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I like poofy hair.

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Kate was at the concert. She was sitting with Cloe.

"Wow, they suck." Kate said.

"Mmmhhmm. At least we're here for least Gerard's not drunk anymore...did you ever hear them then?"

"No...They had clips of it on Fuse but that was it."

"Oh. Good thing you didn't hear it."


"Okay, there was this one show, this was funny but Gerards pants fell down and he really didn't care, another time where he was cursing out his dead grandmother. Then he was gonna kill himself but luckily he didn't say, or do it on stage."

"Wow." Kate said. "He seemed horrible!"

"Beleive me..." Cloe laughed. "There's been worse that I can't repeat."


About hour later the dudes were walking off the stage.

"Woo! I've feel ENERGIZED!" Gerard yelled.

"You sure look it!" Cloe said. Gerard was hopping up and down.

"Try to keep your pants on Gerard!" Frank said.

"Very funny!" He was still jumping.

"Soo?" Mikey asked. "How'd we do?"

Kate and Cloe laughed.

"We'll, after hearing the same songs again and again. This one just seemed boring!" Cloe said.

"Sorry to agree." Kate said.

"Gerard seriously...calm down." Frank said.

"How could you hate it?" Gerard said who was now sitting down.

"Hey, hey, hey! Never said we hated it. It was just boring!" Kate said.

"Yeah. Next time I'll stay in the bus." Cloe laughed. "It wasn't bad though."

"Thats what they want you to think..." Gerard said.

"No Gerard, we were good! Thge girls mean it in the best way." Ray said. "Is that right?"

"Yes." Kate said.

They heard the crowd chanting. "AUTOGRAPHS!"

"Brian?" Bob asked. "Tell them to shut up. We're not coming out. Get over it. Got it?"

"Sure Bob. So heartless." Brian said.

"Not heartless. Just tired." Ray said.

"Heartless." Brian coughed.

"WE'RE NOT IDIOTS!" Ray yelled. "We heard what you said."
Back in the bus...Everyone as usussal is just sitting down. Except for Bob who isn't here. Bob is a mystery.

"Put on Rocko's Modern Life!" Frank yelled.

"What the hell?" Gerard asked.

"It's a good show."

"Whatever." Gerard turned on Rocko's Modern Life.

(Authors note-I love that show!)

"Night of the shaved kittens! MMMhaahaahaahaahaahaa" The tv volume was up.

"Awkward." Ray said. "Frank, your crazy."

"And I'm proud!" Frank said.

"Anything else on?" Mikey asked.

"NO!" Frank said.

"O-kay. Don't wanna know." Gerard said.

"Gerard, wheres Bob?" Cloe asked.

"Ha. I don't know. Don't ask me."

"To late. I already did!"

"Frank, you know where he is?"

"No! Last time I saw him he was...with the camera." Frank said. After that Bob popped up from behind the couch.

"Ha! Got this on film!" Bob said.

"Oh no you don't!" Frank started chasing Bob around the bus. "Give me that camera!"

"Thank god it wasn't me." Ray said.

"Yes." Gerard said.

"Can't you see I'm trying to watch tv here?" Mikey said.

"Um..." Kate said. "Awkward moments. Gotta love 'em."

"Yes." Gerard said.

Roxy walked out of the bunk room. "What in the hell is going on?"

"Um...nothing!" Mikey said. He quickly turned off the tv.


Gerard leaned over to Mikey. "Better get used to those kind of shows. I love Spongebob."

"Who doesn't?" Ray asked.

"IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO HATE SPONGEBOB!" Frank said. "If you do hate him you ain't a human!"

"Wheres your grammer?" Carla asked.

"Ain't, ain't in the dictionary!" Kate said.

"That was a good one." Ray said.

"An old math teacher gave that one for me beleive it or not."

"He's a math teacher. He wouldn't know proper english." Gerard said.

"Well. If he's a teacher obviously he would know." Ray said.

"GOD! I am so stupid." Gerard said.

"You can say that again." Cloe said.
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