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And as we're falling down.

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"I NEED FRENCHFRIES!!!"-Aimee, my bff at school after she had some rum cake. "CHOCOLATE!!!"-Me.

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It was one day later and Kate was getting ready for a awards after party...I know an Award party after the award show which is 1 days later. What's up with that? Anyways...Kate went into the bathroom to put her makeup on. Roxy was supposed to pick her up at 6:30. It was 6:15. She heard the door open.

"Roxy? That you already?" She yelled. She went into the living room to find Kyle sitting on her couch.

She backed up. "Hello Clarise." He said.

"Kyle! What are you doing here?" She asked. "Why'd you just call me Clarise?"

"I just wanted to see my Katie poo!" He said walking towards her. He was holding something behind him.

"Kyle! get over it! I did! I don't love you anymore."

"I know. I've tried to move on...but I couldn't! I called my girl friends Katiepoo constantly! Ypu broke my heart Katie...Now I'm gonna rip yours apart." He pulled out a gun.

Kate ran to her kitchen and grabbed a knife. "Stay away Kyle. I got cooking tools and I'm not afraid to use 'em!"

"Aww. You cook me and your dogs dead." He put a gun to Goobers head.

"Leave Goober alone. Now why don't you make like Tom and Cruise!"

"Because unless you love me again...I'm not goin anywhere."

"But I can't...Because...I'm...engaged. I'm engaged."

"Oh really? Wheres your ring?!"

"Umm...." Kate ran over to her game box and grabed a ring from The Lord Of The Rings and put it on. "Here!"

Kyle walked over to her and read the ring. "Thats not an engagement ring!"

"You read it! Umm....that's I love you in...elvish?"

"You did it." He started to pull the trigger and then from outside came a loud BEEP! It was Roxy. Kate grabbed Goober and ran into Roxy's car.

"Hurry up! My x-husbands after me!" Roxy pressed on the gas pedal, all speed ahead. "Hurry! He's following us!"

But not looking at what was infront of them, was another car.

Roxy looked back. "We lost him." She said.

"ROXY LOOK OUT!" Kate yelled but it was too late...they were in a car crash.
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