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About 3 days later.....

I'm Listening to "A Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars

That one day when she became randomly sick was all that was on her mind. It happened very randomly. From watching Spongebob to shopping with her mates. She finally had enough when she was shopping with her mates. Yawn enough explaining-time to get back to the story.

You can wait a few minutes. She decided to make a quick visit to Dr.Shockter(rhymeness) Okay. Now to the story.

"Soo...randomly sick. Head aches.Anything else?" The doctor asked.

"Umm...I'm a little late if you know what I mean." Kate said.

"Ah. It's all clear! This is an obvious! 1. 'cause you took the test and..."

"I get it, I get it! Now...what!"

"Nothing bad except for labor pains." Kates eyes widened.

"You are gonna be a check or money?"
She went shopping with her mates again.

"So what store you wanna go to?" Cloe asked.

"Umm. Hot Topic!" Carla said. All girls nodded in agreement.

Kate was silent. "Katie? You okay? You haven't said a word." Roxy asked.

"Huh? Oh....yeah. I'm fine!" She smiled.

"Lie dector!" Cloe said. She forced Kate to sit down. "I'm taking a wild guess..." Kate looked at Cloe in confusion. "You're pregnant."

"How'd you know?" She asked not being sarcastic.

"It's obvious. Throwing up, not sick, head aches, no pads. Sorry but we were invading your bag for gum. It's either you're allergic to clothes or your...ya know. So we went with...ya know."

"You tell him?" Carla asked.

"No...I found out 2 days ago."

"Oh. Okay. You gonna tell him?" Roxy asked.

"I'm gonna have to!"

"Yeah...well, congrats!" Cloe said.

"Yeah. You and Cloe's kid are gonna be closer in age. How many months Clo?"

I'm Listening to "Prince Paul's Bubble Party" by Prince Paul. On the Spongebob c-d!

Kate and Ray were once again just sitting down.

"Yeah...Ray. I umm...I have something to tell you." Kate said.


"I'm not gonna wait because It's something that I just have to get out! You know like-"

"Just tell me!"

"Oh...sorry! Okay well, here goes. Ray....I'm pregnant!"

"Really? That's great!" He captured Kate into a tight hug. "That's great!" He repeated.

Kate smiled. "I love you" She said.

"I love you too!"
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