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Oh I wish I were a llama in a great big llama world!

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I really don't.

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Gerard and Cloe were at home when they got a call from Mikey. They were going somewhere so they left Bree with a babysitter, along with Gabbie, Frank and Carla's daughter.

"Long ago. Just like the hers you die"

"I'll get it!" Gerard said. "It's Mikey. Hello?"


"Hi...what's up?"

"Umm. Roxy and Kate were just in a car accedent. Me and Ray can't go!"

"We'll be there in a few. Bye." Cloe looked at Gerard in confusement. "Roxy and Kate were in a car accedent. We can't go."

"Oh." Cloe and Gerard headed for the door.
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Carla and Frank were just walking in the cemetery when Gerard and Cloe parked there and tried to find them. Wasn't that hard.

Frank looked back and saw Gerard and Cloe running towards them. "Gerard? What happened?" He asked.

"Roxy and Kate were in a car crash! We can't go to the after party. We have to go to the hospital. Mikey and Ray are waiting for us." Gerard said. Frank and Carla nodded and followed Gerard and Cloe to the hospital.
At the hospital...

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Mikey and Ray were sitting in the waiting room.

"Where's Bob?" Mikey asked.

"Oh Crap." Gerard said. "Can't call him now."

"He'll probally see it on t.v." Frank said.

"Hey guys. What are you doing here?" Bob asked.

"The question is...what in the hell are you doing here?" Ray asked.

"My cat just died."

"If it's dead...why are you here?" Cloe asked.

"Ummm..." Bob was interupted by a doctor who had recently came in.

"Mikey Way?" He asked. Mikey walked up to him "Hi umm....we don't know how...or why but your wife. Due to the car accedent went into labor. You might want to put these on." Mikey's eyes opened wide and his jaw fell to the floor. "Come on."

Gerard walked up to Mikey and put his hand on Mikey's shoulder. "Okay."

"I'm not ready for this at all." Mikey said.

"She's your wife. She's gonna need you. They're your kids."

"Kids?" Mikey asked.

Gerard moaned. "Oh. You weren't supposed to know that!"


"Umm...yeah. Roxy's having twins! Surprise?"

"I need to sit down."

"No Mikey." Carla said. "Once it's over it'll be worth it... That wasn't right, was it?"

"Umm. None of the passengers were surverly damaged. Except for a cat but that was it." The doctor said.

"Puss!" Bob said.

"O-kay. So. If you want to see...Kate Worthnothington you can see her." Everyone looked at eachother confusingly.

"I thought it was Krinkle." Ray said.

"That's her maiden name." Once again. Everyone exchanged confusing looks.

"She's married?" Ray asked.

"Oh no. She's divorced. She didn't say why though." The confusing looks continued. "Mikey you should get in there."

"Okay." Mikey went into the room.

"I'm gonna go see Kate." Ray said.

"We're not going anywhere." Frank said.
Kate was on a bed asleep. Her face was all bruised up. No bad damage, huh. Ray was scared to see the rest of her cuts and bruises. He walked in hesitantly, not noticeing all the faces that were peeking through the little window.

"Oh my god." Ray whispered to himself. He walked over to Kate. With that, her eyes opened. "Hi." Ray said.


" were in a car accedent. But you're okay. Right?"

"I...yeah. Everything hurts. What happened to Roxy?"

"Nothing yet. That we know about. The doctor didn't tell us."

"Oh." Kate said.
Back in the waiting room.
Down Under by Men At Work is playing for some reason. Which is a great 80's song. Deal with it. I love the 80's.

"I can't beleive Puss was in that car accedent! He's dead now. Why?! Why!?" Bob yelled.

"Bob, calm down. It was just a cat."

"But it was a special cat, Frank! A very special cat! I loved that cat like my own!"

"But it is your own." Cloe said.

"Alright. Then I love it more. But he was such a good cat. He didn't deserve to go."

"Bob, why don't you go home. Take some time to think. Buy a new cat." Gerard said. Bob nodded and went home.

"He's gone." Cloe said.

"Yup. Now all we have to wait for is the results." Frank said.

"Uh huh. I really hope they're okay." Gerard said.
Down Under is still playing

"Hello Kate. You should be going home in at least a week. Just for observations." A doctor said walking in. Kate nodded.

"Wait. There was a dog in that car. What happened to her?"

"Oh. That was your dog? I'm sorry but it died. We weren't able to find it and when we did it...was dead. I'm sorry." The doctor said.

Kate started crying. "Dead? She..." She started crying some more.

"It's okay." Ray said. He hugged her. "Everything'll be alright."
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