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Chapter 70

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Kats POV.

As we trailed the mall, collecting clothes and presents for Hes, Christmas music completely overwhelmed us. Neither of us could keep stupid childlike grins from our faces and slowly Gee’s arms were being wrapped with bags. We’d bought Hester what seemed like a thousand dresses and outfits and Gee had spoken to Donna this morning about redecorating the loft room as Hester’s nursery. She was more than excited by the idea and Gee and I had spent a good part of the afternoon looking for furniture for our first nursery. As we left our third star bucks of the day, our stomachs filled with gingerbread coffee and hot chocolate, Gee pulled me over to a jewellers window. “Gee, really?” he carried on and soon my eyes were opened to array of bright jewels and shiny metals. “We’re just looking, promise.” Gee answered, and now I was completely lost, my head filled with the most beautiful jewellery id ever seen. I dropped Gees hand and searched the display before stopping to stare at the most beautiful ring id ever seen. It was a small ruby stone, caged by tiny diamonds, set on a silver ring. Gee wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back to him, “Which one?” “Hmm,” I couldn’t take my eyes off it, “ None of them,” I lied, I’d already scrutinized the price tag and decided id be able to walk away easily. Gee’s eyes wandered from mine and he began to look over the display also. “Right then, you ready?” “Ready for what?” I asked in response. “For present shopping, that’s what.” And we continued on our search for Christmas gifts for the family.

Gee’s POV.

She thought I hadn’t seen her. The ring was perfect and she obviously hadn’t guessed id pulled her over here on purpose. Kats birthday fell on New Years Eve and I was determined that I wouldn’t go without giving her this one gift. We’d spoken everything over on the drive here, seeming as we didn’t get round to it the night before, due to….other circumstances, and we’d agreed that we wouldn’t become the aging couple we had before my mistake. Kat had finally agreed to give a lit more responsibility to everyone else in the family and promised me that she’d allow the others to baby sit Hes if it allowed us to spend some time together, and moving Hes into a nursery was our first attempt at moving on.

I could understand now that since she’d been back, her smiles were brighter and her laugh louder as she’d been able to act her age while with Trace. Of course he was younger and it had made her more relaxed. He wanted the same things that she did and she’d had fun while she’d been away from me, but now we were together again, I wasn’t going to allow her to get stuck in the same situation again. We’d date properly now, movies and drinks away from home and the band. I only hoped that by giving her the ring she didn’t think I was pressuring her into settling down again, it was only to be made as a promise that one day we would.

The biggest problem I faced now, however, wasn’t the idea of buying the gift or Kats reaction, it was instead the fear that gripped my body, in asking her brother for his permission.

My greatest problem was Bob.
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