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Does it take your breath away and you feel yourself suffocating?

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A sudden sound had disturbed me from my thoughts. I turned to look at Poison in shock. He had said something that had caught my attention immediately.

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Storms P.O.V

I could tell Poison was having another bad dream. I had looked over at him and saw his brows fused together in a sharp ‘V’ shape. Once or twice he had moaned and stirred and then resumed his quiet, peaceful slumber. He had been sleeping for about an hour and we were nearly back at base, but I knew better than to wake him. I thought about what we were going to do when we got to base. I knew that we would only have a day before we were sent on another mission, so I had to use my time wisely. Maybe I would have a relaxing day, have a bath, and paint my nails, maybe even cut my hair. I wondered what Poison would do, probably sleep or read. I hope he would sleep, then he would be less cranky. He had snapped at Jet yesterday, just started shouting, all because Jet made a comment on a patch of dirt on Poison’s face. I had been shocked at his reaction, he had totally flipped out.

A sudden sound had disturbed me from my thoughts. I turned to look at Poison in shock. He had said something that had caught my attention immediately. I shook my head in disbelieve not believing what I had heard. I turned back to look at the road. “Snap out of it girl, your hearing things.” I whispered to myself. Then I heard it again, this time it was louder and clearer. I felt my hands grip the steering wheel tight.
“Abbie, I’m sorry,” Mumbled Poison. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” His face was pained. He looked on the verge of tears, and that scared me, as I have only seen Poison close to tears once. It took me a moment to get to grips with what he mumbled. I gasped as I realised what he has unconsciously said. I hadn’t heard than name in years. We all go by our code names, and we never spoke off our real names as they were no use to us. We left them behind with our old lives, and our old families. They were all dead now, dead or brainwashed into serving Better Living industries like the rest of the Draculoids. I hoped they were dead. Because then me and my new family wouldn’t have to destroy them.

I realised that I would have to wake Poison up as we were only five minuets from base. I slowed the car down and turned a sharp right around a huge dried out cactus. I drove for another couple of minutes and stopped at what looked like an abandoned warehouse, I put my hand in the pocket of my ripped black skinny jeans and pulled out a small silver object- a key, and put it in a lock I could reach out off the car window. The gate automatically opened and I pulled into the warehouse parking lot. I drove around to the back of the building and parked next to a large van. I turned off the ignition and sat for a minute, not thinking, just cherishing the silence. I turned to the four peaceful bodies in the back. I reached my hand and squeezed a knee- Ghouls. He stirred and yawned, slowly opening his eyes. He looked up at me and smiled lazily. “Morning Storm, I thought Poison was driving?” he looked quizzically at me.
“Yeah, he was, but at risk of him killing us all by passing out behind the wheel, I swapped.” I said, slight hint of laughter in my voice. He looked at me with that knowing look, yawned again, and went to go wake the others up.
“C’mon Kobra, wake up. Dude get up!” he said shaking Kobra to try wake him.
“One more minuet, mom! I don’t wanna go to school” Kobra mumbled, still half asleep. Me and Ghoul burst out laughing when Kobra opened his eyes and he looked at us wide. “What? What happened?” he asked, unaware of what he said. That made me giggle even more. After my fit of uncontrollable giggles quietened down, I had noticed that I had woken Ghost and Jet up. They looked at me like I was a maniac. We sat there for a moment in awkward silence and burst out laughing. It was the first time I had laughed properly in days, and it felt good, almost relaxing. As the other’s piled out of the car I realised Poison hadn’t woken up. I was tempted to let him sleep, as he looked so peaceful, but we had to get inside. I shook him gently, and he groaned, just as his brother had before. I shook him again, a little harder this time and his eyes slowly opened. When he saw me looking at him his eyes widened then went back to normal. He smiled at me and opened his door without speaking, he got out and shut his door lightly, and walked round to where I was still sitting, gathering all the stuff from the car. He opened my door and held out his hand to help me up. I willingly took it and ignored the small pulse of electricity that made my hand go all tingly. He pulled me up and shut the door with his foot, put his arm around my shoulders and dragged me towards our home.

When we walked into the huge warehouse we were greeted with a chorus of “hello”'s and hugs from the other killjoys. I politely hugged people back as I made my way to my room. I had abandoned Poison somewhere in the huge living room in the crowed of my new family. I opened my door and smiled. My room was just the way I left it. Black walls that was covered in hundreds of band posters. I opened my black wardrobe and grabbed a random t-shirt, a Green Day one, and a fresh pair of grey skinny jeans. I took them into my en-suite bathroom and placed them on the counter. When I looked up I saw a small, pale, long haired girl in the mirror. She was very childlike despite her being nearly twenty four. Her hair was messy and her fringe covered her left eye so much that you couldn’t see it. The eye that I could see was an ugly green colour, too bright for the girls pale complexion. When I looked closely I saw the girl had freckles on her nose. They made her look even more child like. I scowled at the girl in the mirror and turned around, discarded my clothes and stepped into the shower. As the warm water loosened my muscles, it also seemed to loosen my mind. I relaxed and listened to the water pounding on my skin. I gathered up my mop of hair and shoved some strawberry smelling shampoo on top of my head. I washed my hair and conditioned it. After I finished up in the shower and got my clothes on, i lied down on my bed, shut my eyes and started singing my favourite song.

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away and you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside, you're in ruins

One, 21 Guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 Guns
Throw up your arms into the sky
You and I ...

As I had just finished the chorus when I heard a light knock on the door. I got up and opened it, to see my fuzzy haired friend.
“Jet!” I pulled him into a hug, even though the top of my head was somewhere in the middle of his chest. “what’s up dude?” I asked curiously. He hardly ever came to my room. He stood in the doorway awkwardly, looking at the sofa in my room behind me.
“Can I come in? We need to talk…in private.” He looked around the hallway to see if anyone was there. “Oh, and by the way, your hair is dripping everywhere.” He winked at me, stepping into my room. He made his way towards the sofa quickly, and I sat next to him. He looked at me for a couple of moments. “I’m worried about you…” he said, moving his gaze to the floor. “And I’m worried about Ghost. She seems… different, she isn’t communicating with us as much.” He sighed. I had noticed this about her. I had known her since the day I became a killjoy, the day I started my new life, and I had admired her ever since. She instantly became my friend, quicker than the others. I guess it’s because we were the two girls in our close group. Sure, there were loads of other female killjoys, its just they never really attempt to talk to us. Most likely because they were intimidated by Ghost’s beauty. Or they just think we aren’t interesting enough.
“Don’t worry about me Jet, I’M fine, as for Ghost I’m not to sure. She seems… distant, even from me.” I said quietly. “Anyway, what do you think our next assignment is?” I said, trying to change the subject.
“Hmm… good question, I’m sure we will find out soon enough. So… would you like to accompany me to the living room, dear lady?” he said in a fake British accent. I giggled and linked my arm through his.
“I would love too, kind gentleman” I replied, playing along. He just smiled and winked at me as we walked towards down the hall.

When we got into the lounge I saw everyone turn to look at us, and our linked arms. I blushed and hid behind my semi damp hair. When I was aware that all eyes were off me I dragged Jet across the room, to where the others we sitting, deep in conversation.
“No, Ghoul, a unicorn is much better than a Pegasus” Kobra explained. The kid had always had some weird obsession with unicorns, according to Poison.
“I strongly disagree, a unicorn is just a horse with a horn, a Pegasus can fly. So therefore a Pegasus is way better” Ghoul replied aggressively.
“Ughh, so what if a Pegasus can fly? Unicorns are magical. They can grant wishes, unlike your stupid Pegasus.” Kobra spat back.
“Wow this is getting rather heated.” I muttered. That got me glares off Kobra and Ghoul. I shut up and listened to their strange conversation.

They carried on their argument for another hour or two, until they both agreed that they were both right. We then got into a game of Cluedo, which was intense, as Jet and Ghost were really competitive at this sort of stuff. In the end we all gave up. As we packed the game away I saw someone approaching us. I looked up and saw Showpony, one of the leaders of us killjoys. He was in his usual rollerblades and polka dot blue and white leggings. He skated over and smiled at us. He has a nice smile, like a little child. He stopped at the coffee table next to the sofa.
“Hey guys! Dr D wants to see you, can I get you guys something to eat? You must be too tired to cook?” he said. This is why I liked Showpony, he was so nice, even though he was kinda our boss. “He says go straight into the meeting room” he finished.
“Hey Showpony! Dude, you got any pizza or something we can share? I’m starving. Been living off that canned crap. It’s gross” Jet said. Out of all of us he hated the rations we had for when we were on the road.
“Sure do kiddo, Pizza coming up!” Showpony said as he rolled into the kitchen. We all stood up and stretched. After a few minuets of trying to get my feet alive again the six of us walked down the long hallway, all the way to the last door. Poison knocked and walked in, the rest of us followed. Sitting at the head of a huge table covered in a map of the zones, was Dr Death Defying, the killjoy leader and the nicest guy ever. He smiled a huge smile when he say us, and came over and gave us all hugs.
“Guys! Gals! Good to see you, how’ve you been?” he asked enthusiastically. We all nodded. “Ok that’s good. Now, I want to introduce you to your new assignment.” He winked. And walked out the room, leaving us confused.
“Introduce us to our-?” Ghoul muttered, looking confused as hell. Just then Dr D came back in, with someone behind him. I could tell whoever it was, was a child, as I could only see their hair from behind Dr D, and it only went up to his hip. He looked behind him and smiled.
“Its okay sweetie, they are going to be your new friends, come and say hello” he said in a tone that was comforting.
“O-okay” came a voice from behind him. A young girl stepped out from behind him. She must have been about ten and she had wild hair, she looked like a female mini version of Jet.
“Everybody, this is grace, it is going to be your job to protect her. I’m going to leave you guys to get to know each other. I’ll get Showpony to get you some drinks and stuff” Dr D said. He waved goodbye and promptly left.

“Hey, nice to meet you Grace, I’m Party Poison, but you can call me Poison.” Poison said. He smiled his knee melting smile, and Grace smiled back. She seemed to relax enough to sit on the floor by our chairs. She held out her little hand and shook Poisons hand calmly.
“Nice to meet you too! Wow, your hair is bright!” she said, excitement buzzing in her eyes. “I like it!” she smiled sweetly at him.
“Thank you, now guys, introduce yourselves!” he said to us. He turned back to Grace. “Don’t worry, they don’t bite. Well, maybe He does.” Nodding his head towards Ghoul. Grace giggled and stood up. We all did the same.
“Hi, kid, I’m Silent Ghost” Ghost said. She had told me before that she wasn’t good with children, as she had no younger siblings. She held out her hand and quickly shook little Grace’s hand, then turned away and walked behind us. I saw her wipe her hand on her jeans in disgust, as if Grace had some disease. Luckily, I was the only one who noticed.
Ghoul kneeled down and hugged Grace. For as long as I had known him he had always greeted people this way. For a moment grace looked confused, but then she hugged him back. After a little moment they released each other and he ruffled her hair. “I’m Fun Ghoul, and I DON’T bite, thank you very much Poison” he gave Poison fake evils, and then winked at Grace. Next was Jet who complimented Grace on her wild hair, and told her he wished his was that cool. Then was Kobra Kid, who was awkward around Grace, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Last but not least, was me. I moved into a crouch position, so I was just a little shorter than Grace, and I looked into her eyes. They were a pretty brown colour, and they had a sparkle of excitement and fear. She looked straight back. After a moment of silence I held out my hand, and she took it. “Nice to meet you sweetie, I’m Velocity Storm. But call me Velocity.” I said. When I smiled at her, she kind of stared at me. I looked at Ghoul and he just smirked. “erm… are you okay there, hunny?” I asked grace. She snapped back into reality and blushed slightly.
“y-yeah, it’s just… you look like…” she blushed even more. I smiled at her, but she could tell I was confused. She continued. “You look like a F-fairy” she hid her face in her hands, extremely embarrassed. I just giggled and ruffled her hair. She seemed to relax and giggle too.
“I was thinking the exact same thing” came a voice from the door way. I turned to see Showpony with two boxes of pizza and a bottle off Cola in his hands. He skated in and placed them on the table. “With her freckles and that. Where is your toadstool, Storm?” he winked. I stuck my tongue out at him and Grace giggled.
“Ignore him Gracie, you are probably more mature than him” I said, giving Showpony mock evils. After a moment of awkward silence Showpony left and we all ran to the pizza. I grabbed a big slice and ran back to the sofa, to find grace smiling with a similar size piece of pizza sitting next to me. I smiled at her and took a bite. She copied me. I looked at her and took another bite, she did the same. I slowly pulled the pizza to my lips and than pulled it away quickly. Yet again, Grace did the same. This carried on for five minuets until I realised Poison was staring at me with an amused look on his face. I sat there and smiled, and Grace did the same. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“You” Laugh “guys are so” laugh “funny!” said Ghoul. he wiped away the joyful tears in his eyes. I didn’t see what was so funny but, hey. We all giggled for a moment Before Poison went to get another slice of pizza. Grace followed and grabbed herself a slice, and me one. She smiles and winked at me as I thanked her for getting me one. We then all went into Dr D’s private living area (Where only we were allowed) and put on a movie. We sat down on the giant sofa. Grace was in between me and Kobra, I was next to Jet, who was next to Poison. Ghoul sat on the floor and was leaned against my legs, which I didn’t mind as he was rather small and light. Ghost walked over and sat on a nearby armchair, which was strange as there was plenty of room either side of Poison or Ghoul. I sighed and watched the movie, and all my thoughts drained away…
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