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It's 3 O'Clock, do you know where your Rock Stars are?

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I was away for 2 days! I feel re-freshed!

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Kate was lead into the very famous bunkroom! Very famous!

"Sit." Cloe said. Everyone sat. "You like it on the road?"

"Yeah! It's nice to get away for a while." Kate said.

"Yeah. It's sort of like a 3 month vacation! Sleeping in a different bed, concerts almost every night!" Roxy said. "But I do miss home."

"Yeah. No offense but having to spend 3 months with your hubbys, in Kates case boy-friend, best friends can get annoying." Cloe said.

"You just want 'em for yourselfs." Carla said.

"Yeah. But after those 3 months...everythings back to normal. Except for them getting attacked by 100 fans that really get on your nerves!" Kate said punching her Stewie plushie.

"Yeah. Thats why we have houses!!!" Cloe exclaimed. Everyone laughed.

They heard a knock on the door. "It's safe! Bert's gone." Mikey said.

"You sure!?" Roxy asked.

"We all know how he uses his invisible powder to play tricks on us!" Kate said.

"I'm positive!"

"Okay! Let's go." Cloe said.

They walked out. Instead of seeing The Used they saw a simple monopoly game. Music to be the theme.

"You girls like monopoly?" Gerard asked. "We can do teams!"

"I haven't played monopoly since ever!" Roxy said.

"7th grade for me." Kate said.

"3rd! Beat that sucka's!" Cloe said.

"Last week." Ray said.
It was...let's say 3 o'clock! Do you know where your rock stars are? Yes I do. They are SLEEPING> Except for Ray and Kate.

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off is what I'm listening to right now. Very perverted. By Panic! At the Disco.

"You having fun?" Ray asked.

"Tons! Lots and lots of fun! Seriously." Kate said. They were sitting on the tour couch.

"Cool. I'm too. I'm glad your here."

"I'm too!"

[Hate myself, hate myself. Nothing against Ray at all. Just too let you know!]

They made out for a good 3 minutes. They got closer. Closer. You people know what imagination is so explain it to yourself!

-This Space for Rent-

It was a month later. The guys were off tour. Ray and Kate were at home.

They were watching a random tv show that, you guessed it, was Spongebob. Can't resist.

"You ever see this episode?" Kate asked.

"Who hasn't?"

"Yeah! Great episode. Shows my true feelings for chocolate."


"What's your favorite episode-" Kate stopped dead in her tracks due to a random throwing up feeling.

"You okay?" Ray asked.

"Yeah. I'm, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Seriously! I'm okay!"
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