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Come on, Come all to this tragic affair...

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There was something disturbing about the way they stood. It wasn’t normal. It reminded me of the zombies you see on movies, and that freaked me out

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Poisons P.O.V

It was late December, the snow had just arrived and everyone was excited for New Year. I was on my way to the shop to pick up some last minute things. I had the radio on full blast as I drove carefully into the parking lot. As I parked my car, I couldn’t help but wait until the song I was singing to had finished. Oh, how I love Christmas songs, I thought as I got out of the car and locked up, pulling my gloves on to protect me from the cold. I hummed as I made my way into the store, and quickly grabbed a basket. As I made my way to the confectionary aisle I hummed ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ by Wizard. I loved that song, even though it was old. I made my way down the aisle and looked for the skittles, as they were my favourite thing in the world ever, apart from my family and my coffee. I grabbed four bags and chucked them in my basket, then went to go find the magazines. I really wanted this week’s kerrang! Magazine, as it had a good interview with the misfits in it. I grabbed the magazine and flicked through it, as I always did before I bought it.

All of a sudden I saw a small pale hand reach for a copy of the same magazine I was reading. I couldn’t help but stare at the hand, it looked so delicate and fragile, like it would break at the slightest touch. It was so pale, paler than anything I had seen before, and the dark purple nails made the skin look white. Then all of a sudden the hand was gone, and I snapped back into reality. I turned around to see a small girl, about the same age as me, flicking through her copy of kerrang! Intently. The first thing I noticed was her hair. It was the colour of snow, with one streak of pink through it, and if that wasn’t unique enough, it went down to her hips. She suddenly pushed her hair away and revealed her face. She was breathtaking. Her skin was a milky white colour, and had some light brown freckles lightly scattered on her face. She had a perfectly formed nose and pale full lips. She wore ripped black skinny jeans, black converse and also had on a hoodie that said ‘This is my zombie killing hoodie’ on it.

I hadn’t realised I’d been staring until I saw her look up and freeze when she saw me looking at her. She quickly shut her magazine and turned away, and walked of as fast as she could, dropping her kerrang as she did so. She didn’t stop to pick it up, she just hurried off towards the other end of the shop.

“Wait, you dropped your-” I called. I sighed, this always happened to me, I was the kind of person that if you saw walking down the street you would turn and walk the other way. There was nothing wrong with me or anything, it’s just the red hair and pale skin is different, and people hated different. I put the magazine in my basket, picked up the one the girl had dropped and put it back, and walked towards the coffee aisle.

As soon as I got there I stopped dead in my tracks. A group of four men were surrounding someone they had backed up into one of the shelves. They were just standing there, but there was something disturbing about the way they stood. It wasn’t normal. It reminded me of the zombies you see on movies, and that freaked me out. As I turned to leave I heard a commotion and looked behind me just in time to see something come flying towards me. I tried to get out of the way but it was too late, what ever it was had knocked me back into the soap display and landed on top of me. I opened my eyes to see the girl from the magazine aisle lying unconscious on top of me. What ever had thrown her must have been strong. I rolled her onto the floor gently and got up, only to be knocked over again by something. My eyes focused on a man, in a supermarket uniform, approaching me. He walked slowly and a little stiffly, and he had a trickle of blood running from a gash on his head, but that wasn’t what freaked me out. His eyes were blank. Not just dull blank, like a corpse blank. As he got closer to me I realised he was on his own, and the others must have left. I quickly moved so I was in between him and the girl, thinking it was the right thing to do. I soon realised that this man was more dangerous than I had first thought. He had a knife in one hand. It took all of my willpower not to scream for help, because I knew that would be no good. All I did was pray, pray for me to live, for the girl to live, for no one to be harmed. I remembered all the good things in life and the things I’d accomplished. Then the man lifted the knife just above me.

“I love you mom, I love you dad-” I whispered, and then a burning pain went through my gut. I had been stabbed. “holy shit” I screamed. I grabbed hold of my bleeding torso and tried to breath. There was no hope for me, but I could still save the girl. It could be my last act of kindness, and maybe I would eventually be respected for once in my life.

I pushed my self up to my feet as quietly as I could. The man was getting another knife out of his pocket and had his back to me. I grabbed bloody knife he had used to stab me with and raised it above his head. I screamed as I stabbed it into the guys neck, and we both fell to the ground. He had died instantly as I had slit his throat. I looked down at my bloody chest, the guy has missed my main organs, but I was loosing blood fast. I lay back down and waited to meet my end. I looked back at my life and saw it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. That my family didn’t deserve the crap I had given them in my teenage years, and that my friends cared about me. Just as it started to go blurry I heard a voice.

“c’mon, you can do this, come back!” the voice shouted. It was the voice of a girl, a frightened girl. “Shit. Come back, please!” the girl cried. I opened my eyes to see the girl crying above me, I looked down to see she was holding my hand, willing me to live. She was covered in blood. MY blood. I looked her in the eyes. She had such beautiful eyes, the colour of moss, with thick dark lashes. I heard a noise and saw a group of doctors come towards us. I looked back at her and tried to smile, to show that everything would be alright. And then it went black.

I opened my eyes several days later to the bright lights of a hospital. I looked around and spotted a nurse. I tried to call her over but my voice never came out, I swallowed and tried again. Still nothing. I shut my eyes and sighed, and felt a searing pain go through my ribs. I opened my eyes as quickly as I could, and heard my heart rate go up in the monitor. The nurse I had been trying to call over and took my hand.

“shh, its okay sweetie, its okay” she said, trying to sooth me. “I’m glad you’re awake now, I’ll call the doctor. I’m sure you could do with some water right sweetie?” She waited for an answer. I painfully nodded my head and she walked off to go get me a glass. As I looked around the room I tried to make sense of it all. I was sure I had imagined everything that had happened. The stunning girl, the guy. The stabbing, Death. I looked down at my chest and sure enough, there was a neat dressing over the source of my pain. I closed my eyes and waited for what seemed like an eternity for the nurse to come back with water and the doctor. The nurse sat me up in my bed and gave me the water. I gulped it down as fast as I could, grateful for the cool liquid rushing down my throat. Then the doctor took of my bandage to make sure everything was normal. I couldn’t help but stare at the line of stitches running across the right side of my chest. They were so neat, and it looked like something you would see on CSI.

As the doctor left he switched the TV on for me to watch. That kept me busy for the grand total of five minuets. I clicked the button the nurse had given me to call her in.
“Is everything okay sweetie?” she asked. I shook my head and tried to speak.
“Water” I managed to whisper, “and…is, uh…have i…had…any…visitors?” my speech was getting better. She smiled at me.
“I will go check now honey, and good for you, you’re making excellent progress” she winked and left to go check the visitor sheet. I adjusted my pillows and kicked off my blanket. It was boiling in this hospital. I closed my eyes for about the hundredth time today and waited. As I was about to sleep I felt a cold hand on my forehead, not to cold, but cold enough. I opened my eyes to see my younger brother looking down at me. I smiled at him and wrapped my hand around his shoulder in an attempt of a hug. He bent lower so I could hug him better. When I released him he stood there in silence. I looked up at him and smiled.
“Well, sit down then dumbass, or are you gunna leave?” I joked. He looked at me and nodded slightly. He grabbed a chair and pulled it close to the bed. “So, how are things kid?” I asked. I hadn’t seen him in five months, and he looks like he has changed a lot.
“Okay I guess, but… there have been more attacks” he was cautious, trying not to upset me. My brother worked in the police station. He mainly did office work, but he still helped with big cases. “A lot of people have, uh…disappeared.” He finished.
“Wow, so what? I’m not the only one? That’s a scary thought.” I said. I thought of what it was like. To just disappear. Then I saw his eyes. The man who stabbed me. They were everywhere, I looked out of the open door towards a group of bystanders. They all had the same eyes. They came in one by one and stood there, watching. My brother turned and saw them. His eyes widened.
“Who are you? Get out!” he screamed. He looked at me and saw me shaking violently. He looked back at them again and saw their eyes. He then looked out of the window towards the rest of the hospital. “shit. SHIT!” he cried. “We need to get out. Now!” he helped me get up and start to walk. But the people started coming towards us.

As one of them -a woman- reached for me, she fell down. I looked towards where the gunshot had sounded, to see a huge man holding a raygun. This man looked like a hippie, with a bandana on his head and his big sunglasses. He smiled at me and continued shooting the possessed people down. After he had shot them all from around him he grabbed me and my brother and dragged us towards the exit.

Before we got to the door I heard a scream, and I saw a flash of white and pink hair. Then I knew. I grabbed the hippie’s gun from its holder and ran towards the commotion. The girl from the shop, the one who I had saved, was fighting off two of these possessed things. I quickly shot one in the head and the other in the neck. The both fell. She whipped her head around to see me holding a smoking gun, grinning like a madman, wearing a hospital gown. When I had shot those THINGS it felt right, it was exciting.

She stood there looking at me for a moment and then i walked up to her, grabbed her hand, and ran towards my brother and the hippie guy. I crashed into my brother and followed them down the stairs towards the car park, girl in tow. We made it to the car park thanks to this guys skills with his gun, and then a huge van pulled up in front of us. By know we had some more people with us, a girl with black and blue hair and a small guy who was covered in tattoos. Then about five others came around the corner and jumped into the van, telling us to do the same. So we did. I dived in pulling my brother and the girl with me. The last person to get in was the huge hippie guy. He slammed the door and sat down as the driver pulled out of the parking lot.

He looked at us all and smiled. He had a nice smile, one that went with the whole hippie thing. He turned to the five people with rayguns and winked. We had nearly all died and he is WINKING?!? What kind of a mad man is he?
“If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?” my brother asked. He looked scared as hell. I was so glad he was okay. “. The mad hippie took his glasses of and put them on his head, over his bandana.
“Well, I’m Dr Death Defying. But you can call me ‘DR. D’okay? And you are?” he stuck out his hand for us all to shake.
“I’m uh…Mikey” my brother said as he took DR. D’s massive hand.
“And you?” he asked me.
“Gerard, I’m Mikey’s brother” I shook his hand.
“And how about you little miss?” he asked the girl, who I realised was still holding my hand. She was shaking and looked on the edge of tears. She looked so fragile, so innocent.
“I’m Abbie” she took the tanned hand of DR. D and shook it nervously. He gave her a warm smile and let go of her hand. He looked at our intertwined hands and the smile got bigger. She looked to what he was smiling at and quickly let go of my hand, too my disappointment. DR.D chuckled and turned to the short guy.
“I’m Frank, nice to meet you” he reached over my shoulder to shake DR. D’s hand. He sure had a lot of confidence for his height. It was the first time I had looked at frank properly, and I hadn’t noticed the extent of the tattoos he had. He must have had over fifty.
“And you frank, nice tattoos by the way.” DR. D murmured. He turned to the pretty girl with black and blue hair. She was smiling. Like proper smiling. She let out a fruity laugh. She had a gleam in her eye. She was laughing at the danger, like it was one of the best things in the world. She stuck out her hand for DR. D to grasp. He looked at her hand and reached forward.
“I’m Stella, like the drink” she was so confident. I might have found her attractive if I hadn’t been sitting next to abbie. I looked at abbie out of the corner of my eye. She had calmed down a lot and was staring at Stella with what seemed like envy.
“Hi Stella” DR D smiled, like he always did, “like the drink” he winked.
She let out the girly laugh again. I heard Mikey take in a deep breath, he was enjoying this.

We had been in the van for what seemed like hours. I had found out that one of the people with the guns was named ray, and he was in his late teens and he had only met DR. D a week or so ago after his parents were killed by the zombie people. He had called them ‘dracs’, what ever they were. We were in the middle of talking about our favourite computer games when the van stopped. The other guys got out before us and then Dr D jumped out and motioned for us to do the same. After our eyes adjusted to the bright sun we saw a huge warehouse type building. It was out in the middle of the dessert with nothing around but a dirt track and sand. DR. D smiled at us, walked into the warehouse and said only one thing.

“Welcome home.”
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