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Chapter 72

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A very special christmas present for you all! I hope you enjoy! ;D

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[A/N] Hey everyone, message from me again! This chapters kind of long and its taken me a couple of days to get it right. I'm giving this as a little gift to you all as its that time of year ( I actually cant wait, i'm struggling not to rip open the pile of presents beneath my tree already ;D) and because of the great support that you've all given me! Please re-read if you have to, i already have and i actually enjoyed getting to know all the characters again. Please if you can, spread the word on forum's blogs e.t.c, the more readers we have the better!
Happy holidays to all!!
going to try for a big update before new year!
Love to all of you, my lovely readers,
Kat xxxxxx

The week before Christmas passed quickly. Mom and Kat spent most of the week baking, the house filled with the heavy scent of gingerbread and cinnamon. We had lain Hester in her Moses Basket as Bob, Ray and Frank helped us decorate the house. Jamia had made giant paper chains which were slung around the hallway and staircase and Bob had brought a six foot Christmas pine which now stood adorned in Moms old baubles and tinsel.

The day before Christmas Eve, I asked Bob to meet me in a coffee shop off East. He sat across from me now, a small black box between us. I’d bought it after I’d left the house this morning, having to tell Kat that she couldn’t come because it was a surprise, she’d looked totally rejected, but she’d grabbed me for a quick kiss “I love you Gerard Way,” She’d laughed and sauntered off to the kitchen to help Mom. Bob shook my hand and I was brought back into the coffee shop. “Your joking me. You cant actually be serious.” Bob hesitated and removed his hand from the casing. “Forever. I think we’re ready.” Mom had taken Hes every night this week and it had given me and Kat the chance to just talk. We’d talked about everything, Lindsay, England, Kids, Music. And last night we’d come onto the topic of my divorce.

“The Absolute Decree came through this morning.” Kat was led beside me, her head on my chest. “Really?” I nodded, wrapping a curl of Kats hair around my finger. “How do you feel? I mean, it’s a pretty big thing.” “I’m happy. She’s out of my life now and I couldn’t be happier.” She reached up and kissed me gently. “Would you ever get married?” I’d asked very quietly. “Too you?” She’d looked up into my eyes, and I tried to show as little emotion as possible. “Mm.” She’d looked away and had begun playing with the chord on my tracksuit pants. “Yes.” It was barely a whisper, but I’d heard her. “I mean, I want to get married, just not now, you know? Its like, Hessy’s too young, and I’m still not quite accustomed to America, but I want to be a wife. I want to be your wife Gee.” She wouldn’t look at me, all I wanted was for her to look up at me with those big shiny emerald eyes, but she couldn’t do it. “Look at me Kat.” She looked up at me slowly, her eyes shielded by those heavy lashes. “I want you to be my wife more than anything in the world, and one day, you will be.” We’d stopped talking and had both fallen into a deep peaceful sleep.

“She’s sixteen.” “She’s seventeen in a week, and its not a normal proposal Bob. Its whatever Kat wants it to be. She is too young, and she doesn’t want to get married just yet, but I think with what we’ve been through, we need all the promises.” He looked up at me and grunted. “I’ll never hurt her again Bob, you should know that by now.” I looked him fully in the eyes at that, for the first rime since I’d hurt her that night. “Just, don’t pressure her Gee. You’re the only person I could ever trust to look after her, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that you will.” He got up and left, allowing me the time to adjust to the fact he’d said yes. One of my best friends was letting me marry his sister. His little sister.

Kat’s POV.

We heard the door slam as Gerard came in, but he didn’t come into the kitchen as I expected. “It’s all for you my dear, don’t worry.” Donna attempted to reassure me yet again. He was being so secretive now, but I knew it had to be to do with Christmas, and this once I was going to have to let it go. Hes sat in her highchair, covered in icing sugar. We were busy decorating the gingerbread from earlier in the week and the kitchen was a mist of the sweet dust. “I’ll see you later Don,” I winked at her before kissing Hess’s head lightly. “The Baby bags in the Hall when Bob comes.”

Gee was led on the bed when I got downstairs, tears sliding down his cheeks. “Hey, Hey, babe what’s wrong? What’s happened?” He took me under his arm and I stroked his chest lightly. “Nothing, Nothing.” I raised my eyebrows at him and he sighed. “This time last year I was in a completely different place. I didn’t even know you and Hester wasn’t around. Its mad.” I smiled slightly. He was right. This time last year I was a completely different person. I wasn’t a mother, I was still a child. And now here I was, half way across the world with a child of my own and a man I was head over heels in love with. Yet, I was still confused. “So wait, why are you crying? Do you miss Lindsay?” I tried not to be hurt, but it was pretty hard not to be. “No, no, I’m happy. They’re happy tears, not sad. I love you Kat, nothing will ever change that.” I squeezed him tightly. “How do you fancy an afternoon in front of the TV, a bottle of wine and a pot of ice cream?” “I love that idea. But what about Mom and Hes?” “Dons got cards with the girls and Bobs picking up Hes for the afternoon. We have the house all to ourselves,” He grinned at me cheekily. “I can think of better things to do than watch TV.” He pulled me back onto the bed and I kissed him hungrily. “Run the Bath, I’ll be back in ten.” I ran up the stairs, grabbing the bottle of wine I’d bought at the store and the tub of ice cream from the freezer, carrying them in one hand, two glasses and spoons in the other.

I found the bedroom empty when I returned but I smelt the flowery bubble bath we’d bought last week. The door to the en suite was closed, but as I pushed it open, I was met by candle light and the sounds of coldplay, my ipod plugged into the speakers on the vanity. Candles were literally everywhere, they surrounded the speakers and lay on every other available surface. Gee sat in the bath, flicking bubbles, I passed him what I held and he poured us each wine. He watched as I undressed slowly, teasing him purposely. I climbed into the tub in front of him and he played with my hair. I pulled it all together and tied it in a bun with an elastic. He rubbed my back, his fingers grazing the still visible scars and I lent back against him laying kisses along his jaw. His mouth lingered on mine and our tongues danced. He lent down and passed me a glass of wine, I sipped at it, the dark red liquid reflecting on the tiles on the walls in the candlelight.

I placed it back on the floor and lay back against Gee as I played with his hair. He grabbed my hand and kissed my palm, but I took his hand and lay his arm on the rim of the bath. The wounds still hadn’t healed, and most mornings I’d wake to find blood stains on the sheets. “Maybe you should see a doctor about them.” I only murmured it but he heard quite clearly and sighed. “They’ll heal eventually.” I kissed at them gently and lay my head back against his shoulder.

“Why did you do it?” I looked at the side of his face, he couldn’t look at me. “I thought I’d lost you both and I couldn’t imagine having to live this hell hole without you.” I kissed his cheek and he returned the gesture by nipping at my lips. “Trace never told me.” “Told you what?” He’d stiffened slightly, “About your accident. Rays car.” “I never wanted you to know anyway, I didn’t want you to worry.” He looked down gently at me, love so obvious in his eyes. “I couldn’t live without you Gee, never.” “Mm, never.”

We stayed in the tub for a few more hours, but when Donna returned home we lay in our robes on the sofa, another bottle of wine between us, take away containers scattering the coffee table. “Nice afternoon?” She asked knowingly, we all smiled, happy in the knowledge that tomorrow it was Christmas eve.
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