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I was day dreaming in school and I got chapter 3 to this story!!!

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Kate went to sleep. She thought she was alone. She was for a good 4 hours. Unlucky enough she left her window open. She felt someone crawl into bed. Thinking it was Ray she smiled.

"What are you doing here?" She said with her eyes closed.

"I just couldn't stay away from you." The voice said.

"You sound... different at night. And..." She put her hands around the dudes head. "Your hair...? Ray?"

"Whos Ray?" Kate flickered her eyes open and saw what she didn't want to see.

"Kyle!!!" She screamed. Kyle Worthnothington was her former husband. He had nothing against her but things didn't work out. Kate rolled off the bed to the floor. She got up. "What are you doing here?" She said with a fake laugh.

"I couldn't stay away from you!"


"And I want you back!"

"Sorry Kyle! I'm dating again. You should do as I did and move on." Without words Kyle jumped on her and pinned her to the ground. He made out with her. She fell asleep.

Kate woke up on her couch. She saw Tyson Ritter besides her.


"It's okay. Are you okay?"

"Yeah...what happened?"

"Like in every bad movie...You're asleep. Your creep of an ex sneaks thru your window and makes you think that he's your new BF. You open your eyes and freak. He makes out with you untill you fall asleep. I was driving by and I saw his car in your drive way. I came in. I saw you asleep on the floor with him on top. He screames get out. I dragged him out of the house and put you on your couch...and washed your sheets. I mean...he's just gross!"


"Woah is right. But no boo, boos. Your okay. He did nothing bad."

"Good." Kate said. She then heard violent knocking on the door. "Thats him!"

"Okay. You call the cops and I'll take care of him."

"Okay." Kate quickly called the cops. "Hello? Hi um my ex-husband is trying to bad stuff to me and he's knocking on the door as we speek. He snuck into my house last night and um...raped me?"

"Okay ma'am. Well be there as soon as possible."


"Kate. Don't do this to me?" Kate saw Kyle pinned to the ground. "You know you still love me." Kate ran away and as soon as she opened the front door she saw Ray.

"Ray!" She hugged Ray.

"I was only gone for a day."

"Why don't we stay outside." Kate said leading Ray away from the door.

"Okay." The police arrived and came up to them.

"Is this the man?"

"Ha, no. He's inside. My brother is the one with curlyish brown hair."

"Okay. Oh...Ray Toro. Love your work!"

"Why are the cops here?" Ray asked.


"Oh." The cops led Kyle out to the car. Kate clung on to Ray as she watched her ex being led into the car.

"So...You find him more attractive! I thought we still had something! I truley did! Ouch! Watch it coppers! I'll be back for you! AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!" Kyle yelled. Kate ran to Goober and picked her up. She hugged her little dog.

"Ray! Whats up?" Tyson said running out of the house.

"Tyson! Nothing...I just came here to take Kate with me somewhere."

"Oh...Well I'll see you later Katie! Bye Ray!"

"Okay. Now that thats over come with me!" Ray led Kate to a large bus.

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