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We Are The Kids From Yesterday.

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I looked around happily at my new friends, and turned to the movie, and let my worries drain away…

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Grace’s P.O.V

I looked around the room I was in. it was big and the walls were painted a bright green colour, like the grass in the meadow me and mommy used to go to. The carpet was nice and soft against my feet, and the leather sofa was nice and cool against my hot skin. I rested my cheek against the arm of the sofa and closed my eyes, knowing that I was too anxious to sleep. The big guy had said that I was safe, and I believed him, but I was scared that those…things would come for me. They were really scary, and they looked like vampires. I remember when I was a little child and my mommy made me watch a vampire movie, I think it was called ‘Twilight’ or something. It was terrible. All the vampires were complete babies that were sad because they fancied a human. The vampire looking things that had tried to attack me looked nothing like them, these ones walked like zombies and had eyes like a dead person. They scared me so much, I was glad when the big guy and the dude on roller skates rescued me.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when the big guy opened the door and stepped in. I looked up at him and he smiled at me. It was a nice smile, it reminded me of a big teddy bear. I smiled back at him as he came over to the sofa and sat down next to me.
“Hey Gracie, I would like you too meet a few people” he said. I frowned as he said that. I hate meeting new people. “Don’t worry sweetie, they are nice, and they will look after you. Come on!” he said as he hopped up of the sofa quicker than I thought he would. He held out a hand and helped me up. As we walked through the door I could here my heart pounding like a drum. I shut the door behind me and followed him into a large room. I saw a group of people looking in our direction so I quickly dove behind the big guy so they didn’t see me. It was a good think I was small, even for a ten year old I was tiny, so my head only reached his hip.
“Its okay sweetie, they are going to be your new friends, come and say hello” He looked down at me and smiled reassuringly. I peeked round to see six people looking nervous and confused, but they looked nice enough.
“O-okay” I said, realising that I sounded scared. I shook the feeling off and stepped to the side of the tall man to look at the strangers. they all looked even more confused when they saw me.
“Everybody, this is grace, it is going to be your job to protect her. I’m going to leave you guys to get to know each other. I’ll get Showpony to get you some drinks and stuff” the big man said, and quickly hurried off. I wondered who showpony was. Maybe they had a magic pony that carried around drinks, and considering those vampire monster things existed, it wasn’t that weird to think that.

After a few moments a young man turned too me and smiled. “Hey, nice to meet you Grace, I’m Party Poison, but you can call me Poison.” He said calmly. I smiled back. I looked at him carefully for a moment and realised why he looked so different, and wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before. He had bright red hair, and not like ginger red, like neon red, like a fire truck. I decided that only a brave person would dare to have this colour hair, and I liked brave people. I sat down by his chair and held out my hand for him to shake, as that is what my mom did when she met people.
“Nice to meet you too! Wow, your hair is bright!” I said enthusiastically. “I like it!” I smiled at him again. He smiled back and winked, then turned to the other people.
“Thank you, now guys, introduce yourselves!” he said. He grinned at me. “Don’t worry, they don’t bite. Well, maybe he does.” Nodding his head towards a small tattooed man. I giggled and stood up. They all did the same.
“Hi, kid, I’m Silent Ghost” a pretty woman said. She held out her hand and I quickly shook her hand, then she turned away. I saw her wipe her hand on her jeans in disgust, as if I was infectious. Luckily, I didn’t say anything.
The small tattooed man kneeled in front of me and hugged me after a second. At first I was confused as this was the man Poison said was mean, but then I hugged him back. After a little moment we released each other and he ruffled my hair. “I’m Fun Ghoul, and I DON’T bite, thank you very much Poison” he gave Poison fake evils, and then winked at me.

Next was a man who had hair similar to mine, but his afro was much darker and a little shorter. He ruffled my hair and smiled “ your hair looks familiar, where have I seen that style before?” he asked sarcastically. I giggle and smiled. He introduced himself as ‘Jet Star’, which I thought was a name that suited him well.
“Hi… I’m, uhh… Kobra Kid” said a tall, thin blonde haired guy. He looked a little bit like Poison but with natural coloured hair. He seemed awkward, but I thought it was cute. He reminded me of a person out of a boy band for some reason. He didn’t really say much after that, so I shook his hand and he walked to where Jet was standing.

Last was a small woman, who looked about twenty. She was pale skinned and had freckles on her nose. She moved into a crouch position, so I was just a little taller than her, and I looked into her eyes. They were a beautiful green colour, but they had a glimmer of loss and heartache in them. She looked straight back. After a moment of silence she held out her hand, and I took it. “Nice to meet you sweetie, I’m Velocity Storm. But call me Velocity.” She said, her voice was like what I imagined an angel would have, high and beautiful. I looked at her long white hair that had pink in it, at her thin body that was as white as snow and her pretty green eyes, and realised that she looked like something out of a fairytale. She smiled at me and I gawped. When I didn’t smile back she looked concerned. “erm… are you okay there, hunny?” she asked. I snapped back into reality and felt my cheeks redden slightly.
“y-yeah, it’s just… you look like…” i blushed even more. she smiled at me, but i could tell she was confused. i continued. “You look like a F-fairy” i hid my face in my hands, extremely embarrassed. Storm just giggled and ruffled my hair. i giggled too.

“I was thinking the exact same thing” came a voice from the door way. I turned to see a man with two boxes of pizza and a bottle off Cola in his hands. He skated in and placed them on the table. “With her freckles and that. Where is your toadstool, Storm?” he winked. Storm stuck her tongue out at him and i giggled again.
“Ignore him Gracie, you are probably more mature than him” she said said, giving him mock evils. After a moment of awkward silence he left and we all ran to the pizza. I grabbed a big slice and ran back to the sofa, to see Storm smiling with a similar size piece of pizza sitting next to me. she smiled at me and took a bite. I copied her. I loved doing this. she looked at mer and took another bite, I did the same. she slowly pulled the pizza to my lips and than pulled it away quickly. Yet again, i did the same. This carried on for five minuets until Storm turned and realised Poison was staring at us with an amused look on his face. I sat there and smiled, and Storm did the same. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“You” Laugh “guys are so” laugh “funny!” said Ghoul. he wiped away the joyful tears in his eyes. I didn’t see what was so funny but, hey. We all giggled for a moment Before Poison went to get another slice of pizza. I followed and grabbed Myself a slice, and Storm one. I smiled and winked at her as she thanked me for getting her one. We then all went into the room I was and put on a movie. We sat down on the giant sofa. i was in between Storm and Kobra, Storm was next to Jet, who was next to Poison. Ghoul sat on the floor and was leaned against storms legs, Ghost walked over and sat on a nearby armchair, which was strange as there was plenty of room either side of Poison or Ghoul. I looked around happily at my new friends, and turned to the movie, and let my worries drain away…
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