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Young And Loaded

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A KillJoy fic with quite a few twists

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Well here it is the first chapter of young and loaded
Sorry if there any typos or mistakes and I said it would be tomorrow but I had a family issue, luckily this took my mind of it so thanks

Young And Loaded
I’d been walking for hours now knowing that the radiation would take its toll soon.
I could hear the roar of an car engine the distance my forehead and hand were sweating like crazy and I was over heating quickly, I....I.....I...............
Then it all went black and I hit the floor with a thud.
I could hear muffled voices above me and a stick like thing poking me in the stomach, I flinched at least I knew I was alive. I heard someone scream, then a male voce said something and laughed. He picked me up and carried me somewhere. I then realised we were in a car. As we drove I could hear the quiet engine of a motorbike but someone just kept poking me, from what I could hear their name was Blood. But I was really tiered so just gave into my heavy eyelids; I never knew passing out would be so tiring.
Third Person POV:
“Someone’s coming” Poison yelled “Get down” They all ducked and put their masks on with guns in hand. The car skidded to a halt and right behind it was a bright red motorbike which to stop did a 180 degree turn. The girl on the back squealed in delight. Although they all could clearly see these wear killjoy vehicles, they never knew what korse would do for the bodies.
“Blood leave her the fuck alone I think we may have found a place to stay”
Blood got out the car and left the passed out girl there. Toxic and Rose got off the bike and walked to the diner. As for Blood she waltzed in the diner like she owned the place thinking there was none there. She got knocked to the ground by Kobra and let out a large yelp which of course made toxic run in pointing his gun to Kobra’s head. As he did that Poison, Jet and Ghoul pointed their guns and toxic
“STOP! “ Rose yelled making her presents know.
“I WILL PULL THIS TRIGGER MOTHERFUCKER” Toxic shouts making blood jump hoping no one noticed she looked up at Kobra who was looking at her she panicked; he just looked back at toxic.
“Don’t you fucking dare” Poison shouts jumping toxic knocking toxic gun out of his hand. “Who the fuck are you?”
“” Toxic stumbles on his words “Uh I am Toxic Faith, this is Toxic Rose “ he says pointing to Toxic Rose who is standing there stunted “And this is Blood Bunny” Blood looks at Poison with a you come near me you die look. Poison slowly gets off Toxic bit still has his gun in hand not really trusting him
“Poison get your ass in here” Blood yells out the door
“Oh so there’s more of you now” Poison says sarcastically. They heard a slam of a car door and the clunk of doc martins hitting desert floor.
“And this is poison Revolver” Toxic said as Revolver went to shake poisons hand he hesitated
“I’m not gunna bite” She said making Blood Bunny burst into fits of laughter and Kobra realise he was still on top of her, which made Blood laugh even louder and Kobra go bright red. Poison then thought he had to shake her hand so held it out
“I’m not gunna shake it now” Revolver said with a serious look and pouted her lip. Poison raised an eyebrow as if to say what the fuck. “I’m just kiddin” She took his hand and shook it firmly.
Ghouls POV
As she walked through the door my heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful with her Bright red hair and her black fringe with a tint of white and her perfect figure. She just looked perfect.
Wait Poisons flirting with her they were laughing
“Your hairs like mine” Her voice was so soft and gentle
“It took me ages to find die for this” Poison as his usual flirty self. Sometimes I could just kill him
She turned to look at me and smiled I nearly melted. Stupid Poison

Well that’s the first chapter, Sorry it's quite short starting it off is always hard
I know it is very vague but it’s meant to be like that
Thanks for reading, R&R and that
Radiation Bullets
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