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Chapter Five

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"Gerard was worrying his head off..."

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Gerard couldn't stop worrying about Frank. He just didn't seem the same anymore. Gee didn't know what it was about him, but something had changed in him. He just didn't have that fire in his eyes anymore. It scared Gerard, and hr needed to do something about it. Unfortunately, Frank wouldn't let Gerard come anywhere near him. If Gerard tried, Frank would just go running off to who-knows-where. This was Gerard’s best friend! Why wouldn't Frank talk to him? Gerard had to confront him…

But even as he was worrying my head off, Gerard was also happier than he had been in years. Andy and him just clicked so perfectly, it was uncanny. Gerard was beginning to wonder if Andy was actually an angel, sent to heal Gerard from all his abusive relationships and to protect him from the dangers of the world. If he was, than Andy should get the employee of the year award. Gerard never felt safer than when he was in Andy’s arms, and he didn't feel like anyone understood him more, save maybe for Mikey. There was no pressure in the relationship to do anything they didn’t want to do. Quite frankly, they hadn’t done much but kiss. And Gerard was perfectly happy with that, for now. There was only one jarring note in the perfect song that was now his life, and that was Frankie.
“Hey, Gee-Gee,” Gerard heard a voice call. He smiled to myself at the sound of my nickname and turned towards the sound.
“Hey Andy,” he said, since he still couldn’t think of a cute nickname for his boyfriend.
Andy leaned over and kissed Gerard on the forehead, and said softly, “Sorry, babe, but I won’t be around much today.”
Gerard stuck out his bottom lip, in what he thought was a rather convincing pout, but only managed to get a good chuckle out of Andy. “Sorry,” he said, “But I have an interview to do with Jinxx and Ashley. Besides, it’s not like I’m the only one who you have to talk to. Why don’t you hang out with Frank?”
Gerard sighed at the sound of Frank’s name, and said, “I would, if he would still talk to me. He’s been ignoring me lately for some reason." Andy looked confused, and said, "But he's your best friend. What could have happened to him?"
Gerard sighed again in exasperation, and said, "I have no idea, but I'm really worried."
Andy looked thoughtful for a moment then said, "Fine. I'll try to talk to him."

Andy could tell Gee was scared out of his mind about Frank. Hell, he was worried. He really liked that little midget. So he found it was his duty to try and find out what was wrong. First, though, he had an interview to do…
Ashley, Jinxx, and Andy were just leaving the tent where the interview was held. Ashley sighed as he ran his hand through his long, black hair and said, "Well that was a waste of time."
Jinxx nodded in consent, and said, "Yeah. It was the same exact questions as last time. 'Who is your inspiration?' 'Where did you get the name from?' Jesus, you would think they could be a bit more original."
Andy chuckled, and said, "Well I would love to chat more, but I have some business to attend to." They said their goodbyes, and Andy walked off towards the My Chemical Romance tour bus.
Andy opened the door, and saw Frankie sprawled out on the couch flicking through channels on the TV. "Hey Frank," Andy said, and the man in question turned to look at him, and ouch. If looks could kill, he would have been stabbed to death, buried, dug up, remains trampled upon, reburied, and grave pissed and spat upon. And that is putting it mildly.
"What do you want?" Frank spat at Andy. While Andy’s common sense told him to run, lest he be murdered, he sat down next to the furious midget.
"Um," Andy said, a bit awkwardly, "Gerard is worried that you won't talk to him, and I wanted to know w-"
"SHUT UP!" Frank yelled suddenly, causing Andy to jump in shock, " If I didn't walk to talk to Gerard about it, what makes you think I'll talk to YOU, of all people?" Andy then saw how stupid he was being.
"I don't know," he mumbled, and left the bus, defeated.
Frank could not believe Andy actually thought Frank would talk to him. Is he really that clueless?/, Frank though after Andy had left. /He seems like a smart person to me. How could he not see the reason for my sudden onslaught of depression? In fact, why couldn't Gee? Could nobody but Mikey notice the timing was way too convenient? People are such blind idiots sometimes…
Well, he didn't have much time to sit around and mope. MCR had a show to play soon, and then it would be off to the clubs with Frank. He was hoping to get wasted tonight and possibly laid. Back when Gee was alcoholic, Frank could never understand why he liked booze so much. Now he got it. It takes the edge off the pain and helps you forget. It lets you believe that everything was ok. He could also understand Gerard’s fascination with drugs. He hadn't tried any hard stuff yet (who hasn't done weed?) but he wouldn't put it past himself at this point. Anything, just as long as Frank wasn't thinking of him
"Awesome show guys," Frank said to his other band members, not looking at them, "I'm gonna go out for a bit. Don't wait up for me." He saw Mikey shake his head at him out of the corner of his eye, and a disappointed look crossed Ray's face. Frank knew they were all worried about him, but the fact of the matter was he didn't really care. Definitely not enough to stop.
Frank walked out of the lot of buses and over to the road, where he had a taxi waiting.
"Where too?" the cabby asked.
"What's the best club in town?" Frank asked.
A smile crossed the driver's face, and he said, "Club Cobra, of course. I used to work there as a bartender, so I should know."
Frank smiled at the thought of alcohol and said, "Let's go."
As it turns out, it was actually a pretty good club. They even played good music, not that crappy techno stuff. The booze came cheap, and it tasted like it. That didn't really matter though, because, to be honest, Frank didn’t like the taste of beer to begin with. He just drank it for its effects. He never drank wine unless he was desperate. But anyway, there were plenty of hot girls and a few guys. Once Frank downed a few beers, he had the confidence to walk up to one brunette in particular who was there alone.
He walked up behind her and said, "What's a pretty thing like you doing here all alone?" She turned around and smiled coyly.
"I could ask the same of you," she said, "Can I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"
"Frank," Frank said, trying to sound seductive, but he couldn't help but slur his words, "What's yours?"
"Jamia," she whispered in his ear. She pulled back and said, "Here, let me buy you a drink." She went up and ordered a beer. Frank thought he saw her slip something in it, but he couldn't really be sure. "Here you go," she said, passing him the drink, "Now let's go back to my place."
Somehow Frak still had the sense to check the clock and saw it was nearly two a.m. "I gotta go," he slurred out.
Jamia smiled again, this time sly instead of coy, and said, "Aw, don't be like that." Frank noticed everything was getting blurry and strange looking. He didn’t remember much else of that night.
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