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High School Never Ends

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The story you auditioned for! :D The title doesn't really work, might change it xo

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Hey guys, this is the first chapter, sorry if its a bit short :') its basically just an introduction to about half of the characters :P Its sort of in Gerard's P.O.V. Most of the chapters will probably be in the P.O.V. of someone from the band :P also, sorry for the use of the term "faggots" I hate it myself, but it just fitted in.
Anyway, on with the story!
There was silence as eleven oddly dressed teenagers walked down the corridor of their new school. "Look at them emos". "Bet they're all faggots the lot of them." "What losers." The mutterings around them became louder and louder until the noise level was normal for a monday morning. The teens were forgotten as the rest of the school carried on with their lives.
Gerard sighed as he walked outside to wait for his friends. "This new school really sucks" he thought. He was soon joined by his four best friends, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob. "Ugh, where is everyone else?" Mikey asked. "Well there's Apple and Sapphire." Gerard replied, indicating at the two girls walking towards them. The first was quite tall, with black hair, blue eyes and many tattoos. She had a knife scar across her forehead, and had a cigarette dangling from between her fingers. The other girl was smaller than Apple, but still quite tall, with long black wavy hair, and tanned skin. Her round blue eyes sparkled as she waved at them. "Hey guys!" She shouted, grinning. "Hey Sapph..." They grumbled. "Hollie, Gabe and Mia are on their way." As the words left her mouth, three girls appeared behind them. Gerard grinned at the sight of his girlfriend. Mia, Gerard's girlfriend, was quite small, with blondie-brown wavy hair, that fell just below her shoulders. Her blue-green eyes lit-up as she spotted Gerard. Hollie was a small girl, with dark brown shoulder-length hair, and red streaks. She had a nose-piercing and extremely blue eyes. Gabe, short for Gabriella, was even smaller than both of them, with long, crimson red, layered hair, which deeply contrasted with her pale skin and metal lip ring. Her grey doe-like eyes were flecked with blue and purple as she stormed over. "Where the fuck is Ryan?" She exclaimed. "Right here...." came a voice from behind her. "Ryan Ross, where the fuck have you been? I was all alone in English!" she all but screeched. "I'm sorry, but I met this dude called Brendon and-" Ryan was cut off by the smooth tones of the guy stood next to him. "Did I hear my name then?"
"Yeah, just explaining that you want us to meet your friends. You up for it guys?" Ryan replied. Gerard turned around, to see everyone looking at him for guidance. He looked at Brendon, and shrugged. He didn't look like the kind of guy to beat people up, especially not when its eleven on one. "Sure" Gerard replied. "Awesome," Brendon grinned. "They may seem a bit... Weird, but they're not too bad a bunch." He carried on, winking. "Com'on then, off to the lions den we go." He said cheerfully, before leading the bewildered group away.

Okay, guys that's all for now xD
If your not in it, you probably will be next chapter ;D
Also, the name doesn't really go, I'll probably change it eventually ;D
Ummmmm.... That's all really :')
Review please? :3
Until next time,
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