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I'm gonna try and finish this story before the 7th of July. Thats my special going away week soo.....heres another chapter.

Kate was sitting down in her house....more like lying down. On her couch. She was finally moving in with someone she could truely trust. I you think Ray would do anything bad? Okay. So the only thing left in her house was the couch.

"It's so empty in here." She said.

"Well, you are moving out. So quickly...very, very quickly." A moving dude said.

"Yeah. I didn't think this would be happening. know."

"I don't know. I'm just a moving man...sadly." Kate placed a 100 dollar bill in his hand. Then 50 cents.

"Keep the change." She said. "You deserve this money."

" long have you been dating this...Ray guy?"

"4 months. 4 very long and wonderful months."

"Yeah. I had a horrible life. As soon as I met my wife maybe...3 days later I proposed and she said yes. I barley knew the girl. But she said yes. 18 at the time. Tat was long ago."

"Oh. You have kids?"

"Yeah. 2 in college, 2 married with kids. 8 grandchildren."


"I take care of 3 'cause my youngest is in college."

"That's nice."

"Yeah. I wish I had photo's."

"Okay. You freakin me out. Could you leave?" Kate said. "And give me back my dog." The moving man was holding the ashes of her dog.

"Oh sure. Is this your dog?" He was holding out the bottle.


"Oh sorry. Here you go...bye."

About an hour l8ter. Kate was meeting up wth her boyfriend, at the bus.

"You ready?" Ray asked.

"Yeah. It's not the first time I've been on tour with you."

"You have a point. 3rd time?"


"Oh. Okay."

"Ray! Come here!" Gerard yelled.

"Be right there. The girls are over there." Ray said.

Kate nodded and went to see the girls.

"Hey, Kate!" Carla said.

"You coming for another wonderful 2 months on a bus?" Cloe asked.

"Yes. I am. Wonderful 2 months!"

"Very wonderful." Roxy said walking up to the girls.

"Roxy!" Cloe said. "How you been!"


"I haven't seen you in forever!" Kate said.

"Ditto!!" Carla said. "How are the kids?!"


"What you've been up to? That long month." Kate asked.

"Nothing really. Staying home with the kids. That's all."

"Touring non-stop for the dudes. They of course dragged us along. Duh." Carla said.

"You're leaving the house and coming with us?" Cloe asked

"Yes! 2 other visitors are coming as well!"

"Hate to ruin the good news." Gerard chimed in. "But...The Used and Taking Back Sunday are coming too."

Cloe's mouth dropped open along with everyother girls.

"Your letting that perv come on tour?" Kate asked.

"Don't kill me! Kill Brian! His decision!" Gerard said backing away from the girls. "Umm....I gotta go. Over there. I'll send Brian over."

"Brian." Carla said. "Why?"

"Why what?" He asked.

"Why the freakin used?" Kate asked.

"They're my friends! Plus they were invited to this tour."

"Okay. What idiots." Cloe said. "Inviting The Used."
Okay, okay. I hate The Used. MCR loves The USed. If I ever saw them and they came near me I'll be sure to runaway. Get over it.
So the bus was leaving and they were all on tour. They lived happly ever after...let's not.

They were all in the living room. Except for Brian 'cause he was hiding....for some reason. Just explaining. Talking.

"Can I hear a whoop, whoop?" The t.v. sounded.

"Change it." Mikey said to Frank.

"This is a good show!" Frank yelled.

"It's Rocko's Modern Life! Oh yeah I forgot...Disney fan."

"Shut up."

"What about Spongebob?" Gerard asked.

"Not on." Frank said.

"Then Rocko's Modern Life it is. Sorry Mikey."

"But Foster's is on..." Mikey said giving the lip.

"It's a 3 hour block. They only have Rocko for 1 hour. So after it's over we'll watch that." Bob confirmed.

"That works." Ray said while everyone was nodding heads.

"I am so smart!" Bob said.

"Okay. If a rooster lays an egg on a roof which way will it roll? Left or right?" Gerard asked.

"Very good, Gerard! You're getting better at these riddle things." Cloe said patting Gerards head.

"Soo...." Gerard asked.

"Umm...Left!" Bob said.

"It's a rooster idiot! THEY DON'T LAY EGGS!!!" Kate yelled.

"Damn! You're right!"

"Aren't we all?" Kate asked.

"All except for Bob!" Carla said.

Knock, Knock.

"The bus is moving!" Gerard said.

"Yeah...OH MY GOD LET HIM IN!" Roxy said. "Hurry!"

Ray opened the door. "Bert?"

"Hey guys! What up?!"

"You getting out of here." Mikey said. "We're sort of busy." Mikey said pointing to Frank.

"Oh. The car stopped. It was never moving. We got here about 2 hours ago. Our plan worked Gerard."

"Hell yeah! Hi five!"

"WHOOP, WHOOP!" Bert hi fived Gerard.

"Oh god." Kate said.

"Let's go into the bunk room." Cloe said leading the 3 other girls.
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