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My Tornado Is Resting

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I'm really tired 'cause my T.V. was on all night and I couldn't turn it off.

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Float On by Modest Mouse is playing.

Kate was still crying when everyone else came in.

"Everything alright?" Gerard said walking in. Kate ignored the question.

"how exactly did you get into that accedent?" Cloe asked.

"All I really remember is getting threatened and running into Roxy's car." Kate said.

"Do you know who was threatning you?"

Kate's eyes opened wide. She nodded. "It was my x-husband. I couldn't stand being with him so I broke up with him. He's been after me ever since."

"Do you know where he lives? We could take care of a bad way." Carla said.

"Yeah. He lives P sherman 42 wallabeway sydney(J.K.) 42 Wild Ave. not too far from my house."

"Okay. I'll make sure someone gets him."

The doctor walked in. "Umm, may I have a moment with Kate. Just for a minute..."

Everyone walked out.
Mikey was sitting on the couch.

"Mikey. How's she?" Gerard asked

"She's fine. So are the babys." Mikey smiled.

"Soooo........" Frank asked.

"Boy and Girl."

"That's great. Gerard you owe me 20 bucks." Cloe said.
Everyone did their share of hugs and stuff like that.

"How's Kate?" Mikey asked.

"She's...fine. Not badly hurt. Her dog was the only one that died...and Bob's cat."


The question that Ray always had was asked. "What'd you name 'em?"

"The boy is Cameron and the girl is Samantha." Everyone smiled.

Authors Note-I just chose 2 random names that had to do with Roxy and Mikey's backgrounds. You all know what Mikey is so...Roxy is english and italian. I'm not.

"Oh jeeze." Cloe ran to the nearest bathroom.

"She'll be fine." Gerard said.

"Okay." The doctor said walking in. "Visiting Hours are over. You have to leave. There's nothing I can do!"

"Okay. Let's go." Gerard said. Cloe walked out of the bathroom and went home.

The tornado of Life was resting.
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