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The World Is Ours

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What happens to the Fabulous Killjoys when Better Living returns? (Sequel to Burn This City Down)

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A/N Hey guys, so this is the sequel to Burn This City Down! I've decided that I'm going to be posting a seperate story to this, too, (I'll be posting it within the next few days) so that unfortunately means that I won't be able to update this story as much as I updated Burn This City Down, but I promise that I'll try my best to update atleast once a day! Not a huge amount is really going on in this chapter, but the drama will be starting pretty much straight away. Sorry if there's any mistakes or typos and I hope you enjoy the frist chapter! Enjoy ;)

Chapter One - Our Imperfect Perfection

Waiting. Something that Lexia hated. She was waiting for Gerard to come back from Las Vagas where he had to meet up with his band so they could have a meeting with their possibly future label. It'd been one year since the fall of Better Living Industries and in that time Poison and Acid got married and bought an apartment together, but they didn't really use their Killjoy names anymore. The Fabulous Killjoys had changed the name of their band from Mad Gear And Missile Kid to My Chemical Romance and they were possibly getting signed. Mikey and Iris were engaged, their wedding was supposed to be in a couple of months, Zack was still as beautiful as ever and Iris thought that with each passing day that Zack looked more and more like his father. Frank and Ray had girlfriends now, Frank was with a girl called Lenah, who was actually Demolition Lover (the girl who saved Lexia when she was shot in the Better Living center), and Ray was with a girl called Jessey. Will (Dr. Death) was with Lynda again and Lynda adored Zack. Lexia and Vaimey had an uncle who was still alive after the whole Better Living era, so Vaimey was living with her uncle. Lexia and Gerard were happy to have Vaimey, but she insisted on living with their Uncle Roy so they could have some space since they were newly weds and for another reason that they were all exited about. Gerard and Lexia were also happy for Grace to live with them, but since Will and Lynda wanted her to live with them, they let Grace decide. Grace thought it was better if she said with her grandperants, she didn't want to get in the way of Lexia and Gerard since they were newly weds, just like Vaimey did, but there was another important reason why they thought that they should move in with other family members.
Lexia stared at hers and Gerard's wedding photo. She thought that she looked fat on her wedding photos simply because she was five months pregnant when the photos were taken. Of course, their wedding was three months ago now and she was now eight months pregnant, that was the other reason why Grace and Vaimey moved in with other relatives. Gerard's perants were still alive and they were exstatic about their son and Lexia having their own child. They loved Zack, too, but they'd be lying if they said that they weren't disapointed that they'd missed out on the pregnancy of their first grandchild.
Gerard had been in Vagas for almost a week and she missed him like crazy, just like he missed her. Every time Lexia called him, the first thing he would ask is 'Is it time for the baby to come?' He was under the impression that whenever he was away, her water would break. He just didn't want to miss the birth of his first child.
Lexia picked up her cell phone and called him. Her husband picked it up before the phone could ring twice.
"Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Your water broke, didn't it?"
Lexia giggled. "No, my water didn't break. The baby's fine and so am I. The baby's not even due for a couple weeks."
"I know, but some babies are born early, like Zack for instance, and you're near the end of the pregnancy now."
"You're cute when you worry about me."
"You think I'm cute when I worry about you?"
"Yeah. It's nice knowing that you care so much about this kid that's driving me insane right now. They won't stop kicking me and it's driving me crazy."
"She's going to be a feisty, I can tell."
"Gee, we don't even know if it's a girl."
"You said that you thought it was, so for now, you're having my daughter."
"I know I said that I thought she was a girl, but I could be wrong, just because Iris was right doesn't mean that- Fuck!" She shouted with one hand on her swollen stomach.
"What's wrong? Are you okay?" He worried.
"Yeah, she just thinks that it's okay to kick my ribs every now and then, which it's not, do you hear me, kid? Don't kick me in the ribs, it fucking hurts."
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
"Oh, I wonder who it is. It's probably Mrs Peppermon with more baby clothes." Mrs Peppermon was an old lady, probably in her mid seventies, who lived in their building and made baby clothes for Gerard's and Lexia's baby.
"You might be supprised."
Lexia got up off her couch and opened the door to see her husband standing there in the door way with the phone pressed to his ear.
"So, who was at the door?" He asked with a smile on his face.
"My husband."
"Oh, do you want me to call you back?"
"Yeah." They both hung up and Lexia kissed her husband. He wrapped his arms around her and he passionately kissed his wife.
She pulled away and looked at Gerard.
"What are you doing here? I thought you weren't coming back 'til tomorrow?"
"We got an earlier flight back home, we all wanted to suprise our gals."
"Job done, I'm fucking suppirsed. How did the interview go?"
"Really well, it's lookin' good right now. They really like our sound, so we're probably getting signed."
"That's amazing!" She kissed him again, this time she pulled him inside the apartment, not breaking their liplock. They lay down on the couch with Gerard on top of her. If she wasn't eight months pregnant, then they wouldn't have had a problem having sex, but since she was, the baby kept kicking against Gerard's stomach and he knew that he wouldn't be able to sleep with her when his baby was kicking his stomach and Lexia knew that too. They were just enjoying the position they were in.
Gerard lifted her shirt up a little so that he could see her swollen belly, he put a hand on it and smiled.
"Daddy's home now." Lexia said to her bump.
"So, your mom's been telling me that you've been giving her a hard time with all the kicking. I remember that your cousin was the same with his mom."
"You'd just better be good when I'm in labour, I remember your aunt Iris it took fucking hours with your couisn."
"Besides, if you take fuckin' hours to come out of there, then your mom's gonna be gripping my hand and let's face it, this is your mom we're talking about, she'll probably break my fucking hand if you take too long to come out, Bandit."
Acid was puzzled. "Bandit?"
"Yeah, Bandit."
"You named her?"
"Yeah, I thought of the name a couple days ago, it seemed perfect for her. Do you like it?"
"No." Gerard was disapointed since he thought that Bandit was the perfect name for their daughter. "Because I don't like it, I love it." Acid added.
He smiled. "So she's called Bandit?"
"IF they're a girl, then yeah. She's called Bandit, Mr. Way."
"I'm glad you like it, Mrs Way." He kissed his wife and then kissed her belly. "I love both of you."
"I love both of you, too. I'd better go to bed, as much as I wish we could have sex, I don't think I can with this little sucker making me the size of fucking Jupiter."
"You're not the size of fucking Jupiter."
"I'm not far off."
"You're just pregnant. I love knowing that you're having my baby."
"You love seeing me fat?"
"Again, you're pregnant, not fat. You're beautiful."
"You're not too bad yourself." He chuckled.
"Come on, we'd better turn in, right?"
She nodded. "Yeah, we should. This baby's making me sleepy."
Gerard picked her up bridal style and took her to their bedroom were he watched her undress. It deffinately didn't help the fact that he couldn't have sex with her since she found it uncomtable and he wasn't comtable having sex with her when he could feel his baby kicking him.
"So fuckin' beautiful." He said.
She smiled. "I can't wait until I've had this kid just so we can have sex again."
"I know. I really fuckin' want you right now."
When he saw her in her underwear, he couldn't handel it anymore.
"Fuck it, do you wonna try?"
She nodded quickly. "Fuck yeah."
He smiled and quickly undressed himself.

Lexia woke up the next morning feeling incredible after sleeping with her husband the prievious night.
Lexia climed out of bed and got dressed. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt saying Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced on it, it wasn't a materinity shirt, so it showed off her belly a little. They had agreed that they'd go to Gerard's mom's house the next day along with Mikey and Iris. They'd asked Lynda to look after Zack while they were at his perants house, they knew that Lynda wanted to spend some time with their grandson, so they decided that Lynda and Will would look after Zack when they went to the Donna's house.
Before they left to see them, Lexia decided to cook them some breakfast. Ever since she found out she was pregnant, she'd been never stopped eating and she was forever cooking in the kitchen, so she decided to make scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, sausages and some coffee for her husband. She loved coffee, but whenever she drank coffee she was sick because of the baby, so she didn't drink it while she was pregnant, even though she dearly missed it.
The bacon and sausages sizzled in the pans, it smelled like the most incredible thing to her. It wasn't long before the smell of breakfast filled the air, if she'd not been pregnant, then she would've thought it smelled good, but since she wanted anything edible, she thought it smelled a million times better. That was one thing she wasn't going to miss about being pregnant, she was't going to miss wanting to eat everything twenty four seven.
It wasn't long before Gerard woke up.
He was wearing some boxers and a t-shirt. He wrapped his arms around his wife while she was cooking.
"Good morning."
"Good morning. There's fresh coffee on the dining table." There was a dining table in the middle of their kitchen. Their appartment was big for an appartment, it was perfect for them and the second they saw it, they fell in love with it. There was a guest bedroom and a spare room that would soon be their baby's nursery. They'd painted the room a cream color so that it would be okay for the baby weather it was a boy or a girl. The crib was old-fashioned, but Lexia knew that it was perfect for their baby. They'd bought millions of baby clothes for them, even though they hadn't even been born yet. Most of the clothes were unisex, but ever since Lexia had said she thought it was a girl, Iris couldn't resist buying her some baby girl clothes, too. She said that it was probably a girl since Lexia said it was, whenever someone questioned Iris, she said that she thought her baby would be a boy and when he was born, he was.
"Now I know why I married you." He joked.
"So the fact that you love me and that I'm pregnant with your baby has nothing to do with it? Just because I made you fresh coffee?"
"I do love you and you are having my baby, but even if you weren't, then I would've married you strictly because of the coffee."
She chuckled and put his breakfast in front of him and she took her own plate and put it in front of her. She was jealous that he had a steaming cup of hot coffee while she had a glass of orange juice.
"You know, I'm begining to wonder if this kid is even ours. Not just yours, but mine, too."
"Why would our spawn hate coffee? I love it, you love it, it just doesn't make sense."
"Maybe aliens kidnapped you and put an alien baby inside of you, who hates coffee, and used you as their human host so they could live inside you."
"It'd make sense. All I can fuckin' drink is water and orange juice . . . or anything that's not coffee, alcohol or has too much sugar in it. You'd better be sorry for knocking me up, you know."
"I'd say I was, but I'm really not."
"You know, if we ever have more than one kid, you're the one who's going to be pregnant next time."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah, because next time, you're going to be a rich rockstar and I'll be your bimbo wife who will pay scientists to fingure out how to get a guy pregnant so you can be pregnant with the next one."
"Sounds perfect, except for the bimbo part, you're beautiful."
She kissed him quickly, then the phone started ringing.
"I'll get it." He said. When he got the phone, it was his mom.
"Hey, ma."
"Hey, sweetie. How's Lexia doing?"
"She's doing great, the baby's been kicking her a lot, but other than that, she's fine."
"Send her my love. Listen, I was just calling to make sure that you and Lexia are still coming over for dinner tonight."
"Yeah, we are. What time is it again?"
"We'll be there."
"Mikey and Iris are coming, too. I need to go, but I'll see you tonight. Love you."
"Love you, too, ma. Bye." He hung up and concentrated on his pregnant wife again.
"Ma sends her love to both of you. How you holding up?"
"I'm sick of being pregnant now and I'm still tired."
"When your done having breakfast, go to sleep. We don't have to be at my mom's until seven, we've got plenty of time."
"Are you sure? You've been back for less than twenty four hours, I wanted to spend time with you."
"You and the baby obviously need more sleep, I'll be fine. Besides, we've got all the time in the world now, no Better Living Industries to get in our way anymore."
"Are you sure?"
"Positive. Now go sleep."
She smiled. "Okay. I love you, Mr. Way."
"I love you, too, Mrs. Way."
He kissed her sweetly and she got into bed. He was just amazed at how happy he was and how much things had changed for him, he wasn't complaining, he knew that things couldn't be better even if he tried, he just wished that things would stay that way.
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