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Chapter Three

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A new love and a new hatred...

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Andy and Gerard fled the party for the abandoned Black Veil Brides bus. Along the way, Gerard thought of what could happen in that dark, empty bus. But that wasn’t what he had in mind. He just wanted to talk. He wanted to talk, and listen to music, and cuddle. Basically, he wanted to do everything he had never been able to do in any of his other relationships he had ever had. Those had been all about sex, getting stoned, and drinking until he couldn’t feel anymore. There had never been any love in them. But that would all change with Andy, the man he was now allowed to call his boyfriend. His heart swelled just thinking about it. He was in love.
Andy looked at Gerard as they ran towards his bus, and Gerard’s expression perfectly reflected Andy’s mood at that moment: pure bliss. Andy could not even begin to describe the love he felt for Gerard in that moment. It was indescribable and utterly perfect. He could feel a sureness in his heart that, no matter what, they would never be broken.
Gerard and Andy got on the bus and walked over to Andy’s bunk. Andy lay down and Gerard snuggled close to him. Their bodies fit together perfectly, like two pieces in a puzzle. Andy reached over and started stroking the elder’s soft, long, raven colored hair. Gerard sighed in content and said, “So, what’cha want to do?”
Andy responded, saying, “I’m good with this. Wanna listen to some music?”
Gee smiled and said, “Sure, that sounds great. You choose.” Andy reached over to his shelf and pulled out his iPod. He flicked through my artist list, and eventually settled on Green Day. “Time of Your Life” came on, and as Gee nuzzled into his chest, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.
Frank hated Andy Sixx...
I had been in love with Gerard for years!/, he thought violently, /How could that bastard come along and steal Gee out from under me after knowing for a few goddamn MONTHS?!? It was partly his fault, though, since he never had the courage to speak up and tell Gerard how he felt, and now Gee was gone. But I was going to soon, I swear! And then he would have been mine, if not for that son of a BITCH Andy! Frank’s heart was shattering, and it was all Andy’s fault...
When Gerard woke up, he looked over at the man next to him, and smiled for the hundredth time in the last 24 hours. Gerard still couldn’t believe how much things had changed in that time alone. He started to feel hungry, so he shrugged Andy’s arm off and got up. Andy grunted a little and opened his eyes blearily.
“Hey, baby,” Gerard murmured, “I’m gonna go over to my bus and have breakfast. I’ll be back in a little while.” He made an unintelligible sound, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Gerard giggled at his sheer adorableness, and left the bus.
As Gee walked over to his own bus, he thought about the time time when he would have been drunk and/or high by this time. His last boyfriend, Rick, would pour him shots of straight vodka first thing in the morning, simply so Gerard would be in the mood for sex, the thing HE was addicted to. If that didn’t work, he brought out the Xanax and coke. It really was a miracle Gerard didn’t die of alcohol poisoning or something. Well, no use regretting the past, Gerard thought, That time of my life is over.
Gerard got on his bus, and the first thing he saw was a passed out Frank laying on the couch, beer in hand. Gee became alarmed, seeing as how Frank barely touched alcohol, let alone get drunk enough to pass out. He walked over to the sleeping figure and shook him roughly. Frank woke up with a startled look, and blinked at the sudden light. “My head, “ he groaned, then looked over at Gerard. His eyes lit up with fury for a second, before he put on a mask of indifference. “Oh, hey Gee,” he muttered.
“Frank,” Gerard said, “What happened last night?”
Frank replied bitterly, “Nothing you need to know, or want to know for that matter.”
Gee began to feel concerned, and sat down next to Frank. “Well, obviously something happened,” he said, “And as your best friend, I would like to know what.”
“Its nice to want things,” Frank said under his breath.
“Fine,” Gerard said, throwing his hands above his head, “I give up. If you want talk, though, you know where to find me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need my coffee.”
Frank watched Gerard walk over to the little kitchen, and felt nothing but a strange mixture of love and bitterness in his heart. He regretted being so mean to Gee earlier. After all, it was not Gerard’s fault Frank was head over heels in love with him and to much of a pansy to say anything. But knowing it wasn’t his fault wouldn’t change the feelings Frank was having towards him at the time. Rage was boiling with love and need, and he had never felt more confused. he needed to talk to someone. Maybe Mikey would be able to help...
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