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Chapter Six

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3:16 AM the small red lights on the alarm clock read. Way too early to be awake. I groaned and rolled over, nearly jumping off the bed when I felt bare flesh beside me.

I sat up quickly and squinted in the dark, just being able to make out the faint outlines of tattoo’s littering the body beside me.


The events of the night came flooding back to me making my cock twitch in excitement and a red hue spread across my cheeks, I silently wondered if they produced a beacon of light, like Rudolph. I rid myself of the immature thought and swung my legs over the side of the bed, reluctantly leaving the warmth of the blankets. I stumbled around the room blindly, hunting for my boxers; stumbling into the odd piece of mis-placed furniture. The lamp on the bedside table flickered on, blinding me with the sudden light. Frank sat up in bed, rubbing his tired eyes, looking around sheepishly before catching sight of me in the corner; still stark naked.

“What you looking for?” he grumbled, voice thick with sleep.

“My boxers… and my other clothes…” I smiled wide at the state of Frank’s hair; velvety black tuffs sticking out in carious directions, giving the impression that he was electrocuted.

“You’re leaving?!” he was suddenly wide awake, looking at me, distraught.

“Um, yeah. Its like, 3AM, my parents are gonna be worried…” I pulled on the nearest pair of boxers, followed by my jeans, “but I’ll see you tomorrow, I have your lesson right before lunch...” I shrugged on my shirt and slipped on my shoes before crawling back up the bed to his side.

“Okay… um... gee?” I nodded, “do you… do you think last night was a mistake…?” seeing Frank so vulnerable was saddening, of course it wasn’t a mistake! Why would he think that way?

“Of course not Frankie. It was the best night I’ve ever had. I just really gotta go, bye babe,” I pressed my lips to Frank’s and sped walked out his apartment and to my car.


I slowly pushed the front door open, cautious not to wake anyone up. I locked the door behind me and began to walk down the hallway, missing the creaky floorboards.

“Where have you been?” Mikey’s lanky figure was hunched up on the second stair, clad in footsie pyjamas and his batman dressing gown. His normally perfect hair was tousled and his tired eyes hid behind his glasses, which were perched dangerously close to the end of his nose.

“Have you been up all night? Waiting for me?” I whispered, standing in front of my younger sibling.

“Yeah. I told mother you were exhausted after school and went straight to sleep; also, to not disturb you. So, Gerd. Where were you?”

“Just… out,” it wasn’t entirely a lie, but I don’t think I could just come out and say ‘oh yeah, I was just at Frank’s apartment you know, my teacher? One of your close friends? We just so happened to fuck, too’ somehow, I don’t think that would have gone down well.

Mikey simply nodded and silently ghosted up the stairs, muttering something about being an inconvenience. I crept across the hallway and down into my bedroom, collapsing on the bed with a satisfied grin plastered across my face.

Ray and I walked into the science room ten minutes before everyone else. We sat in our usual seats, talking about anything and everything until the classroom filled with students. Over the past week or so, Ray had become my best friend. Yep, that’s right. An actual friend.

“Good morning class!” Frank sauntered through the open door, a huge childish grin on his lips. He dropped his bag by the door and walked to the front of the room with a spring in his step.

“Hey… Gerard? Isn’t that your jacket…?”I looked up, to see that indeed, Frank was wearing my soldier jacket. I smiled sheepishly, admiring the way it hugged his build and nodded. "Why would he...? Oh.... OH! .... You didn't?" he asked, eyes wide. I nodded again, inspecting a thread on my jumper. I squirmed in my seat, not being able to get comfortable with the dull ache still consuming my backside.

“Settle down class, okay. So, today, we are going to be learning about sex education," he smirked at me from across the room, winking slightly. Oh the joys.

At the end of the lesson, Frank wandered around with a basket, filled to the brim with condoms. Ryan, being the player he is, took a whole handful and touched up the girl on his side.

“We should do it again sometime," the husky voice I’d grown to love whispered in my ear, dropping the blue and sliver packet in my hand.


" Gerard got laid. The teacher even walked in with his jacket on this morning," Ray said as soon as we sat down at the lunch table. Mikey and Bob froze, looking at me as if I’d grown a second head. Discreetly, I rubbed either side of my neck, making sure, that I in fact, hadn’t grown another head in the short time it took us to walk to the lunch hall.

“Is that why you came home to late last night?! You fucked Frank?!" Mikey shrieked, eyes resembling saucers.

“Mikey I really do not want to talk about this..." I murmured, flicking a stray pea across the table at him.

“Aww, why not? I wanna hear how good I was" Frank whispered in my ear, resting my jacket over my shoulders. Does this kid have a fetish of whispering in my ear? I gave him a questioning glare to which he carried on, “actually, I just came over here to ask if you wanted to go out tomorrow, for a Starbucks or something?"

"say Starbucks and he'll marry you. He's in love with that place!" Mikey snickered.

“sure, I'd love to" I blushed, hiding my lower face with my hands.

“Great! I'll pick you up in the morning... Say, eleven?"

“okay" I whispered, nibbling on a finger nail. Frank tipped my chin up with a rough finger and placed his slightly chapped lips upon mine. The kiss ended too quickly for my liking, and Frank was waltzing out the cafeteria, swaying his hips.
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