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Give Up

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I give up on the chapter titles. I suck at making them. Can I have a cookie?

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It was one week later. So lets start our story in a hotel room. Or an apartment thingy hotel room. Yeah that's it. An apartment thingy hotel room! Forgot what the word is. LIGHTS! MUSIC! ACTION! That was real gay. Let's just start.

"Where did you put my I-pod?!" Mikey asked Gerard.

"You have to find it." Gerard answered.

"Gerard....okay. I'll ask once more before I knock the hell outta ya! Where is it?!"

"MIKEY! KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO YOURSELF! You need to gettaway from that i-pod!"

"You couldn't stand one day without it!" Frank said.

"Oh yeah...fine then. Keep it Gerard. See what I care."

"O-kay! Your loss. I was gonna give it back but...whatever."

Mikey slapped his face.

"Roxy at home?" Carla asked.

"Yeah. She couldn't come. A) Because she's with the twins B) She's still recovering."

"Oh. Okay."

They heard knocking at the door. Knok, Knock, Knock

"WHO?!" Ray asked.

"It's Brian!"

"Come in. Doors open." Ray yelled.

"Hey guys, ladys. What's up?"

"Nothing. You?" Gerard said.

"Obviously if I walked in here I'm not doing anything either." Brian said.

"Oh. Okay." Frank said.

"What brings Brian to the MCR suite?" Bob asked.

"Just saying you have a show tommorow at 7 pm. M'kay?"

"Oh. Great. Fine!" Mikey said.

"What's so bad 'bout a show?" Kate asked.

"Nothing...Just...We had one last night."

"But it's tommorow. Not today."


"The show is not today! It's tommorow."


"Kate. Come outside with me?" Ray asked.

Pretty Fly For A White Guy is what I'm listening too.

" you been feeling?" Ray asked.

"Good. I'm glad it's over." Kate said. She leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah. I truely hated seeing you in so much pain."

All I Want by The Offspring is my tune!!

"Why didn't you tell me you were married once before?"

"Umm...It was bad. I found out he was using me. I broke up. That's why I didn't trust anyone but my dog. But....I didn't want to relive all of the bad things that happened. I never wanted to mention his name again. When I thought it was all over...he starts following me. My parents were right. I should have never trusted him."

"Oh. Well, do you still only trust your dead dog?"

"Thats exactly it. I'm begining to get over the past. I trust everybody that I've been around now. The whole MCR crew, esspessially you. Not that sure about the used but..."

"That's all a different story."

"Yeah. Right now I'm thinking of life as a fairy tale. It always ends well."

"Oh yeah..." Ray lifted Kate's head of his shoulder. "I've relized that I'll love you no matter what and... Will you marry me?"

Kate had that...weird 'Wow a big item just fell on my head look.' and was speechless.

"I understand if you don't want to-"



"Yes! I love you!" She leaped into his arms.

"I promise. Nothing that other dude did to you won't happen with me."
The two lovers walked into the suite hand in hand.

"Hey." Cloe said. Everyone stared at them. Guesing what happened they all did the hug thingy again. Personaly...I hate the huggy thingy but. Who cares. HUGGIN TIME!
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