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Chapter Eleven

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:) Shannon and Jared are re-united (and it feels so good! xD) Skyla begins feeling left out. Thanks everyone for reading & happy holidays!

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When they arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, Jared, Shannon, and Skyla all decided to stay together as long as possible before they got separated again. Shannon and Jared were crowded together and had to pull Skyla along by her arm. They were soon getting separated from each other by the swarm of people.

"Skyla! " Shannon yelled across to her. "Find Jared and be careful; do not let go of him no matter what!" he yelled at her.

"Yeah!" she yelled back at him; the throng of people surrounding her scared her. She pushed her way through and tried to find Jared; she grabbed his shirt sleeve and held on tight.

"Jared - don't let go!" she told him. Jared turned around and looked at her like she was stupid.

"Why on EARTH would I let go?!" he asked her incredulously. The street was full to bursting now with people.

Jared and Skyla dragged each other up the streets of Zurich. He didn't stop for anything; Skyla finally stopped and caught her breath a few blocks away from Zurich, both Jared and Skyla stood as close together as possible so they wouldn't get separated again.

"Where is Shannon?" Skyla asked Jared.

"I don't know," Jared told her truthfully.

They walked together toward the city square and looked around; Jared stayed close to Skyla, while she started walking off toward odd shops on the outskirts of the city.

"Look at the bird!" Skyla pointed up in the sky with a big grin on her face. Jared followed her gaze and put on his sunglasses; they started looking for Shannon. They ran into him a block over while he was buying a bottle of water. He handed it to Jared for him to take a swig.

"Enjoying yourself, are you?" Shannon winked at him.

"Yup." Jared grinned.

Skyla watched their little exchange and smiled; she enjoyed being the silent party between Jared and Shannon. Soon the three of them were walking down the street and Skyla was enjoying the gentle rays of sunshine that were beaming down on her face.

"Dude what'd you take?!" she heard Shannon ask Jared exasperatedly.

"I didn't take anything!" Jared said. "I just saw it there and then it was gone!"

Skyla hid a giggle. Jared and Shannon happened to see her do so, and glared at her.

"Sorry," she told them. She looked at the ground solemnly. They headed out of Zurich.

Within the next few days, they were in Luxembourg. Skyla had always been fascinated by European culture, and she now had a chance to experience it.

While they were in Luxembourg, Jared finally had the chance to tell Shannon about the phone call he received. He didn't want to worry Skyla. "I got a phone call from those guys," he told Shannon, "and they said, 'I know you stole the phone. I expect you to give it back soon. I know you're too far away for us to get you now, but just keep in mind that we can find you.'" He chewed his lip nervously.

"Did you get the phone number?" Shannon asked him.

Jared looked at him. "It was a blocked number."

Shannon sighed and looked out at the road. He and Jared were at a small coffee shop located just below a tiny bookstore. Skyla was upstairs at the bookstore; Jared and Shannon were downstairs at the coffee shop. Jared drummed his fingers on the table.

"What is she doing?" he finally asked Shannon.

"I dunno," Shannon shrugged. Suddenly a flurry of black hair and giggles went flying by Jared and Shannon's table, and they went after the blur of hair in pursuit. "Wait up!" Shannon yelled after Skyla.

Skyla turned around and looked behind her at Shannon and Jared chasing her. She gave them a big grin and kept running as fast as she could toward the opposite end of the small villa. It didn't hurt that she was on the track team at her high school; the hours she spent training kept her in shape for times like these.

Shannon and Jared slowed down. "I can't breathe!" Jared wheezed. "She's too fast... I can't fucking breathe!"

Shannon tried hard to catch his breath, but the pain in his leg was worse than the stitch in his side. "Let's just -huff- wait here!" Shannon panted. He rubbed his side to ease the small ache that was still there and sat down at a bench by the road. Jared flopped down beside him.

"Why was she running in the first place?" Jared asked him.

Shannon shrugged. It was an honest question, one he asked himself when he first saw her run by. "Why?" Suddenly it dawned on him.

"She wants us to follow her." Shannon got up and started following her again. Jared followed him.

"Why does she want us to follow her?" Jared asked him.

"Probably because she likes to tease?" Shannon guessed. He himself had no clue.

By the time they caught up to Skyla she had stopped running and was busy looking at a pendant similar to the small heart charm that hung on the broken necklace her older brother had given her. The memory of that night tugged at Shannon's heart; he pushed it out of his head for the time being. He walked over to stand beside her.

"It does look similar to yours," he whispered in her ear, scaring her.

"Do you not have any manners at all?" she hissed at him. She walked away from him.

Shannon bought her the pendant and a thin chain to go with it. He put the necklace together and put it deep in his pants pocket; he jogged back over to where her and Jared were waiting.

"Where were you?" Jared asked him. "We almost left you!"

"I had some... unfinished business to take care of." Both of Shannon's fists were stuffed in his pockets, his left holding the necklace.

"Well we're going to a hotel down the street. Come on." Jared and Skyla led the way toward the hotel where they would be staying at.

When they arrived, they were told they would be sharing a room - again - and Jared tried to get Skyla her own room. They wouldn't go for it, and after they went up to their room, Jared headed back downstairs.

"I'm heading out to find a new phone," he had told Shannon before he left. "You look dead on your feet; take a nap or something!"

Shannon indeed felt dead on his feet, but he wanted to give Skyla the necklace first. He walked over to the side of the room where she was sitting and sat down beside her. He cleared his throat.

"I, uh, have something for you," Shannon told her. "Open your hand."

He pulled his fist out of his pocket and dropped the necklace into her open palm. She looked at it and smiled, and then gave him a one-armed hug. "Thanks." She leaned back and looked him in the eye. For the second time, Shannon kissed her, only with more passion and heat than the first time they kissed.

Shannon put his hands around her waist; Skyla put her arms around his neck. They pulled apart and got off the bed.

"Here." Shannon brushed Skyla's hair to the side. He brought the necklace around the front of her neck and fastened it at the nape of her neck. The pendant hung to her collarbone; Skyla wrapped herself in Shannon's embrace.

They heard a door slam open and Jared stormed in. They pulled apart as fast as they could, but Jared had already seen.

"What is going on here?" Jared asked Shannon; there was a icy bite to his question.

"I got her a necklace that was similar to a broken one she has," Shannon replied, equally cool.

Skyla watched the two brothers exchange words; she had never had two guys argue over her before! She felt she should say something, but didn't know what. So she ran out of the room with tears running down her face.
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