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Chapter Two

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A tell-tale game of truth or dare...

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“OK,” said Ashley, “Operation Get-The-Two-Lovesick-Idiots-Who-Are-To-Stupid-To-See-
The-Obvious-Together is now underway.”
Mikey sighed at the name and said, “I still think Operation Demolition Lovers was a better name.”
“Of course you do,” Ashley said, “It’s your song. But anyway, back to the plan. How exactly are we going to do this?”
“Just tell Andy to come over to our bus after we both finish our sets for a party,” Mikey said, “You should know what to do from there.” A sly smile came over Ashley’s face, and he said, “How could I forget?”
It had already been a long day, and now Andy was being dragged off to a party. The only reason he had agreed to go was (of course) Gerard would be there. He knew he would hardly ever see Gehe after the tour ended, so I was making the most of the time he had left. Anyway, Ashley was looking a little smug as we walked over to the My Chem tour bus, and Andy could only wonder why. It kind of worried him though.
“So,” said Ashley, still wearing that annoyingly smug smirk, “Excited for the party?”
“Not really,” Andy sighed, “That show really wore me out. But I can’t turn down a good party.”
Ashley’s smirk grew and he said, “C’mon Andy. We both know you just want to see Gee.” Andy blushed, which he hardly ever did, and remained silent. Ash chuckled to himself, shook his head, and walked on ahead of Andy.
When they arrived at the party, most of the pizza had already been consumed, much to their disappointment. There were, however, Skittles galore thanks to Frank’s obsession. Prying them away from the guitarist was a whole ‘nother story though. After about a half-hour Mikey declared, “OK, everyone. It’s time for Truth or Dare.” Andy rolled his eyes at the thought of that game, but once Mikey decides he wants something, he usually gets it.
They all sat in a circle and Mikey said, “OK, I’ll go first.” He surveyed everyone, and his eyes finally rested on Gerard. A smirk similar to Ashley’s settled on his face, and he said, “Gee. Truth or dare?” Gerard looked nervous, and deliberated for a minute.
“Truth,” he finally said.
“Have you ever had a crush on someone you were touring with?” Mikey asked.
Gerard looked at the floor, blushing, and said softly, “Yes.” Andy couldn’t help but wonder who it was, and decided to ask on his turn, knowing he’d chicken out when it actually came time. It was Ray’s turn next, and he dared CC to go outside and sing “Friday” at the top of his lungs. CC, who never backed out of a dare, gladly did it. He probably woke up every band near us.
Next it was Ash’s turn. He looked at Andy, smiled, and asked the fateful question, “Truth or dare?” Andy thought for a second, and said, “Dare.”
Ashley got a mischievous light in his eyes and said, “Kiss someone in this room. Whoever you want.”
Andy knew immediately why Ashley had looked so smug earlier. This had probably been all a setup from the beginning. Oh well, too late to back off now/, he thought, /And this may have be my only chance to kiss Gerard. He pretended to deliberate for a minute, then went over to Gerard. Andy asked him, “You OK with this?” With a strangely excited look on his face, he nodded. So Andy leaned in a placed his lips on Gerard’s. And to his surprise, Gerard kissed back...
The kiss Gerard had been waiting all tour for seemed to last forever. It wasn’t passionate, and there was no battle for dominance. It was slow and sweet, but that just made it all the more special. Gerard could taste coffee and smoke on Andy’s lips, and it was just about the best damn thing he had ever tasted.
When they finally broke apart, all too soon, they glanced around at the people in the circle. Ray was the only one who looked genuinely surprised, while Mikey and Ashley looked proud of themselves, the rest of the members of Black Veil Brides had looks on their faces that clearly stated, “it’s about time”, and Frank, for some reason, looked absolutely livid. He quickly regained his composure, though, and put on a strained looking smile.
Only after observing all of this did Gerard look at Andy. Andy looked like he was floating on a cloud until he saw Gerard looking at him. He blushed furiously and started to get up to walk away. Gee somehow found the courage in himself to reach out and grab his arm. Andy’s head whipped around and he looked at Gerard in shock. Gerard smiled a little and gestured to the back of the bus, away from everybody else. They had a lot to talk about...
Andy was nervous as hell as he followed Gerard over to his bunk. Andy was afraid Gee would yell at him for being a disgusting, little faggot and how he never wanted to see Andy again. But all Andy could do was pray that God existed and that He would cut him a break this one time. He was ripped out of his thoughts by Gerard’s voice saying, “So Andy, either you’re a very good actor or my brother was right that you like me. Would you mind telling me which it is?” Andy looked down at my feet and mumbled, “The last one.”
Gee’s entire face lit up in the largest smile Andy had ever seen. Seeing that expression was the assurance Andy needed to know he was not, in fact, going to be shunned by Gerard like he had been by so many others.
He looked at Gee and said, with a slight bit more confidence, “I’m going to go by your expression and suppose you feel the same way?”
“Aw hell yeah!” Gerard practically shouted, and then it was Andy’s turn to grin.
“One more question then,” he said, “Will you be my boyfriend?”
Gerard’s smile stretched even larger than I thought humanly possible, and he said, “May I repeat: AW HELL YEAH!”
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