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I love the MCR bus. It's so...un-normal!

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Kate was led into a large bus.

"Stay there for a minute!" Ray said.

"So guys! My girlfriend is here. She's sort of shy so let her take her time. Kate!!"

Kate walked into the MCR living room. "Hi." She said.

"Hi!" Everyone said strangely at the same time.

"You did good!" Frank said with disbelief. When Mikey lifted his head up to look at her he spit out his water and left his mouth wide open.

"Holy crap." He said.

Kate didn't look that good from her point of view. She had on a tight blue shirt whith a short black skirt. Her hair was in a loose pony tail. She had a pair of ankle high black high heel boots. Her shirt said Jack Sparrow with a picture of a skeleton what had tenticals. (It's a real shirt...that I have). Okay, maybe she did look good but... that was casual for her.

"Ain't she perty?" Gerard said. His wife smacked him in the back of the head. "I was joking!"

"Oh...if you don't already know. That's Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Bob." Ray said.

"I'm always introduced last..." Bob said.

"O-kay. The girls you see are Cloe, Gerard's wife, Carla, Franks wife, and Roxy...Mikey's wife. The little ones...Bridget, Gerard and Cloe's daughter and Gabriella, Frank and Carla's daughter. And may not be visible but Mikey and Roxy's kid." Roxy blushed.

"Everyone this is Kate Krinkle."

"Where's Mr and Mrs.Kringle?" Frank joked.

"Not nice." Mikey said. He punched Frank in the shoulder.

Kate was silent most of the time. That is untill they started asking her questions.

"Yeah, Kate, how old are you?" Gerard asked.

"28." She answered.

"How long have you been dating Ray?" Frank asked.

"2 days and 9 hours."

"Cool." Frank said.

"You listen to our music?" Bob asked.

"Does everyday answer your question?"


"You met her by a letter?" Mikey asked.

"Yup!" Ray answered.

"So...If I did that I could have gotten someone like you?"

"Your wife is here." Gerard reminded Mikey.

"I knew it! You never really loved me!" Roxy started crying.

"No, no! It's not that! I'm just...confused."

" hate me!"

"No! Come on..." Mikey took Roxy to...somewhere else.


"Was I that emotional?" Cloe asked.

"No. You were worse." Gerard said.
Just want to point out this is the end of april... the story is most likely to carry on till July. Well, not me writing it. In the story. Back to the story.
Kate was accually having a great time with the MCR crew. She was about 7 hours away from home and forgot all about Goober.

"GOOBER!" She suddenly said. Everyone looked at Kate like she was crazy. "No, Goober is my dog! I left her alone."

"Um...okay." Frank said.

"Nice. Leave your dog all alone."

Kate quickly dialed her moms number and asked her to take care of Goober for about a month.

"It is a month right?" Kate asked everyone.

"Yeah." Mikey said.

"A month!" She said into her phone. She hung up.

"Welcome to the warped tour!" Ray said.
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