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Chapter 71

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As we settled down for dinner at Rays that night, I couldn’t look Bob directly in the eye. He was glad that Kat was back with me, he’d declared how much he had hated Trace as soon as we’d stepped through the door.

Mom had taken Hes home and again she’d be sleeping with her tonight. Mom knew Kat and I needed a break, and was more than willing to comply. This meant it was just the band and Kat. Ellie and Will had departed for England this afternoon. Of course, Kat was gutted, loosing two of her best friends, but Ellie knew now that it perfectly safe to leave Kat and Hes. They were home.

Sat around the table, Kats hand resting on my knee, the empty plates stacked high on the table, I knew that this was what it was like to be truly happy and I couldn’t wait for Christmas. Mom was cooking for us all after Church on Christmas Eve and everyone would be staying at the Way house for Christmas. That was all for Mikey and Alicia. They wanted to be alone still and no-one, not even Mom could persuade them. Mikey said he’d mail everyone’s presents round, he was just to busy to deliver them himself. Somehow, it felt that when I’d gained my new family, my old one had disappeared. Mikey just wasn’t around anymore, I’d lost him and I sighed at this revelation.

“You alright Babe?” Kat looked worried but I squeezed her hand and smiled, “Mikey.” She nodded knowingly and left the table to help Jamia tidy away. As the girls left, Ray turned to me, “Everything alright now?” I took it he was referring to Kat and I smiled brilliantly, “Couldn’t be better.” He laughed and turned to talk to Frank. Bob looked at me questioningly and I looked away again quickly. I left the table and found Kat and Jamia chatting in the Kitchen. I wrapped my arms around Kat from behind and she grabbed my mouth with hers. “Oh God, put each other down, please.” Jamia joked and left the kitchen quickly.

“Mikey?” Kat asked as she span around in my arms to face me. “Mm, Its nothing.” “Gerard Way, I have known you long enough now, to know when your lying to me. I thought we promised no more lies, not even white ones.” She held my face in my hands and looked upset. I pecked her lips quickly “Sorry, Its silly.” “Obviously not or you wouldn’t be looking at me like you are now.” “I’ve lost him, he’s gone.” She squeezed my middle tightly and looked up into my eyes, she stroked my cheek gently. “He’ll never be gone, he’ll always be your brother Gee, there’s no-one who can stop that. Look at me and Bob, we had an ocean between us, but he’s still my brother.” “I just miss him, that’s all.” “I’m sorry Babe.” Bob came into the kitchen now and Kat released me to hold her Brother. “Hey Kid.” “Hey Bro.” If you saw the pair for the first time you wouldn’t realise they were related, but if you looked closer, it was easy to see their love for one another. Bob held Kat gently like she was the most precious china doll, but tightly enough that it was obvious he was determined he would never let her go. “What were you two up to then, or would I rather not know.” Bob looked away from me at this one, obviously uncomfortable. God, he was never going to allow me to marry his little sister. “Just talking Bob, don’t worry.” Kat kissed his cheek at this and he blushed a little, as only a proud older brother would.

“Kat, come show Frank the video of Hes in the tub,” Jamia turned into the kitchen taking Kats hand. Ellie may have left, but there was not a doubt in my mind that Kat would have the support she so needed.

“I’m sorry Bob, for what I did to her.” I looked away from him ashamed. “It’s okay Gee, I get it. You were both under too much stress with Hes and Simon and the Tour. At least you never really broke her heart, not like that Git. Just make her happy Gee, that’s all I ask.” I smiled weakly at him as he pulled me into a hug. “But do it again and I will break you Gerard.” Bob pulled from me and left the kitchen. I shook my head at myself.

He was never going to say yes.
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