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Chapter 3; Sailor Senshi for the Asteroids?

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Hoshi must find the third and final Sailor Senshi. It turns out to be Shun Chuoko...the most athletic girl in school!

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"Jewlex!" The princess shouted. "Come here now!"

As usual, Jewlex walked over to the princess and keeled on the floor.

"Yes, princess? What may I do for you?"

The princess gave Jewlex an angry look. "How dare you lose to a mere girl! No once, but twice!"

Jewlex blushed in embarrassment a bit. "I-I promise you it won't happen again..."

"It'd better not! This is your last chance!" The princess pointed at the door. "Now make more demons and make them correctly this time!"

"Yes, your majesty..." Jewlex left the room to create more demons.

"You'd better succeed this time or else." The princess fades away.


It was a late Sunday afternoon and I had absolutely nothing to do.

"I'm so bored," I sighed. "I want something to do right now!" I felt like I was about to die of boredom.

After stating how bored I was I could hear a knock on my door. It's probably mom... I thought to myself. I went to answer my door and to my surprise: I was right. My mom was standing there.

"Hoshi," My mom said. "Someone is here for you."

Someone's here for me? I thought to myself with amusement. No one ever comes here for me...

"Someone's here for me!" I shouted with glee. I ran down the stairs as fast as possible and ran to open the door.

In front of the door was Sazume. "S-Suzume?" I asked. I was surprised to see Sazume at the door for some reason. "What are you doing here?" I could see Starry was on her shoulder.

"I need to talk to you," She said in a serious voice. "It's about...well, you know."

I knew what she was talking about and came outside of my house right away.

After closing the door behind me I spoke up. "Suzume," I said. "This is about another Sailor Senshi, right?"

Starry spoke up. "Yes, you would be correct!" Starry showed the two of us a picture of a female student in our school. "I need you to find this girl, you two."

Suzume went pale for a second. "Shun Chouko..." Suzume said with little self confidence. "There's no way I'll be able to get close to her..."

"Yeah, Starry!" I said quickly, trying to hide how nervous I was. "Shun Chouko is the most athletic girl in school! She has sports going on all afternoon!"

Starry got irritated a bit. "I don't care if she's the most athletic girl in school! You're going to find her and bring her to me!"

"...Okay, okay, fine!" Suzume said. She seemed a bit scared. "H-Hoshi, let's go!" Suzume grabbed my arm hard and the two of us rushed over to the school.


My arm was throbbing by the time we got to the school. "Okay, let's get this over with!" Suzume ran ahead of me to look for Shun.

"Wait, Suzume!" I shouted. I ran as fast as I possibly could to get to Suzume, but by the time I caught up to her she ran off again. I sighed and went into another direction.

In the distance I could see a girl with a soccer ball in her hand. It's got to be Shun... I thought. I ran over to her as quickly as possible.

"Shun!" I shouted.

Shun glared at me angrily. She didn't seem to want to be bothered.

"What do you want?!" She said sharply. I could tell she was impatient and didn't want to talk to me.

"Um, I need you to come with me..." I said quietly. "It'll only be a second of your time, I promise!"

"No!" She shouted. "I got soccer practice in a minute and I not about to waste any time on a non-athletic person such as yourself!" Shun ran off kicking her soccer ball furiously...

What am I going to do? I thought to myself nervously. Shun is refusing to come with me!

I frantically thought of something that would work to get her to come with me.

"I know!" I said quietly. "I'll wait here for her!" I backed up over the fence and waited there.


Shun's soccer practice seemed to have gone on forever. Regardless, I waited there until I would spot her coming back.

This is taking longer than I thought... I said to myself. I was losing my self confidence. But I'm not going to give up! I'll wait here forever if I have to!

Eventually I could spot Shun coming back. I ran over to her as quickly as possible so I could get this over with.

"Shun!" I shouted. Shun glared at me again. She still seemed like she didn't want to be bothered.

"What the hell do you want now?!" She said with obvious hatred in her voice.

"...I need you to come with me..." I said quietly. I was starting to become scared of Shun a little.

"Fine!" Shun said bitterly. "It'd better be quick or I'm not coming!"

I smiled a little. "It'll be quick, I promise...!" I grabbed her by the arm and took her over to Starry as fast as I possibly could.


It took me forever to get back to Starry, but I eventually got back to her.

"Starry I brought Shun!" I shouted. Starry smiled a bit and then got serious.

"Okay, thank you Hoshi," Starry said quietly. "Now let me get straight to the point."

"That's rabbit's talking..." Shun said quietly. "This has got to be a dream."

"It's not a dream, Shun," Starry sighed. "Now let me get straight to the point..." Starry got serious again.

"Shun Chouko," Starry said. "You've been chosen to become a warrior of justice."

Shun beamed after hearing this remark. "Not surprising for someone like me!" She said self righteously. "I knew it I'd become a warrior someday! Yes!"

Starry got creeped out a little. "Uh, okay then..." Starry gave Shun an off locket. "Take this if you'd please.

"What is this?" Shun asked with amusement.

Starry got the point right away. "That's your Asteroid Locket," Starry stated. "You need it to transform."

Shun beamed again. "You mean like those magical girls, right?" She said with raising excitement. "I need to say a word to activate the locket, right?!"

Starry got creeped out by Shun's amusement again. "...Yes, indeed you do..." Starry said quietly.

"What do I need to say to transform?" Shun asked quickly. "Please tell me, please!"

I could see Starry was getting irritated again rather quickly. "You're so enthusiastic about this...fine I'll tell you what you have to say..." Starry said quickly to satisfy Shun. "Asteroid Power, Make Up!"

"Okay, I'll say it!" Shun said with obvious enthusiasm she seemed to really want to be a warrior... "Asteroid Power, Make Up!"

Shun's body began to glow it was a sign of transformation.

The transformation seemed to be a bit shorter than my transformation was, but almost everything was the same. After the transformation ended Shun was in a jet black sailor suit and had tiara with an asteroid in the middle of it.

Shun seemed to have noticed her new clothing, but wasn't too surprised. "Sweet! I'm in a sailor suit!" She said cheerfully. "But what is the meaning of this sailor suit?"

Starry answered her question. "You've become the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Asteroid and you must destroy the demon attacking in the ally."

"Okay! Got it!" Shun shouted. "I'll destroy that demon attacking in the ally for you!"

Starry was looking at Suzume and me. "I want the two of you to transform as well," Starry exclaimed.

I nodded and quickly shouted out my transformation command. "Okay! Shoot Star Power, Make Up!" I transformed into the Sailor Senshi Sailor Shooting Star.

"Guess I'll transform, too!" Suzume said quickly. "Cloud Power, Make Up!" Suzume transformed into Sailor Cloud.

"Okay you three, let's get going to the ally!" Starry said. Starry teleported us away.


We were teleported to the ally. I could spot the demon in not time at all.

"Okay, demon! We're going to banish you!" Shun shouted. The demon seemed to hear her and spoke up.

"Banish me? Ha! You wish!" The demon laughed an evil laugh. "They're is no way in hell I'll let you do that!"

The reply irritated me quickly. "Star Impact!" I shouted. The attack did some damage on the demon.

"Stupid Sailor Senshi!" The demon said in a rather loud voice. "There's no way that weak attack will ever kill me!"

I could hear someone calling my name. "Sailor Shooting Star!" I turned to look to see who it was. It was Sailor Asteroid. "Let me deal with this demon, please!" I nodded my head and let Sailor Asteroid deal with the demon.

"So you think you're all that you big shot demon?" Sailor Asteroid exclaimed. "Try this on for size! Burning Asteroid!" a fiery asteroid attacked the demon which instantly defeated it.

"How dare you...I won't forget this!" The demon faded away and ceased to exist.

Starry smiled. "You did well you three!" Starry said. Let's head back!"


We were back where we originally were.

"That was the best!" Shun said. "I'm definitely doing that again!" Shun ran away with excitement.

I was about to walk home, but Starry wouldn't let me. "Wait, Hoshi!" Starry exclaimed.

"There's something I need to give you." Starry said. Whatever it was, I was anxious to get it so I could go home.

To be continued in chapter 4!

I don't own Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation!

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