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Chapter 1; Me? A Sailor Senshi? No Way!

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Hoshi Chiyo becomes the Sailor Senshi: Sailor Shooting Star after meeting a gold furred rabbit on her way home from school.

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"Hohi Chiyo! What are you still doing on school grounds? Leave school at once!" The security guard said.

"Sorry, sir! I'll leave right now!" I said as polite as possible. I left school grounds without hesitation.

Why does my life have to be so boring? I asked myself. I kept walking thinking of the ideal life for me.

If only I was a warrior of justice like those Sailor Senshi I've heard so much about... I said to myself with stars in my eyes. I continued walking home without another thought in my mind
until I felt something under my foot.

I looked to see what was under my foot. It looked like a rabbit, it was really small and looked beat up.

"Oh, I'm sorry little bunny!" I said. I picked the bunny up to get a closer look at it. Something else was different about it besides it size: it had a strange star shape mark on its fur. I tried to ignore it, but it seemed like it was glowing and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

This is too weird! I shouted. I asked for my life to be less boring--not weird! I dropped the rabbit and ran home as fast as I possibly could.


I ran upstairs and into my room as fast as I possibly could. I tried not to think of that rabbit--but I couldn't stop thinking of it.

I paced around my room with the same thoughts in my mind. "Okay, let's think of what happened!" I said out loud to myself. "I saw a strange rabbit with a star shape scar that glows it could've been destiny to make my life less boring!!" I shouted, raising my fist up with stars in my eyes.

I could hear my mom shouting at me from downstairs. "Hoshi, stop talking to yourself!" My mom shouted. I ignored her and kept talking to myself anyway.

"Starting tomorrow I'm sure my life will be different," I said happily. "I can't wait for tomorrow to come!" I said gleefully. I kept giggling for awhile until I heard heavy wind blowing from my window some reason.

I looked by my window to see if something came in to my room. And to my surprise: I was right. The weird rabbit had somehow got into my room.

"Wh-what are you doing in here?!" I asked. I was shocked a rabbit could even get into a room through a second story window.

The rabbit gave me a look. "What are talking about?" The rabbit said. "I heard you shout something about having a different life!"

I thought for a second. Did that rabbit just talk?! It was too good to be true. Maybe this is all a dream! There's no such thing as a talking rabbit!

"Hoshi--stop staring into space like that!" The rabbit shouted. I stopped thinking.

I replied quickly. "How do you know my name, rabbit?!" I shrieked. The rabbit gave me a serious look.

"It doesn't matter how I know your name!" The rabbit shouted. "Anyway, I came here to talk to you."

"Talk to me?" I asked.

"Yes," The rabbit walked over to my mirror. "Come over here, Hoshi." I did as the rabbit said.

"What do want to talk about anyway?" I asked.

" begin with my name is not rabbit. It's Starry," the rabbit said. "I've been sent here to search you, Hoshi Chiyo."

"Search for me?" I asked. "Is there a reason why?"

"Yes," Starry said. "Hoshi Chiyo, you've have been chosen to become a guardian of justice." Starry pointed at me.

I blushed in embarrassment. "Me? Chosen to be a guardian? That's not possible--I'm not special at all!" I shouted from my embarrassment.

"Well, special or not you were chosen to be a guardian and I need you to protect Japan from the newest threat to the planet!" Starry said it gave me a star shaped locket.

"I don't believe you," I said quickly, without thinking.

"If you don't believe me, then you will after saying this," Starry said. "Shooting Star Power, Make Up!"

"If you say so," I said. I decided to play along with Starry's game. "Shooting Star Power, Make Up!"

After saying that word my body felt odd. As if it were transforming. I couldn't control my body, and I felt scared, but tried to bear with it.

After about thirty seconds it was all over and I noticed that my regular clothes were gone--and I was in a gold colored sailor suit and I had a tiara on my head with a star in the middle...

"Starry, what is this?! What's going on?!" I shrieked.

"You shriek too much," Starry said with a sigh. "You've become the Sailor Senshi Sailor Shooting Star. And now you must defeat the demons that are taking over people hearts!"

"What?! I have to do something like that?!" I shrieked again. "That sounds scary!"

"Yes, and you don't hurry the person getting taken over will die!" Starry shouted. "Let's go!"

I saw Starry's star shape scar glow a gold color. Seconds later my body glowed gold as well and was out of my room within eight seconds.


I was teleported to somewhere I'd never been to before. It looked like an ally, but it was too big to be an ally.

"Heh, with this body I can do anything!" A voice said. It sounded vile.

"Hoshi," Starry whispered. "You need to step in there, now."

"What I have to fight?!" I said quietly.

"Yes, and do it quickly!"

I stepped into the ally. "S-stop right there!" I said with a nervous voice.

"Oh, and who are you?!" The voice revealed itself to me. It looked like a person at a quick glance, but it had black, demonic eyes and a black tail...

"M-me?" I asked. "I'm the Sailor Senshi--Sailor Shooting Star! I've come here to banish you, you demon!"

The demon laughed. "Ha, banish me? You wish!" The demon attacked me with all its might. I felt it inflict a deep wound on me.

"Ow! Starry what do I do?!" I asked. Starry looked at me.

"Sailor Shooting Star, you have to fight back!" Starry exclaimed. "Shout Star Impact! Now!"

"Okay..." I said with lack of self confidence. "Star Impact!" I saw stars come from the mysterious locket that Starry gave me. It hit the strange demon and defeated it rather quickly.

"How could I lose to a nobody like you!" The demon shrieked. The demon came out of the person's body rather quickly.

"Good job, Hoshi!" Starry said. I saw its body glow gold again. I was taken out of the ally.


I was in my room again like before. I was back to my normal clothing.

"That was a good first fight, Hoshi!" Starry said. "I expect you to fight whenever there is trouble from now on!"

"...Sure, I guess as long as it doesn't overlap with my schoolife," I said.

"Hopefully, it won't."

I smiled at Starry. I finally got some action in my life! I said to myself with glee.

To be continued in chapter 2.

I don't own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation!
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