Perspective

Gerard had bags; deep, swollen, purple bags that clung to the skin beneath his blood shot eyes. They were ugly and looked unnatural bulging out from Gerard’s pale, skinny face. They hid him; they stood out so much that they were basically the only thing you saw. His beautiful eyes were lost deep within these horrific bags and I just wished for them to go away.

“You don’t sleep?” I asked from my sitting position on the bed.

His hand that was moving across his sketchpad slowed and then finally stopped. I heard him let out a low sigh and he looked up at me behind his hair and hood with a sad expression before saying; “How did you know?” in a small voice.

“You have bags,” I said frowning as I tilted my head slightly and looked at him.

“I always have bags, they never go away. No matter what I do.”

“Why don’t they ever go away?” I asked confused.

“Because I never sleep.” he said in a dull voice.

“Oh, why not?”

“Bad dreams.” He said in a final tone and a flash of pain and sadness crossed his eyes before he looked down and picked up his pencil. For a moment I thought he was going to return to sketching but he just sat there on the floor, staring at his sketchpad. Silence filled the room and before long I could hear the faint tap of his tears hitting against the paper of his sketchbook. My heart broke a little as I watched him retreat into himself; his shoulders slumped and he pulled the sleeves of his hoodie over his hands before pulling his knees to his chest and hugging them, his sketchbook forgotten and discarded to the floor. His face that was forever hidden behind his hair and hood was pressed to his knees and he sobbed quietly, his shoulders shaking and his breathing rasped.

I quietly made my way over to him before sitting next to him and slinging my arm over his shoulder and hugging him to my side. Like every other time I touched him, goose bumps started to cover my skin and a shiver ran down my spine. He laid his forehead on my shoulder and I sighed deeply as his hand fell to rest just above my knee, sparks shooting up my leg.

“I’m so sorry for crying, you must think I’m such a baby, fuck I’m so embarrassing. I’m so sorry, I’ll leave, fuck.” He said as he got up. He turned his back to me to walk out but he swayed, staggered then fell down onto me; sitting in my lap. I laughed as he turned to look at me, blinking stupidly before he gasped and shot up again.

“I’m so sorry, fuck; I didn’t mean to squash you. God, are you hurt? Shit, fuck. I’m really sorry; I think I’ll leave now-…”

“Gerard, it’s okay. You didn’t squash me; I’m perfectly fine, stop worrying. Are you okay though?” I asked as I stood up with him.

“I’m really sorry; I didn’t mean to fall on you like that.” He said as he ducked his head, his hood and hair hiding him again. I really was beginning to hate that hood.

“It’s okay, just forget about it okay? Are you okay though, Gerard?”

“Yeah, I’m okay, just tired. Thanks.” He looked up at me then, giving me a small smile before his cheeks tinged pink. I smiled at him, laughing at how easily embarrassed he was. His face fell and he frowned, looking at me with hurt written across his face and I stopped laughing quickly as he ducked his head again.

“What’s so funny?” he asked in a small voice.

“Hey, don’t hide from me,” I said as I moved closer to him, taking his small chin in my hand and moving his face to look at me, “I wasn’t laughing at you. I was just laughing at how easily embarrassed you are.”

He smiled again before looking away and I dropped my hand to my side, loving the feeling of tingles still dancing on my fingertips. Gerard’s smile grew wider and he tucked his hair behind his ear before ducking his head to stare at the floor.

I think that was the first time I realised how beautiful he actually was. Even his bags were beautiful. Everything about him then was just beautiful and as he looked up at me again, I noticed how hurt and broken he was. His eyes were dead, the only emotion I had ever seen in them were sadness or pain. Despite how many times he had smiled, his eyes were never happy. He was never happy. This new realisation made my chest tighten and my breathe shake. There was this sudden surge in me to make him happy and it scared me how much he had grown on me in a matter of hours.

“Gerard,” I said slowly, “what do you dream about?”

I'm going to just like leave now for a few days and come back to a shitload of reviews telling me that I'm so bad at writing and that I should be put down or something. OR I'll wake up tomorrow to a fuckload of FicWad readers outside my house with pitchforks, axes, those fire torch things and chainsaws ready to burn and eat me alive. ~Coughs~ I'm weird ok? Just review my lovelies.
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