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Chapter One

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MCR and BVB are on tour together...and guess who has a crush! (and yes, yes I do suck at summaries)

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“Hey.” Andy jumped about ten feet in the air (not much of a stretch considering his height) and turned around to see a laughing Gerard.
“And the gazelle gracefully leaps,” he said, still cracking up, laughing a little harder than necessary, if you asked Andy.
Andy pulled on my best puppy dog face and whined, “Well, its not MY fault I’m on tour with a ninja.” It was true it wasn’t his fault that Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance both ended up on Warped Tour, but he honestly shouldn’t be complaining. He would never admit it, but he had a wee bit of a crush on Gerard. OK,OK. Wee bit is an underexaggeration, but whatever. The point is Andy liked Gee. And said man was still laughing.
Andy sighed, and went back to pouring his coffee. Gerard, of course, noticed the liquid he regarded as if it was from the gods and could smell from a mile away. “Heeeyy, Aaandyyy,” he said in a sing-song voice, “Think I could have some of that?”
Andy smiled a bit at Gerard’s pleading, and shook his head. “Sorry. No coffee for the evil ninja. Make it yourself.” Now it was Gerard’s turn to pout, which he did quite convincingly.
“Pleeeaaseee?” he whined, “Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?” And so, being the man of steel Andy was, he gave in immediately.
“Fine,” he said, picking up another mug and pouring Gee a cup of his own.
“THANK YOU!!!” he screamed, and ran away cackling madly. Andy couldn’t help but grin at how happy Gerard seemed. God, he was cute...
God, Andy is cute, Gerard thought, sitting in a chair, sipping his coffee. And he is sweet and funny and an amazing singer and writer and I am rambling like a lovesick teenage girl. Which, by this point, he might as well have been. He didn’t know when or how he started crushing on Andy, but it didn’t really matter. It’s not like Andy could ever feel the same way about him...
“Sooooooo...” said Gerard’s brother, Mikey, in the voice that he always used when he knew something he shouldn’t, “I hear you like Andy.”
Gerard looked at him in surprise, and replied, “Is it really that obvious?”
Mikey rolled his eyes and said, “You were practically drooling on him earlier. I hadn’t seen you look at anything like that since your first sip of coffee.”
Gerard blushed deeply and asked, “Do you think he knows?”
“Well, I’m gonna bet not,” Mikey said, “but I wouldn’t too much money on it. I’d also say that he might just feel the same way.”
Gerard’s jaw dropped open in disbelief, but he somehow managed to say, “You’re crazy Mikes. There is no way he’s gay, and even less of a chance he likes ME.”
Mikey sighed in exasperation and said, “Fine. Don’t believe me. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” “Well, you are,” Gee said, a bit indignantly, and then got up and stalked away to his bunk.
He lay there thinking for a while. What if he does like me, he thought. Oh, don’t be silly. How could someone that perfect ever like you? He argued back at himself. Yeah he could never like ME...
Andy was standing outside the tour bus smoking a cigarette when Ashley came out, already in full makeup for the show later. Andy groaned inwardly when I thought of still having to get ready. He loved performing and all, he was just feeling lazy. He flicked his cancer stick onto the dirt and ground it out with his foot, then walked over to Ashley.
“Hey dude,” Ash said, “There’s something that I gotta ask you.”
“Sure,” Andy said, knowing deep down he would regret this when he heard the actual question, “What is it?”
“Well,” Ash began, hesitantly, “Are you, like, y’know, gay?”
Andy’s eyes widened at the question and all he could do was stutter out, “W-w-what?”
“Well, I’ve been seeing the way you’ve been looking at Gerard,” Ashley said, “I think everybody in the band has their suspicions.”
“Well,” Andy said belligerently, “For your information I am not gay. I am bi. But I shall never admit to feeling affection towards the man you call Gerard.”
Ashley grinned and said, “So you do like him. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.” And with that, he sauntered back onto the tour bus.
“Hey, Ash,” Mikey called over to the other bassist. Ashley walked over, grinning hugely, though Mikey had no idea why.
“What is it Mikes?” he asked.
“My brother has a crush on Andy,” Mikey blurted out, unsure of why he was telling Ashley.
Ashley’s smile grew even larger, if that was even possible, and he said, “Oh my God, that is AWESOME! I made a promise to Andy not to tell but...”
“Wait,” Mikey said, “Andy DEFINITELY likes Gerard?”
“Yeah,” said Ashley, “And I didn’t even have to break my promise!”
Mikey grinned at Ashley and said in his best troublemaker voice, “You know what we have to do, right?”
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