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Chapter Four

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"He honestly didn’t think he could last much longer..."

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Frank was questioning his decision to talk to Mikey. Mikey would obviously back up his brother, his best friend. But Frank had to tell someone, or he would probably explode, and Ray was a gossip queen. So to Mikey he went.
"Hey, Mikes,” Frank said, approaching the blond bassist, “I’ve got something I have to talk about. Got a minute?”
“Sure,” said Mikey, “What is it Frankie? You look upset.”
Wow, I do? Frank thought, I must not be as good an actor as I thought. “You have to promise me not to judge, no matter what,” he said, a bit nervously.
A puzzled look appeared on Mikey’s face, and he said, “I promise. Now what is it, before I explode from apprehension?” Frank took a deep, not-so-calming breath, and blurted out,“I’minlovewithyourbrotherandhe’sgoingoutwithAndyandIdon’tknowwhattodobecauseIwanttoseehimhappybutIdon’twanttolethimgo,”as quickly as he could.
Mikey looked even more bewildered now, and said, questioningly, “Ummmm....what?”
Frank didn’t feel like repeating himself, so he simply said, “I am in love with Gerard.” Now instead of puzzlement, shock resided in Mikey’s features. But that quickly passed, and was replaced by concern.
“Why didn’t you ever say anything before?” asked Mikey.
“I was always to scared of rejection,” Frank said quietly, feeling tears coming on, “And now it’s far too late.” He felt a single tear run down my cheek, which Mikey wiped away.
“C’mon, Frankie, don’t be so sad,” Mikey said, sympathy lacing his voice, “This is going to sound very cheesy, but there are other fish in the sea.”
Frank shook his head violently, and said, “I don’t care how many fish there are. They’re just not the same as Gee.”
“I know,” sighed Mikey, “But I’m trying to cheer you up.”
“What should I do?” Frank nearly wailed.
“I don’t know man,” Mikey said, then a serious look came over his face. “Look, you’re one of my best friends,” he said, “But my brother means the world to me. Just know that if you do ANYTHING to hurt him, we won’t be friends for much longer. I don’t know what you might do to get he and Andy to break up, but if you love Gerard, you’ll let him be happy.”
Frank’s eyes were swimming again, because everything Mikey spoke was true. Gerard WAS perfectly happy, and that was what mattered most. But how much longer can I live in this misery? Frank wondered. He honestly didn’t think he could last much longer...
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