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"On 1, 2, 3! SHUT UP AND TOUCH THE MONKEY!!!!"-Whose Line is it Anyway. Collin and Ryan.

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About 1 day later the guys and gals decided to have a night without the kids for a night.(Ha!) Invited some of the rocker friends too. Well, not invite because it was a scheduled thing that Taking Back Sunday, MCR and The Used managers put together just for fun...but the managers couldn't come. So lets go back to the Krusty Krab! Which is where this chapter takes place.

"I think our table is over there." Bob said pointing to the table that Bert was hystericly waving at. He mouthed 'GET OVER HERE!!'

"Yeah." Gerard said.

"GERARD!!!" Bert cryed out. Gerard wasn't so playful as he ussually is so he walked over to the table. Cloe was following.

"We should follow him." Frank said. Everyone nodded. They walked over there and sat down.

"Wheres Adam and the rest of Taking Back Sunday?" Mikey asked.

"No clue. We've been waiting a half our for you guys to come....and TBS." Quinn said.

"I wonder why?" Carla whispered to Kate. She laughed.

"I can think of 20 good reasons." Kate said back.

"This is magical." Adam said walking in.

"Isn't it?" Cloe said. "3 friendly....and odd bands joined together. Almost too magical!"

"Just about to get magicaler." Mikey said pointing at AFI. They were walking towards them.

"Magicaler isn't a word." Ray said.

"I know. It is now."

"Okay. Then how 'bout Splee?"

"It's a word now."

"KOOL!" Ray said. Davey walked over to the crowded table and kneeled down next to Ray.

"Ray! Whats up." Davey said. Notice only Davey said hello.

"Hey. Where's the Rest of AFI?"

"They just wanted to grab a table. I was nice enough to say hi!"


"We came here with The Offspring." Davey said. Gerard yelled. "You like 'em?"

"Are you kidding me? I hate them. They scare the crap outta me!" Gerard said. He looked away from the Offsprings direction.


"Come to think of it." Ray said. "We haven't been attacked yet. And none of these people look normal."

"Duh!" Davey said. Everyone looked at him oddly. "This is an awards show! I'm guessing your managers didn't tell you?"

"NO WONDER! If The Offsprings here this has to be an awards show!" Frank said causing Gerard to yelp.

"Immature." Cloe said. "I love the Offspring!" Gerard yelped again.

"They're cool." Frank said.

"The Offspring rocks!" Carla said causing Gerard to yelp again.

"Shut up!" Mikey said. "They're just one band!"

Bob gave an evil look. "The Offspring!" He said. Gerard yeled. "The Offspring! The Offspring!" Gerard hit Bob.

"Stop!" He whined.

"Okay. Bye Davey." Kate said.

"Bye!" Everyone said.

"See you later." Davey walked away.

"So..." Bert gasped. "Mikey! You never told me you were gonna have a kid?!"

"Oh! I didn't? How selfish of me!" Mikey said sarcasticly.

"So when?" He asked.

"Next month." Roxy said.

"Cool. How's your kid, Gerard?"

"Fine. She's great." Gerard said.

"Ha. Yeah." Cloe said.

Bob gave an evil look and whispered something to Bert. "Gerard! Another one? Congrats!"

"What!" Everyone but MCR excaimed.

"Gerard and Cloe are having another Baby!" Bert yelled.

Cloe banged her head on the table. "Bob. I'm gonna kill you!" Gerard said.

"Okay! New subject!" Ray said. "How have you been Adam?"

"Not so great...I had this really weird dream that had a bad impact on me..." Adam replied.

"Oh." Ray said. "Tell us it!"

"Umm...okay. It was like this..."

"Look! The awards are starting!" Kate cryed out. Everyone switched their attention to the stage as some dude in a yellow suit took the mike.

"Let's start the award!" He said. "First category! Hottest dance moves!"
3 Hours Later.

"We won 3 awards! WOO!" Gerard yelled jumping up and down taking Cloe with him.

"Told you I didn't need my afro down in Helena!!" Ray said.

"I knew you guys couldn't lose!" Roxy said.

"Exelente!" Kate said in a fake spanish accent.

"The awards were what again?" Frank asked.

"Umm...Best Dance Moves, Best Music Video and...what's that one say?" Mikey asked.

"Best Outfits" Ray said.


The dudes and dudettes drove home. It looked like a bright future for Kate. Or thats what she thought...
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