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Did We All Fall Down?

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I love day dreaming because thats the only time I can. As you can see...I'm a vampire so I'm up at night! Mwwhaahaahaahaa! On with the story...

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Kate was on the bus for a good 9 hours. She liked being with MCR. It made her feel...more lively. In those 9 hours. She's gotten used to their area and they way they act. Which is very weird. But really exciting things happened too.

"I'll be right back." Mikey said. He ran towards the bunk room.

"Is he gone?" Roxy asked.

"Yeah." Gerard said.

"Okay, okay. I haven't told Mikey yet but..." Roxy placed a big smile on her face. "I just found out that we're expecting twins!"

Instead of everyone clapping they're faces fell to the floor. "Are gonna tell him tonight?" Frank asked.


"Are you planning to tell him?" Gerard asked.

"No. I want it to be a surprise."

"He's gonna have a heart attack when he finds out in the delivery room that your having twins...thank god he'll be in a hospital!" Bob said.

"That's not the plan." Roxy said.

"You plan the future?" Cloe asked. "If you can, can you help me get out of my family reunion? On my side?"

"Ha. No. He's gonna be surprised in a good way."

"Really?" Gerard asked. "I know I would have freaked."

"I would've too!" Cloe said.

"Here he comes! Shut up!" Ray said. Everyone continued a fake conversation.

"Ha, yeah! That was a weird moment. After that you know what he said?!" Kate asked.

"What?!" Ray asked.

"He said um...AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!" As much as it killed Kate to say she said it. That was a hurting moment.

Everyone but Mikey laughed. "What I miss?" Mikey asked.

"Nothing!" Roxy quickly said.

"Okay. It's like 4 am. I'm gonna go to sleep." Frank said.

"I'll come!" Carla said.

"Yeah. Coming to bed Cloe?" Gerard asked.


"Yeah Rox. You seriously need your sleep. Let's go." Mikey said.

"Fine." Roxy replied.

"I'm gonna go to sleep too." Bob said. "Night."

Kate and Ray were the only ones that "stayed awake" in the living room. They were just watching TV. They fell asleep.

They woke up at about 11 am-just like everyone else. Kate was(dare I say it) on top of Ray. She woke up when he shook her slightly.

"Wake up, Kate." He said. She lifted herself off him and sat on the couch.

"Hey love birds." Frank said walking out of the bunk room.

"Hey." Ray said.(I love the way that rhymes, Ray and Hey) "What time is it?"

"Just about 11. 10:59 if you wanna be exact." Mikey said.

"You gonna watch the show?" Carla asked Kate.

"Yeah. I've always wanted to go to one of your concerts, Ray! I love you guys to much to miss it."

"Exactly what I said." Cloe said. "Told You Gerard...Where's Gerard?" Cloe walked over to the door and Gerard opened it.

"I brought a little friend." Gerard said holding a reptile thingly. The first thing Cloe did was back away from the door.

"Get that thing away from me!" Cloe said.

"It's just a little gecko!" Gerard said. "You like the gecko?" Gerard asked Bridget.

"Lizzy yucky." She said.

"Seriously Gerard. Get it out." Frank said. Gerard threw it out the window. "Good influence!"

"I know right." Gerard said.

"Umm...should we start getting ready for the show?" Ray asked.

"When does it start?" Kate asked.

"12." Mikey said. "So I think we should."

"Okay." Everyone said.
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