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X-Tra Fantastical!!!!

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It's the X-Tra imagical, X-Tra Fantastical THING! Awkard Moments, here they come...La, la, la, la, la!

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Kate walked into her house. Yes she got attacked by Goober. She looked around the house.

"Cool." She said. "No rabid Raccoon!"(Long story!) "Did you miss mommy?"


"Cool. I missed you."

"Whatcha, waiting, whatcha, waiting, whatcha waiting for" Kates cell rang.

"Oh. A phone call. Yippie!" Kate ran to the phone and picked up. "Yello?"

"Hey. It's Ray!"

"Hey Ray!"(I love the way that rhymes!)

"Umm...the dudes and the dudettes are getting together at my house for a bit. You wanna come?"

"K, K!"


"When should I come?"

"NOW!" Kate was guessing that was Frank screaming towards Ray. "Sorry. That was Frank and yeah, Now would be fine!"

"Okay! I'll be there A.S.A.P.!"

"Kay. Luv you!"

"Luv you too! Bye!" Kate hung up. "Sorry Goober, baby but I gotta go. I'll only be gone hour at the most. If longer I'll call granny. Kay?"


"Cool. Bye!" Kate grabbed her coat and was off to Ray's.
"All I Want" by The Offspring is playing in the background because I'm listening to it right now.

Kate walked in.

"No surprising seeing you here!" Mikey said.

"Then again Mikey...will you go anywhere without Roxy?" Gerard asked.

"Then again...your right." Mikey said.

"Hello to you too!" Kate said.

Okay. I know I make Kate seem like a geek but shes me!

[Back to the story!]

"Hey!" Ray said walking out of the kitchen with Frank following him.

"Ray!" Kate said with delight.

"Glad you could make it!" Ray said hugging his girlfriend.

"Always for you."

"So...What'd I miss?" Ray asked.

"Nothing....umm....we saw a huge bug but that was it." Mikey said.

"Interesting." Frank said.

"Okay. I'll be right back..." Gerard walked out of the house with his cell and...duh you guessed it.

Kate couldn't help but notice Cloe was completey silent the whole time she was there. She just sat there and smiled. Kate was the one who broke the ice.

"Cloe. What's wrong."

Cloe looked up at Kate. A tear dropped from her eyes. Without hesitation Frank walked up to her and hugged her.

"Are you okay?" Kate asked.

"Umm...yeah. Nothing." She replied.

"Whats wrong?" Ray asked.

"Okay. About 2 days ago I haven't been feeling like myself. I went to the doctor only for her to tell me I'm...I'm pregnant."

Everyone looked at eachother. "Thats...great." Mikey said.

"I know...I just don't know if we're ready for another kid."

"Your great parents, Cloe." Ray said.

"Yeah. Nothing to worry about. Bree's fine." Carla said.

"Everythings gonna be fine." Roxy said.

Cloe smiled. "I umm...I guess your right." She said. "I'm gonna tell him when he comes back."

Everyone nodded. Gerard walked in. "That was my mom. She wanted to know how to get Olivia out of the toilet without her getting hurt."

"Okay." Mikey said.

Cloe walked towards the hallway giving Gerard a gesture saying 'Come here.' so he did.

Everyone watched Cloe and Gerard. Gerard started crying too. Tears of joy. He swung her around and came back to the living room.

"Congrats." Ray said. Gerard smiled.

"How come nobody gave me the support I needed when I found out I was having-" Roxy's words were stopped when Carla put her hands over Roxys lips.

"Shut up!" Carla mouthed to her.

"That I was having a baby!" Everyone, but Mikey, gave a sign of relief.
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