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Maybe A Massive Crush

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Squishes,Surrender And Sorry

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*Sorry this ones a bit short and thank you to everyone who reviewed i would say your names but my computer is fucked up and won't let me see them :P*
“Uhhh.....Uhhhhh” She stutters and didn’t know what to say “Cyanide Sunshine” She says in a very quiet voice
“Pardon I didn’t catch that” Poison say trying not to sound rude
“She said Cyanide Sunshine, stupid” Kobra says giving Poison the death look.
“Why was she left in your car?” Jet asked Toxic
“We found her unconscious in the desert and we needed to find place to stay and this place look deserted so we came here only to ambushed by a loaded guns and shouting!” Toxic says quite a matter of factlly
“I only asked how she got here, No need to bite my head off” Jet said getting annoyed of Toxic attitude.
“Don’t mind if I do” Toxic says while trying to bite Jets head of with the vampire like things he call teeth.
“What the fuck dude” Jet star pushes Toxic off. Rose grabs him
“Sorry He has a strange sense of humour’ I have had tests done but they don’t know what’s wrong with him” Rose laughs at herself and Toxic Frown and pouts his bottom lip.
“You need to keep your boyfriend on a leash” Jet says. Revolver looks up from talking to Blood and Poison. Oh shit she thinks to herself. Blood nudges her and she turns round and Blood has a massive grin on her face because she knows what is going to happen.
“NO!!, Toxic isn’t my boyfriend, God no” Rose says turning pink. Whereas Toxic has gone completely red.
“Fuck no, she just said I had metal problems and you think she is my girlfriend, what the fuck!” Toxic says still going even redder trying to say all this mean stuff about her.
You see as you may have already guessed Toxic faith has a teeny crush on Toxic Rose, Ok maybe a Massive Crush. He even had a necklace with the first letter of her name on it but he wears it tucked in so you can’t see it. He has grown up with her and he has had these feelings for a few years now. He even let her decided on how his hair would be. He just thinks she doesn’t like him and he’s stuck in the friend zone.
“Fuck sorry you just act like that with each other” Jet says with his hands in the surrender position. Blood gets up and puts her hand on Jets shoulder and squishes it hard. He finally gets the message and shuts up.

*Hope you enjoyed it R&R if you want*
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