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But it started with an alright scene.

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“Hey guys who’s that in your car?” Jet asked pointing to a girl sitting in Revolvers car
“Shit I forgot about her” Toxic ran out to her, He opened the car door and gestured her to come forward but she shook her head. So he went in and got her. Toxic carried her inside and laid her down on the couch, she sat up and put her knee’s to her chest. Blood Bunny went and kneeled beside her.
“Are you ok?” The girl just nods at Blood “You don’t look it, do you want a drink?” She shakes her head and turns to toxic faith who looks worried. Kobra goes and get her a drink. “She said she didn’t want one!” Blood says angrily, Was he not listening. “I..i..i knows sh...she wants one, i..i..i used to like, she ju...just did.....did..didn’t want us” He stutters uncontrollably.
“Can I speak to you for mi I mean Kobra?” Poison pulls Kobra into his room which is plastered with posters they find at the black market. “You’re stuttering, why?”
“I don’t know, But when Blood shouted at me it reminded me of dad” Kobra could feel the tears trying to escape. He sat on his bed face in his hands to hide that he was going to cry. He had be strong for his big brother.
Poison sat beside him and put Kobra’s head to his chest and he cradled him “He’s not going to get you don’t worry, I won’t let him”
“But he’s got all the power he could kill us now us if he wanted” Kobra looking into his brothers eyes for comfort. He may have been older but he loved his big brother with his whole heart.
“He won’t cause he wants us to worry and if he could kill us now why hasn’t he yet” Poison said trying to calm his brother down
Poison started singing a song him and his brother had written when they were younger
Well I was there on the day
They sold the cause for the queen,
And when the lights all went out
We watched our lives on the screen.
I hate the ending myself,
But it started with an alright scene.
It was the roar of the crowd
That gave me heartache to sing.
It was a lie when they smiled
And said, "you won't feel a thing"
And as we ran from the cops
We laughed so hard it would sting
If I'm so wrong (so wrong, so wrong)
How can you listen all night long? (night long, night long)
Now will it matter after I'm gone?
Because you never learn a goddamned thing.
You're just a sad song with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay
And if you think that I'm wrong,
This never meant nothing to ya
“Gerard, I feel like I’m six again” He said with a smile on his face. Poison or Gerard loved that smile so much
They were disturbed by a knock at the door. Poison sat his brother and wiped his tears away from Kobra’s face. He opened the door. “His he ok?” Blood asked She could clearly see he had been crying.
“Yes he’s fine” Poison put a fake smile on and turned to his brother who then did the same. Blood walk away and Kobra let out a sigh.
“Come on!” Kobra said jumping up and pulling his brother away
“You ok?” Blood says to Kobra putting a hand on his shoulder
“I’m fine Gerard wanted to talk to me in private, He remembered something he tell me” Kobra said
“Who’s Gerard, Oh your Gerard” Blood laughs and points at Poison
“Thanks Michael” Poison says while punching his brothers arm playfully of course. He turns to look at Blood to find her still laughing. “What is so funny about my name?”
“You don’t like a Gerard at all you look more like well a Party Poison really” Blood says while holding laughter back
“You won’t believe his middle name then” Kobra says looking smugly at his brother
“Michael James Way I swear to god if you even mention my middle name I will get my ray gun and stick it where the sun don’t shine” Poison looks at his brother with a I will kill you look
“Gerard Arthur Way what have I told you about being mean to me” Kobra says looking quite pleased with himself.
“ARTHUR! Really it sounds like you need glasses!” She says gripping her stomach from laughing to much
“I just though” Poison turns to the girl sitting on the couch trying his best to change the subject,
“Who the fuck are you?”
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