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KooKooKaChoo, I've been blanked out for the past 5 days. I mean I was typing in Frankies name and I was Like Fra...Fran? No! So don't be surprised if this story isn't finished...

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Kate has been with MCR for 2 full weeks. I might think it's hell because of the DVD. It sure looks like it. Kate's been having a great time. She's been dating Ray for about a month. Goober seems fine. Up To Date...It's now June. Early June. Roxy is 8 months into her pregnancie. Cloe is going crazy along with Gerard. Frank is becoming like. The world of MCR is slowly crashing. I'm not crazy. No it's not. But Frankie becoming more adult like isn't a gewd sign.

"It is so damn hot!" Kate said.

"It's been hot before but not like this!" Gerard said.

"You should be used to it...after all you are from he-" Mikey said.

"Hey look at that!" Ray was pointing out the window and all you see is a bunch of smoke.

"I can't see through the smoke." Frank said.

"That's exactly what it is! It's coming from...The Used bus." Ray said.

"Crap. Whaddya know...Bert and the guys are coming this way." Mikey said.

"Gerard! Open the god damn door!" Bert yelled.

"God Bert. There are fricken kids in the bus!" Frank yelled.

"Is that Bert?" Carla asked. Everyone nodded. "I'll get the kids out."

"Hey. Bert set the bus on fire again so can we stay here for a while?" Quinn asked.

"How'd he set it off?" Ray asked.

"He was burning ants."

"Only Bert could set a whole bus on fire by burning ants." Ray sighed. "Can't you annoy some other band? I'm sure Adam and Fred want to see you."

"Naa. There still not over the Chinchilla accedent." Jepha said.

"That was 4 years ago!" Frank said.

"Who knew it was rabid?" Ray said.

"It bit Fred though. That was tragic." Bert said. "Where's Bree? I want to see her."

"No, no, no! You're not going near my daughter!" Cloe and Gerard said.

"Esspessially since you just lighted your bus on fire!" Gerard said.

"We need some peace. Can't you just leave?" Kate asked.

"Fine. But if Adam kicks us out I'm kicking your-" Frank closed the door before Bert could finish what he was saying.

"How'd you do it?" Bob asked wide eyed.

"I just asked." Kate said.

"Wow. We should try that more often." Ray said.

Gerard was looking out the window. "Is that?" Gerard asked. "Jared Leto?"

"WHERE!" Carla asked.

"Never mind. Just some loser."

"Damn." Cloe and Carla said.

Roxy walked out of the bunk room. "Mikey. Come here." She said. "I'm lonley."

"Awwwww." Everyone said.

"One minute hun. I'll be right there." Mikey said. "SAVE ME!"

"Your Wife...your problem. Your kids-I mean kid, your problem." Gerard said. Mikey walked out of the room.

"Good going Gerard! You almost blew the secret." Frank said.

"I did! Okay...I'll shut up untill...yeah." Gerard said.

"Good." Frank said.

"Well, we're gonna be going home real soon. I'm gonna miss days like this." Ray said.

"Yeah. So when are we leaving?!" Bob asked.

"3 minutes in counting." Gerard said.

"Really?" That was short!" Kate said.

"Time Flys when your having fun." Frank said with his arm around Carla.

"We each only live like 5 minutes away from each other. Don't see what the big deal is. We see eachother everyday." Gerard said.

"But it's still sad." Cloe said.

"Yeah. I'm gonna miss it." Kate said.

"Who says it has to be over?" Bob said.

"Don't tell me..." Gerard said.

"Yeah. I'm throwing a party!" Bob said.

"Oh. I was gonna say...another tour? Already?" Gerard said.

"KooKooKaChoo. We're rolling!" Ray said.

"How long is the ride?" Kate asked.

"5 hous. 6 'cause of the stops." Carla said.

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