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Chapter Two

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Not too much happening, just meeting everyone else :D xo

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Okay guys, this is chapter two! Again, it may be short, but there's no real action in it yet....... Your really lucky its up so fast! With the fab help of a fellow Killjoy, velocity_storm (Abbie), I've been encouraged to write this even faster! ;D she's also writing a fab story herself, which she's let me be in! Go read it;
Also, I'm not boosting my own ego/looks in this story, my character is purely a character, nothing like me, except from the freakishly pale skin, bandanna and excess of eyeliner ;) and eye colour I s'pose.
So anyway, here's Chapter Two guys, sorry if it sucks! :D
-Slight Frank's P.O.V.-
As the group followed Brendon, Frank's mind wandered to what his friends would be like. Perhaps there would be a cute, single girl Frank thought to himself, smirking. Frank was in the middle of a relationship draught, and he was determined to get out of it.
Lost in his thoughts, Frank didn't realise that they'd come to a stop until Brendon announced "Here we are!". As he looked up, the first thing he saw was a girl standing right in front of him. She had extremely pale skin, and platinum blonde hair that was cropped short, but with a long, side swept fringe. Her dark eyes, the same colour as the green bandanna in her hair, were heavily lined with smudged black eyeliner, and she had tattoos to rival Frank's. "Zia Baker" she said, her lip piercing glittering as she grinned. "Ungh-mffrank. Frank Iero." He stuttered. She raised an eyebrow, as if she was waiting for Frank to say more. "Oh! And, uh, this is Gerard... Mikey... Bob... Ray... Mia.... Apple, Sapphire, uh, that's Hollie and then Gabriella, and oh, there's Ryan stood with Brendon" Frank replied, pointing them all out in turn. "Awesome, you know Brendon" she smirked, before pointing to a guy with short, sandy blonde hair, a long fringe, and big, round, almost black eyes, who was holding hands with a girl who had black and green short hair, with a side fringe. Her smokey green-grey eyes sparkled as she grinned. "That's Jali and Sarah" Zia said, before she indicated to a girl with long, black hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin, who was sitting in the lap of a guy who's skin was paler than Zia's, with layered black hair that reached just below his shoulders. "That's Ashley and Sophie... Ashley is a guy by the way" she joked, smirking. Before Ashley could make up a comeback, she was pointing at the next couple. It was a girl with long, curly dark brown hair, and blue streaks. You couldn't see her face, as it was attached to a guy's who was very tall and skinny, with longish, layered black hair, similar to Ashley's. "And that is Jasmine and Andy... Joined at the hips...." She muttered. "At the lips you mean," replied Frank, winking. So what if he was flirting, she was gorgeous! Zia grinned, before pointing to a girl who sat slightly apart from the rest. She had long straight hair, that was a light blonde with pink streaks. She had a side fringe that covered one of the bright green eyes. "That's Abbie, and this here's Alicia" she said pointing to a thin girl, who was lying on her back, tanning her already tanned skin. Her hair was layered and styled, and dyed the same colour as the black eye shadow she wore. "And last, but not least, cause that's bitchy, and she's not least at all. Oh, sorry. That's Mary" The girl that she had indicated to had layered, shoulder length hair that was a reddy-brown, with a box fringe. Her blue eyes were staring at Gerard intently, until she realised everybody was looking at her. "Um, hi....." She mumbled, looking down at the grass as Mia grabbed her boyfriend's arm protectively, and glared at Mary.
There was a slight awkward silence, before Brendon coughed, and said "Well let's sit down then!" cheerfully. Everyone sat down, laughing and chatting with friends, old and new. But everybody noticed how Mia wouldn't let Gerard near Mary, and how Mary went and sat near Abbie, and wouldn't look at anyone for the rest of the break.
"Well, this is gonna be interesting..." Frank thought, grinning at Zia.
So, ta-daa? I typed this up on my blackberry, so my fingers are now killing me -_____- but it was for a good cause! XD also, sorry if Mia sounds like an overprotective bitch, she's just worried that Gee'd leave her for Mary... But he won't.... Or will he...? YOU WILL NEVER FIND OUT!
Until the story tells you xD
But anyway, that's all I wanted to say.....
Please review! :D
Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.
Minnie xo
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