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Chapter 2; Is There Really a Senshi for the Clouds?!

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Hoshi Chiyo had a normal, boring life until she met Starry--now she's Sailor Shooting Star! Hoshi meets another Sailor Senshi--Sailor Cloud whom is the most popular girl in school--Suzume Yuume!

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"Jewlex!" The princess roared. "Come here!"

Jewlex walked over to the princess and keeled on the floor.

"Yes Princess?"

"How dare you lose to a mere girl!"

"I'm sorry your won't happen again."

"It'd better not! If it does you'll be punished!"

Princess pointed to the door. "Now make more demons!"

"I will." Jewlex leaves to make demons.

"I hope you succeed in killing the Sailor Senshi." The princess fades away.


My alarm clock was ringing loudly. It woke me up instant.

"Yawn...why is it morning already?" I asked in a sleepy voice. I looked at my clock to check the time. The clock read 7:55.

"7:55?! Crap! I'm running late!" I quickly got dressed in my uniform and ran down the stairs.

"Hoshi!" My mom shouted. She seemed to noticed I was running. "Stop running indoors!"

I answered mom quickly. "But if I don't run I'll be late!" I ran out the door before mom could answer.

It's going to be another boring day... I thought to myself. Maybe what happened yesterday was just a dream after all...

As I went back to running, I heard a familiar voice. "Hoshi!" It said. The voice was Starry's.

I turned around to focus on Starry. Starry smiled for a second, then changed to a serious expression.

"Starry, I don't have time to talk," I said. "I have to get to school or else I'll be late!" I tried to get away, but Starry would not let me.

"You can wait a second!" Starry exclaimed. "I have something important to tell you."

"Can't it wait?" I asked quickly. Starry got irritated.

"No, it can't!" Starry screeched. "Hoshi, there's another student in your school who is being awakened. I need you to find her." Starry handed me a picture.

My eyes almost came out of my head when I saw who it was. It was the most popular girl in school: Suzume Yuume. Her jet black hair, gold eyes, and good looks make her a magnet for all the boys in the eight grade.

"There's no way I'll ever be able to get close to her, Starry," I said. "Not with all the boys that follow her around."

Starry thought it over for a second, and than seemed to have come to a decision.

"I'll wait by the entrance during lunch time. Try to get Suzume to see me," Starry said in a serious voice.

"Okay, I'll try that..." I said with doubt. "But I don't know if I'll be able to do it..."

I head the school bell ring in a distance.

I started to sweat with fear of getting in trouble. "Oh, no! The first bell! I'm late!" I ran to school as hastily as possible.


Lunch came faster than I thought it would. Almost too fast, but that's possibly because I got in trouble when I got to school.

"Now to find Suzume..." I said. "But where do popular people usually eat?"
[/"Maybe on the roof of the school?"
I thought. I knew I had to be right, so I quickly ran to the roof's staircase.

I hope she's actually up here... I said. I climbed the stairs with slight regret.


To my surprise I was right. There was girl that looked exactly like the girl in the picture that Starry gave me.

Suzume seemed to have noticed me come in. "Who's there?" She asked. Suzume walked over to me.

Suzume didn't seem to be mad when she saw me. "Hoshi Chiyo?" She asked. I nodded.

"You're not mad that I came up here?" I asked quickly just to make sure.

Suzume laughed a little. "Of course're too cute to get mad at," Suzume said in a cheerful so. "So, is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Yes, there is...I need you to come with me for a minute," I said. I grabbed Suzume's arm and took her to Starry quickly.

"Wait? Hoshi where are we going?"

"You'll see in a minute!" I ran to the entrance of the school as fast as possible.


"I brought Suzume, Starry!" I shouted. Starry told me to quiet down a little.

"Good, Hoshi," Starry said quietly. "Now I want you two to come over here." Starry told us to follow it.

Starry checked to see if anyone could see us. Starry smiled slightly. "Good it looks like nobody can see us from this corner of the school."

Suzume looked confused. "Hoshi how is that rabbit talking...?" Suzumi asked out of confusion.

"I can't explain that..." I said in a quiet voice.

"It really doesn't matter how I learned to talk," Starry said. "Suzume I need to talk to you about something."

"...Make it quick, please," Suzume said. "Lunch period is almost over."

"Fine, I'll try," Starry said. It seemed irritated a little.

"Suzume Yuume," Starry said. "You've been chosen to become a guardian of justice."

Suzume laughed at this remark. "Me a guardian of justice? Ha! There's no way!" Suzume wiped tears away from the laughter. "You've got to be joking! Even I'm not that special"

Starry got irritated. "That doesn't matter! You were chosen to be a guardian and that's that!" Starry threw a bracelet at Suzume.

Suzume seemed surprised for a second. "What's this?" Suzume asked.

"That's your Cloud Bracelet," Starry said. "You need it to transform."

Suzume laughed again. "Transform? That's stupid!" Suzume said out of laughter. "I don't believe you at all!"

"Don't believe me? Then try saying this," Starry said in as serious voice. "Cloud Power, Make Up!"

"Fine, I'll say it," Suzume said. She seemed to think this was all a joke. I could see her laughing to herself still. "Cloud Power, Make Up!"

Suzume's body lit up. She was transforming like I did.

She's becoming a Sailor Senshi! I said to myself.

The transformation ended within thirty seconds. Just like me, Suzume's normal clothes were gone. Suzume was in a blue sailor suit and had a tiara with a cloud in the middle of it.

Suzume noticed her new clothing. "What's with the sailor suit?" Suzume said. You could tell by her voice that she was shocked. "What's going on?"

Starry answered. "You've become the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Cloud. And now you need to destroy the demon attacking the kindergarten."

"A demon attacking the kindergarten?!" Suzume asked. "I'm on it!"

Starry was looking at me. "Hoshi, transform into Sailor Shooting Star and we'll leave!" Starry said.

"Okay!" I said. "Shooting Star Power, Make Up!" I transformed into the Sailor Senshi Sailor Shooting Star.

"Good, you're both transformed," Starry said. "Let's go!" Starry teleported us away.


We were teleported to the kindergarten. I could see the demon in no time at all.

"Okay, let's banish this demon so we can finish lunch!" I shouted with a little confidence. The demon noticed us.

"Banish me? Huh?" The demon said with an evil laugh. "Like I'd let you do that!"

I got angry at that reply. "Star Impact!" I shouted. The attack struck the demon. It didn't seem to do much.

Huh? I-it didn't affect it?! The demon laughed.

"Hah! A stupid star attack won't affect me, stupid Sailor Senshi!" The demon attacked me.

"Ow!" I shouted. "How dare you!"

"Sailor Shooting Star!" Sailor Cloud said. "Leave this guy up to me!" I nodded as Sailor Cloud and I switched places.

"So, you think you can win, huh?!" Sailor Cloud shouted. "Take this! Bursting Cloud!" A cloud attacked the demon which instantly defeated it.

"D-damn you Sailor Senshi...I'll return!" The demon faded away into the sunlight.

Starry smiled. "You too did good!" Starry said. "Let me bring you back to school."


I was back at school in no time at all.

"That was fun, Hoshi!" Suzume said with glee. "Call me whenever you need me to fight again, okay?" Suzume left before I could answer.

That was...interesting... I thought to myself. In a distance I could hear the bell ring.

"Aw, lunch is over..I gotta go back to class..." I said in a disappointed voice. "Bye, Starry!" I ran for the door.

Being a Sailor Senshi is actually pretty fun! I thought to myself with glee. I can't wait until the next time I get to fight as Sailor Shooting Star!

My life isn't boring anymore at all! I entered my next class giggling to myself and didn't care who saw.

This will be continued in chapter 3.

I don't own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation!

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